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Epilogue: Vignettes

"Hope! Play nice!" Abigail chided as Hope played with the boy who had adorable brown curls from the train, her new best friend named Michael.

"How can this be happening?" Violet asked as she pushed Peony back and forth in the stroller. She was cooing and trying to shake at something with her fist. "I mean, you said we broke the curse!"

"We did!" Abigail said. "I swear we did."

"But Patience is now locked in her room on her death day!" Hannah said frustrated. "I mean, this means Violet will have hers in a few months, then me, then Faith, then you. How could you still have to go through that hell after everything we did?"

"Do you want Isabel, Chase, Peony, and Hope to forget what we went through?" Abigail asked.

"They won't, we'll tell them," Violet huffed.

"Yes, but fifty years from now—no, make that 150, long after we are all dead—who will tell them? They'll just be stories to the new generation. How do you convince them that myth, that legend, is fact? Not just fact, but a warning?"

"You make them remember," Faith sighed.

"You constantly remind them," Abigail agreed. "So we will continue to have death days to remind us of what we did, and why we had to do what we did so future generations will remember what not to do. Welcome to the whacked tradition," she added to the Sons with a smirk. They now would all have death days on the anniversary of the day they broke the curse.

"Will it be enough?" Hannah asked curiously.

"I don't know," Abigail shrugged. "The future isn't set in stone. If it was, I would be dead in 6 years."

"Hallelujah it isn't set in stone, then," Chase said from behind Hannah where he was playing with baby Chase. "Otherwise I would have died that night, you would die in a few years, Chase and Isabel would die before their time," Baby Chase broke out into a laugh. "That wasn't really funny, Chase," Chase scolded.

"He has a diabolical sense of humor, like his father," Hannah teased.

"Maybe he's happy we don't have to die. I'm laughing," Faith teased.

"So, Miss-I-Knew-We-Would-Continue-These-Damn-Death-Days-but-kept-my-mouth-shut, anything else we should know about?"

"Nope," Abigail said slyly. Everyone pouted. "Trust me, you will enjoy it so much more just experiencing life. A long life with all of us together."

Le fin.


originally this is where I ended it, BUT… I can't help myself.. ^_^


"Ready?" Patience asked as she adjusted the skirt.

"No," Abigail shook her head.

"I am just glad you waited," Patience said.

"And that Chase and I didn't," Hannah winked. Chase and Hannah had married a year after breaking the curse on the one year anniversary. Abigail and Reid, Faith and Tyler, however, waited until they finished college.

"You two were meant to be together since before," Violet gushed. "Even if you did it all out of order," she teased.

"What can I say? We do things our own way," Hannah smiled.

"Not helping with the nerves," Abigail said.

"You would see if he changed his mind. Then we would curse him," Faith promised. The five sisters shared looks and burst into laughter.

"It would be worth it," Violet said between breaths. A knock on the door was followed by Paul walking in. "You look beautiful, Abby," he smiled.

Abigail hugged him. "Are the guys ready?" she asked.

He nodded. "If you don't hurry, we are worried Reid is going to do something rash. The popular theory is he is just going to storm in and cart you off," Paul teased.

"Then we will hex him for ruining all the planning we put into this wedding!" Violet jested.

"Ready, Hope?" Patience asked her now 12 year old daughter.

Hope grasped the basket with rose petals. "Ready," she said.

"I'll go signal the others," Paul said, giving Abigail one last kiss on the cheek.

"Give us a few more minutes," Violet whispered and he nodded knowingly.

"I am just glad you are staying in Ipswich," Patience said.

"The Garwin manor is certainly big enough for the two of us and Christiana," Abigail said. "And besides, we plan on traveling a lot."

"You look like a princess," Faith encouraged.

"You are next," Abigail reminded her.

"You have the fairytale wedding," Faith nodded. "Tyler and I, we are going with an outdoor affair. I am thinking a 30s theme," she smiled. "Not too mention I found the most perfect dress,"she said looking at Abigail in her princess gown. It had white etchings embroidered into it that gave the dress an extra elegant flounce and her blonde hair was piled on top of her head where her tiara sat elegantly.

Violet and Hannah managed the train between them as they gently placed it over her head. "Absolutely princess like," Hannah promised.

"We worked hard for our story book ending," Abigail decided. "We should enjoy it now. Especially now that we can."

