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McKay's Secret Hobby…

Samantha Carter walked down the hall with a look of frustration on her face. She was in the mood to punch someone and it was the fault of the man who considered himself to be God's gift to women. Quite the opposite.

Dr. M. Rodney McKay.

Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay.

He got some flak for that. No, A LOT of flak for that. But it wasn't that that had a smile on the Lt. Col.'s face. It was what he was doing.

Rodney McKay (aka Supposed God's Gift to Women) was doing the thing a chauvinistic annoying butthole would never be caught doing.

Rodney McKay was doing needlepoint.

Not needlepoint as in, "lots of guns" needlepoint. He was doing "lots of flowers and bears" needlepoint.

Sam yanked out her camera phone and took a picture before backing out of the room quietly. She then raced to her lab where she had a Bluetooth connection to her laptop.

She quickly uploaded it and saved it to disk before grabbing said disc and racing to the control room.

"Walter, can you please make an announcement in a minute to tell everyone to look at their computer screens?" Sam asked nicely.

"Sure, Colonel." Sam uploaded the PC and told Walter to do the announcement now.

When he did, Rodney McKay's scream could be heard through 20-something floors of concrete. It was deafening.

Everyone one base other than McKay, laughed their butts off, though. It was the picture of McKay doing needlepoint. It was considered to be the prank of the decade.

Sam never got in trouble for it, McKay got served, and the SGC got the best laugh of their lives.


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