Oh wooooow. I'm looking back at this story and wondering what I should do with it. Its been.....wow, three years since I started writing it. My writing has changed quite a bit.

But that's no excuse, right? I should have gotten off my lazy butt and worked on this story.... Something I have full intentions to do now. AND this brings us to my dilemma, the very same dilemma that stopped me from updating like I should have.

My writing style has changed WAY too much. My solutions are either to A) discontinue the story (something that I really don't want to do...) or B) rewrite everything so it works with my new style.

Being a sophmore in high school (all honors classes too....) gives me no time to come up with the decision myself. So I'm leaving this up to you, my faithful readers! Would you rather me discontinue the story as it is (leaving it posted, of course. I don't like how some people take down their works even if they are ashamed), or rewrite it. And if the decision IS indeed to have me rewrite it (which I honestly can't see anyone going against....) should I delete everything so far and post over it, or start it as a new story on my account?

The decision lies with you! I'll give you guys.....uh.....I really don't have a deadline set out so until whenever....

Until next time!