Another knock was heard and this time Caleb and Chase's heads popped in. "Wow," Chase said letting out a whistle. "I think I got the wrong sister," he teased making Hannah hit him. "Just kidding, Anna," he grinned and kissed her temple. "But you look gorgeous, Abs," he insisted.

"I hope Reid thinks so, too," Abigail smiled.

"He will," Caleb promised. "Reid wanted us to make sure you haven't changed your mind," he added. "Even though Paul just came out five minutes ago promising you were still marrying him, and Tyler and Pogue 10 minutes before that," he laughed.

"We are doing secret girl rituals, so go," Faith said and ushered them out.

"Alright, any longer and Reid will declare this cruel and unusual punishment," Patience decided. "So unless you have changed your mind, we should get this show on the road."

Abigail took a deep breath. "Alright, I can't wait any longer anyways," she added. With Patience and Violet holding the train as they maneuvered around the back of the church to the doors, they quickly made their way. Hope grinned at Abigail before the doors opened for her. "My wedding is going to be just like this," she decided.

"Michael has to ask you first," Hannah reminded her.

"You are not getting married until you are at least 30," Patience decided. She couldn't imagine Hope being old enough to be married; it was hard enough to imagine Abigail and Faith getting married.

"Mom," Hope rolled her eyes. The doors opened and Hope walked down the isle distributing her rose petals.

Abigail grasped Patience's hand as it fixed her veil. She watched Violet walk out and then Hannah. "I can't think of anyone else I would rather have to give me away," she told Patience. She figured it was the emotions of the wedding, but she wanted to make sure Patience knew how important this was to her. "You were always both the oldest sister and our mother, especially for me and Faith."

Patience nodded, blinking so her tears wouldn't ruin her makeup. "You were always a little sister and a daughter," Patience agreed.

"Which is why you are also giving me away," Faith said in front of them. She smoothed her maid-of-honor skirt and then she stepped into the archway to walk down the aisle, the doors shutting behind her.

"Ready?" Abigail asked, a smile bright enough to light a city on her face.

"I should have made you wait until you were 30, too," Patience decided with a grin. "And here we go," she said as the wedding march started and the doors opened to reveal Abigail to Reid and everyone else in the church.


"I had 5 home pregnancy tests. I have never been so nervous peeing before!" Faith insisted.

"This is fantastic! Finally, another daughter," Violet insisted. "When is your doctor's appointment?"

"Tomorrow afternoon," Faith grinned. "Tyler …. Well, once he could speak again, couldn't stop gushing."

"Does he want a son or daughter first? Or will you have both at the same time, I wonder?" Hannah said more to herself than Faith.

"He said he wants our Daughter, first," Faith admitted, blushing. "I think he is going to spoil her rotten."

"Ah, believe me, Tyler will dote on her," Abigail promised. "And your son. And No, they do not have twins," she added.

"Why was I the only one, then? Didn't you say that you saw Faith and Tyler had twins in your vision?"

"That was before we broke the curse," Abigail reminded them. "We now have a blank slate—sort of," she frowned. It was still complicated. "Lines after us, now that the bloodlines are reunited, will now have a boy or girl. It is like time of old again, except for the death days," she added.

"I think I have a headache," Violet sighed. "Will Paul and I have more children?"

"I don't think so; everything starts over with the next generation. I think," Abigail wrinkled her nose, looking as if she was trying to remember something she forgot when she was really trying to peak into the future.

"Well, we will find out soon enough," Faith said excitedly.

The next day the sons and daughters were waiting at the Coven Manor House in Ipswich for Faith and Tyler to return from the obstetrician. "Well?" everyone demanded as soon as the couple walked in.

"I am having a baby!" Faith said excitedly.

"A baby? As in, one?" Paul clarified.

"What do you mean it's only one?" Hannah demanded.

"That's what the doctor said…" Faith trailed off.

"Which?" everyone demanded.

"It's a little early," Faith laughed.

"Does it matter?" Abigail asked.

"Yes," Sons and Daughters all said making Faith laugh even harder. She placed her hands over her stomach. "I can do a sonogram in a few weeks," she grinned.

"Ah, I think little Connor is quite content keeping it a secret," Abigail grinned as she patted Faith's stomach.

