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Chapter One

Toph's POV

"I'm leaving now!" I yelled at miss sugar queen, & twinkle toes whom where packing their camping equipment onto Appa . Snoozels was being his idiotic self and had knocked him self out while he was practicing with his boomerang. He's been blacked out for about an hour now from being hit in the back of the head with it too hard. I'd wanted to go back home for a while now. I mostly just wanted to check in with them. We just happened to be camping about a mile or so away from it. I took this chance to flee from the annoying three for a while since they were headed for the South Pole to see family. I didn't like the cold ice plains, it lacked earth.

Aang who just tied up the sleeping bags to Appa's saddle came floating down to meet me. In a curious voice he asked "Where ya' going?"

"I'm going back home to see how my family is doing." I replied. "It's only about a half hour walk from here so there's no reason for you to worry. I now this area really well and I can protect my self."

"Are you sure you'll be ok walking there alone?", the over protective Katara asks. "We can take you there on Appa."

"I'm blind, not helpless, sugar queen." I replied to the question I've been asked a lifetime. "Plus, there's a storm coming in so I think I'll be ok."

"Isn't that a bad thing to be in a storm?", Aang asked puzzled by the way I put it.

"Everything vibrates from the falling of the rain. So it makes me see everything more clearly, for me that is, twinkle toes." I answered without hesitation knowing he'd ask something like that.

"You sure we can't take you there on Appa?" she annoyingly asks again.

"I'm absolutely sure, sugar queen. The longer I'm on solid ground and not on that overgrown fluff ball, the safer I'll be." I exclaimed being bugged by having to answer the same question twice I swiftly turn in the direction of the village and started walking before they could ask anymore annoying questions.

I know it was going to be a long, lonely walk to the village but I could feel close by I really wasn't alone. Someone very familiar but very distant to almost everyone… someone with a scarred face.

…………………………………………End of chapter one ………

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