The following chapters are individual stories that are made just for laughs. Characters are OOC for humor reasons, and these are not meant to be taken seriously at all. The following can range anywhere from PG to M, depending, so the entire story will be marked M for safety reasons. These are not like my usual stories and have no real plot, and are just here for a laugh. This will be updated randomly when I need a break from my real, serious works. With that in mind, please enjoy these short stories. Each chapter is a new story and are not related to each other in any way.

Play With Mii

By: Satashi

"Come on Nanoha, I'm getting impatient!" Fate's voice whined out to the girl in the bathroom as the water from the shower cut off. "I've been ready for half an hour, come play with me!"

Nanoha giggled to herself while reaching for her towel. "You're the one who told me I could shower before we got into it, so you'll just have to wait."

"But I wanna do it now!"

"Start without me," She teased through the door as she began to dry herself off. "I want to be nice and clean before we start playing with each other."

"I don't mind if you're wet, get your cute butt out here!"

"You like me wet don't you, you perv." She hummed to herself while leaning forward to randomly inspect her eyebrows to see if she needed to pluck any. "I play by myself all the time."

"Yeah and you make me buy new batteries." Fate growled to herself. "You should buy some too, why should I spend all my money on them?"

"Because you always get them before I do, that's why." The brown haired girl started fluffing her hair with her towel. "Go ahead and start, you know what I like."

"Mou, fine." Fate got quiet after a while. "Want me to go ahead with the dice too?"

"Sure, you get a kick out of the dice anyway."

"Shush," Fate giggled and it went quiet a moment longer. "...Yes!"

"Calm down in there!" Nanoha snorted while looking for the clothes she laid out for herself. "I swear you're always so loud when we do this."

"I can't help it, I really really like it!"

"Remember that time Subaru and Tia heard us screaming and came to see what was going on?" The blue eyed girl slid up her panties and ran a finger around the band to make sure it wasn't twisted.

Fate laughed happily. "And they joined in too? That was the best!"

"I never knew Tia would be so good! I was impressed at her she could move."

"But Subaru also had good technique. I can't believe she dominated me like that!"

"The look on your face was priceless when you moaned out after that little battle."

"But I was so close when it ended, it was infuriating!"

"Hmmm..." Nanoha grabbed the hair dryer. "You can still dominate me anyway, so don't feel bad. But for once I want to be the one to spank your ass instead of the other way around."

"But you make the cutest sounds when I pound you so hard!"

"Hey!" She blushed lightly. "Are you saying that I'm not skilled!?"

"No, no, you're very skilled! I wouldn't want to play with you so much if you wasn't!"

The girl rolled her eyes and cut on the hair dryer and started to pull her hair up with a comb to dry it. "Fine, fine. I'm still going to beat you tonight!"

Fate snorted and called back over the hair dryer. "Whatever! Hurry up, I want to play with you solo before Hayate and Vita come to join in later!"

"Oh, Vita-chan's coming!? All right, I always thought she'd love this! I can't wait to play with her!"

"Mou, play with me first! I'm still waiting on you, hurry up!"

"You started without me anyway, have fun!"


"All right, all right," the brown haired girl slid on her shirt and pulled her hair out from it. "I'm ready, let's get it on!"

Fate tossed the girl the wii remote and smiled happily when she came out of the bathroom. "Thank you, Mario party is so boring by yourself."

"Yes, yes," Nanoha giggled and plopped down next to her friend. "My turn isn't it?" Her wrist flicked up the remote to make her character hit the dice block. "Prepare yourself, because I'm totally going to pwn you tonight, I can feel it!"

"Bring it!" Fate nudged her to the side, making Nanoha mess up and die on the mini game.

"You cheater!"

Fate stuck out her tongue at her.