"A Son?" Faith asked surprised. Tyler swooped Faith up in his arms, then realizing it, quickly set her down gently. "We are not breakable," Faith smiled as she wrapped her arms around her husband's neck and brought his face down for a kiss.

"Little Charity is going to have a big brother!" Abigail said happily. "But don't wait too long to have your daughter," she added. "Charity is a little impatient, much like her mother," she teased.

"Lets worry about Connor first," Tyler said, floored. It was too surreal to think about Baby Charity when Baby Connor hadn't arrived yet. "Connor?" he asked Faith.

"You don't like? I thought it went nice with Charity," she said. "When do cravings start because right now I could totally go for some bar-b-que and pizza. With extra green peppers."

"You hate green peppers," Tyler reminded her.

"Baby on board," Faith said as she made her way to the kitchen, returning a moment later with a bowl of ice cream, two slices of toast and a glass of tea.

"Her cravings are only going to get worse," Abigail cautioned Tyler. "Especially for Caramel." Knowing Tyler he would buy out a candy store—or caramel factory—for Faith.



"There was one good thing about the curse," Patience said as they all waited in the parlor.

"Good?" Chase repeated. "This I have to know."

"I knew we had short time, a half life, but at least I didn't have to worry about everyone dying before their determined time. Now… everything is a threat, a danger."

"Especially cars," Paul said knowingly.

"I just can't believe she is 16 already," Patience said. The last 8 years since they had broken the curse had been a living nightmare—suddenly with their freedom came a slew of dangers they had no protection against.

"Well, I congratulate you on acting like you are unaffected," Tyler joked.

"Hope has no clue you are on pins and needles," Chase added.

"She will be fine. She still has her Power, and you know she is both responsible and quick witted," Faith said. She looked to where Charity was playing with her dolls with baby Eleanor. Charity had inherited her eyes while Conner had inherited Tyler's; they both had black hair, like both Faith and Tyler. Eleanor's hair was a golden contrast to Charity's, just as Abigail's had been to Faith's.

"I know… it is just odd adjusting to a new set of worries," Patience tried to explain.

The Daughters shared a look; it was in Patience's nature to worry and nurture.

"Well, I am glad Jasper is over his cold," Caleb said changing topics.

"Yes, unfortunately he gave it to Quinn," Reid frowned at Caleb and Sarah. They had learned quickly: colds passed just as fast as toys amongst all the kids, especially since they were in the same pre-school. Caleb and Sarah's son, Jasper, had just gotten over a cold and passed it on to Graham, Pogue and Kate's son, and now Quinn, Reid and Abigail's.

"Chicken pocx are next," Abigail sighed and everyone groaned.


Peony rushed in the Coven manor house, breathless. "Aunt Abby!" she called out. Abigail raised an eyebrow as she walked out of the parlor.

"Peony Parry, what is wrong?"

"It's here!" she handed the large envelope to her aunt. Abigail ripped the paper and let out her own squeal. The two girls jumped up and down excitedly.

"What is going on?" Chase asked curiously as he walked in.

"It came!" Peony said excitedly.

Abigail handed him the letter as she pulled out her cell phone. "Reid!" she gushed. "They are publishing it!"

"Abs, this is great!" Chase congratulated.

Hands wrapped around her waist as she clicked her cell phone off. She leaned back against Reid who had appeared suddenly. "We have to celebrate," Reid said kissing her neck.

"I'll tell the others," Chase volunteered and dematerialized.

Peony made a face. "If he can get Hope away from her boyfriend," she said, making Reid snort and Abigail try not to laugh.

"Boys don't have cooties forever," Abigail promised.

"Let me see it!" Hannah squealed as she materialized with their twins who were now, unbelievably, 18. She snatched the book out of Abigail's hands to look at it and let out another squeal.

"About time!" Faith's voice sounded a second before she arrived. She was followed with the rest of the family and children.

"Betrayal By Blood by Abigail Coven," Faith read aloud.

"The editor says he is already expecting your sequel," Reid read the letter.

"Good, because lets face it, the men need to redeem themselves," Chase said flipping through the book.

"Hey, I think I show all sides," Abigail defended, but then burst into laughter. "Alright, I may have a little bias towards the Daughters, but I do try to be fair to the Sons. After all, it was just as much their fault as the Sons."

"Not that they would agree," Patience smiled. She flipped to the dedication page:

To the Daughters (Charlotte, Hope, Eleanor, Rosemary, and Remembrance) and the Sons ( Charles, Nathaniel, Daniel, Peter, and James)—This is your story. May you finally be at peace.

