This story might offend some people, so I ask that you go into this with an open mind. I was challenged to do this one quite a while ago but I never released it anywhere but the AnimeSuki forums. The challenge was to make a "what if" about Vivio if her life got really bad. This came to me so I went with it. For those of you who can appreciate how life works, I hope you can see how Vivio struggled to keep living on her own.

Adult Star!Vivio

"And cut!" The director called out, pleased. "That'll do it! Thanks for your work!"

A few calls of 'nice job!' or 'good show!' rang out as the few people on the set started wrapping up. I was given a robe to cover my body by an assistant, who also complimented me on another well done job.

I smiled at them and made my way to my dressing room. 'Vivio Takamachi' was written on a star on the door and the cool air inside made me sigh out pleasantly. I removed my robe and made my way to the small section that was boxed off with glass and had a small shower head above it. The water rushed over my body and I began to lather my luffa to wash away the sweat clinging to me and my hair.

My life wasn't what I expected it to be. Growing up, I had always expected to be some type of mage, to fight alongside my mothers and protect people... Now...after that incident...

I shook my head to clear it. There was no point in looking into the past. I was twenty two now, and my mothers were in heaven. I had made it on my own for six years now and despite what some people think, being a porn star wasn't as bad as it's made out to be.

I was famous, very famous, and was paid good money for just one shoot. I worked for a company that gave me full benefits as well as a paycheck for a few hours of work that rivaled most people's two weeks.

Still, sometimes I reflected back on everything I had done. At first I was desperate, losing my military benefits when I turned eighteen, and couldn't seem to find a job. I was hungry, starving actually, but too proud to live off my parent's friends. Odd how that pride made me where I am now. It was harmless at first, just a few photos for a lingerie magazine, and then I received a letter for an interview as a model. I took it for the money, and gradually showed more skin before I was scouted by this company.

"Vivio, the hottest thing to happen to adult films," they had proclaimed. I was flattered and shocked and scared all at the same time... The first film made me cry at night, ashamed that I sold my virginity for money.

... But I needed food, I needed rent, and no one knew about what I had done. The second scene was worse and I actually threw up that night. Lying in bed, hugging myself, crying how I shamed my mothers...

Then the third scene, the fourth, the fifth... I became used to it, and people started to get to know me. I wasn't like the bimbos that walked around sometimes, and I actually made friends. They comforted me, and explained things to me. I was treated with respect, and not like some slut.

Actually, I became really good friends with a few of them, and I no longer felt ashamed at what I was doing. It was a job, and the producers were respectable. My list of "will dos" was small and simple, and my first feature video was very tasteful, as it had a real story and only one sex scene.

It sold out and pulled a record for most sells. I released a sequel, which also was well done, and broke my own record for that one. From then on out, I was a "star" and not just "an employee".

I was making it on my own, and I didn't think my mothers would be ashamed of me, even if I was an adult film maker. I did my best, and work didn't reflect my personal life. I was very reserved with myself and didn't even show off my stomach when dressing casually. I had a modeling job on the side, also released by this company, that was very well respected. In fact, I might even be getting a contract to be a regular in it.

My life was pretty good, and I was proud of myself for being able to go from the shattered little girl I was to a mature adult.

I think my mothers would be proud that I never gave up hope.