She was never sorry.

Rating: K+

Pairings: Implied WE

Summary: I could give her all the freedom she desired, the treasure she would never grow tired of, all of her fantasies and dreams would become a reality. But she didn't want me. She was never sorry. That woman would never be sorry. And I, I will forever be under her spell.

Time passes, slowly, but time passes. She had really just left him to die on that island; He took the chest, and ran. He still can barely remember how he managed to escape, but he did somehow, and gave the god forsaken heart to Beckett, and restored his position as admiral, and here he stands, in front of the woman that he loves, aboard the Flying Dutchman, she must hate him for this. "I suggest you choose a side Admiral Norrington," She growls on the deck, standing a mere foot away from him.

"Elizabeth, you know I can't leave." He whispers, again, asking the question, does she love him, or is she trying to fool him again.

"It's not a choice of decency," She spits. Turning away, "Leave." She commands, and he makes no other sound and he leaves her alone, with her crew. As he walked further away, he though more of what she meant, by choosing a side. He sat down heavily on the edge of his mattress once he started to realize how wrong the East India Trading Company was and how corrupt Cutler Beckett had become. Finally he had come up with his final decision.

"Come on," He whispered, rushing Elizabeth and her crew out of the brig, "Hurry up, before someone comes down!"

She stared at him and then she asked, "What are you doing?"

"Choosing a side," He whispered back to her, hoping to see her smile, she nodded mutely and stepped forward, the look in her eyes showed that this meant nothing more to her. He led them out to the back of the Flying Dutchman, where ropes linked the Empress and the Dutchman. "You don't have a lot of time, hurry." Elizabeth grabbed his arm. "Come with us," She said.

"I can't you know that," He whispered, he looked at her. She was so beautiful and seeing her in the moonlight only added to her beauty. He leaned forward, and was near to kissing her, realizing that she wasn't stopping him. He heard a crash and then pushed her lightly, "Go!" He yelled. She looked at him and then shook her head. "Come with us James!"

"I can't, now go!" She shook her head again, he kissed her and then pushed her over the side so that she was forced to grab onto the ropes connecting the two ships and he cut the rope, and tried not to listen as she screamed on the way to the water. He turned to face one of the crew members of the ship.

"You!" The man screamed, "You let them escape!" The man pulled out some type of sword and attacked him, James parried the attack and they fought, suddenly he felt the weapon protrude his side. He fell against the railing of the ship gasping for air, when he re opened his eyes, Davy Jones stood before him, kneeling down to his level.

"Admiral, do you fear death?" He whispered into his ear.

"Yes," James blurted out. "Yes, I fear death…"

"Are ye' willing ta' serve one hundred years before the mast?"

"Yes," James mumbled breathlessly. "If I can live, then yes."

"Welcome to the crew Admiral Norrington." Davy sneered.

James stood up, his wound healed; he stared at his attacker, and saw in those eyes, the eyes of William Turner, the man that stole his Elizabeth. "You!" Norrington growled. "You are the father of William Turner?"

"You know my son?" the man asked.

"Yes, your son stole my love." James spat.

"He did not!" The man defended, raising his voice.

"Elizabeth was mine before she was his! He stole her heart away from me," James growled.

The man stared at him for a moment before laughing, "So you think that Elizabeth would ever love you?"

"She kissed me before you came!" James growled his voice on the breach of a yell.

The man looked at him, "Lies!" He screeched, "Lies, you tell only lies don't ye?"

"I swear this to you, she kissed me, she kissed me." James lied, he had kissed her, and she had not returned the kiss. He knew that this would just tempt the man to defend his son's lover. Bootstrap turned away muttering to himself, and James couldn't stifle a laugh, he turned only to face a very annoyed Davy Jones.

"Mind your Captain, mister Norrington." He growled, his upper 'lip' bubbling.

"Yes, captain" James whispered, noting his mistake. His captain disappeared through the floorboards, leaving the undead James Norrington at the helm of the ship, staring at a pool of his own blood. He looked over the side of the ship and saw Elizabeth Swann climbing onto the Empress, looking back at the Dutchman for a brief second before running off to the wheel. He stole only one kiss from her, and he knew that that kiss would be their last. No matter how much he wanted her to love him; she would never love a dead man.

It had been two weeks since he had last seen or heard of Elizabeth Swann, he had a barnacle growing on his arm, he was becoming a part of the ship now, and soon he would look like the other crew members, and become part of the ocean.

"Tighten the sails Mister Norrington!" James heard a crew member screaming at him, and he assumed that it was the one called Maccus. He ran to tighten the sails and while doing so, he noticed that Cutler Beckett and Davy Jones were in the middle of a hushed conversation. James was trying to hear what they were talking about, but all he could make out was that the pirates were gathering, and there was going to be a battle, in which Piracy would come to an end. James hurried over to the rum chamber and looked for an empty bottle. He wrote on a piece of paper, "Prepare to fight," and threw the bottle overboard.

A/N: I'm trying to speed up the events to get the story where I want it, so it might seem rushed the first two or three chappies. Yes, I realize that Norrington died in AWE. But this isn't following the Pirates Of The Caribbean 3: At World's End story exactly. In this Norrington tells Jones that he fears death, so that he can live, but he has to serve on his ship for 100 years, I'm trying to get the plot to develope to where I want it before I can really start the story. xD

Love; Kristine.