To Us: Reid, Faith, Tyler, Hannah, Chase, Violet, Patience, Poque, Sarah, Kate, Caleb—the future is bright!


"Okay, who just stepped on my foot!" someone complained.

"Ouch! Too tight!" another yelled, tears clouding their eyes as someone pulled their hair too tightly.

"There is a reason corsets went out of fashion!" a third voice complained.

"And don't forget to tie her bow!"

"Where did the hairbrush go?"

"Where did the boy go?"

"You lost my son?"

"He is your son."

"You borrowed him!"

"Should we step in and help?" Abigail whispered to Faith.

"This brings back memories," Faith grinned impishly.

"Who lost my grandson?" Hannah demanded marching into the commotion. "You have another, Aunt Hannah," Charity pointed out.

Patience sighed as she stood in the doorway. "Some things never change," she said walking into the mayhem that was their family. "Hannah, your grandson is currently chasing the flower girl next door because she stole his action figure. Peony, I'll fix your hair, and Violet will help Sascha with her shoe," she ordered.

She looked to Abigail and Faith. "Don't just stand around!"

"Yes ma'am," they saluted.

"Whose idea was it to have these hokey celebrations anyways?" Amore, Hope's 13 year old daughter, asked.


"Isn't that the language from back in your day?" another asked.

"I only feel old with everyone under one roof," Patience sighed.

"Uh-oh, someone is trying Patience's patience!" Paul teased the children.

"Does that ever get old?" Quinn, Abigail and Reid's son, asked.

"No, it doesn't," Paul grinned. "We have the bar-be-que already; Hope, Michael was looking for you," he added naming Hope's husband.

"Why are we getting dressed up again?"

Abigail bent to help retie a few shoes. "Because Eleanor is bringing her boyfriend to meet the whole family. We don't want too scare him to badly the first time, do we?"

"Yes," several of the younger children chorused.

"Mom!" Eleanor said. "He already thinks we are…"

"Eccentric?" Abigail offered.

"Come on, remember when I brought Henry to meet the family?" Charity told her cousin.

"Yeah, the youngest accidentally set his pants on fire," Connor pointed out glaring at Nan, the youngest of the brood.

"No fires today," Patience cautioned. "Go play," she shooed them outdoors. "He will not come to harm today, Eleanor, promise."

"Thanks Aunt Patience," Eleanor grinned.

"Just keep him away from your father… and uncles," Violet cautioned making the Daughters laugh.

Eleanor groaned as she rushed down the stairs to let her boyfriend in. She knew her aunt's comment should not be taken lightly—any and all of the Sons would grill poor Daniel to death.

"So explain this celebration to me again?" Daniel asked as she led him to the back. The whole family—every single Son and Daughter—had gathered at the Coven Manor House in Ipswich for the anniversary of the breaking of the curse.

"Remember that story I told you about our family history?"

Daniel nodded. "The one your mother based her books on?"

Eleanor nodded. "This is the anniversary of the day we won. We always have a big celebration… and I wanted you to be part of it," she said trying not to blush.

"So everyone is here?" Daniel asked slightly terrified. He had met her parents—terrifying in itself—but the thought of everyone was intimidating.

They ran into her older brother, Quinn, first and then Abigail and Reid. Familiar faces helped to make everything less frightening. "My Aunt Patience, Aunt Violet and Uncle Paul, Aunt Hannah and Uncle Chase, Aunt Faith and Uncle Tyler, Uncle Caleb and Aunt Sarah, and Uncle Pogue and Aunt Kate," she pointed out the adults. "You know Conner and Charity," she pointed out Faith's children. "Hope, and that's Michael," she pointed out Hope's husband, "Hope's daughter, Amore." She looked around to see who she had missed. She pointed down the table to see Hanna and Chase's kids. "Isabel, her husband Chris, and Chase and his wife, Tiffany."

"These little rugrats," she said gesturing to the youngest kids, "belong to Hannah. They are her grandbabies."

"No quiz on names, right?" Daniel asked.

"Not yet," Pogue promised. Kate elbowed him to tell him to be nice.

"What was it like growing up … with …"

"This crazy family?" Eleanor grinned. "Incredibly. Fun."

"I can only imagine."

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