I never really even thought about Yuuno/Vivio as a couple, for obvious reasons, but F91 wrote some neat stories about that couple. I gave it a shot when talking with him about it, and this was the result. I do like this couple now, but only if its done right.


It was a name I knew well, as I have known him all my life. I can't remember when we first met, but I do recall always seeing him around. Nanoha-mama was always really busy, as was Fate-mama. He would come over and look after me a lot when my parents were away on missions or just on a rare date.

At first he intrigued me, always looking at a book while generally letting me do anything I wanted to. "Have fun, but take responsibility for what you do," he would tell me. If I stayed up late, he would make me wake up at my normal time despite being so tired I couldn't think... If I watched TV instead of my chores, he would make me do them the next day instead of playing with my friends... He was more strict than my parents, but at the same time less so.

I think that's what first got my attention. He was so different from everybody else. Smart... Kind... and so resourceful when it came to the smallest things. I guess you could say he was my first crush, the kind that every young girl goes through when they see the 'ideal man' for the first time.

Yuuno pretended not to notice, but I knew that he did. I overheard Nanoha-mama teasing him about it when I was about twelve years old. That was the first time I heard 'puppy love', and to be honest I was rather offended by it. Nanoha-mama didn't understand how I felt...

And neither did I. My world crashed when I asked him to be my boyfriend when I was thirteen. He looked at me and smiled like he always did, taking my hand and leading me to the couch to speak with me... He was so... infuriating! Every point I made, every declaration that I could imagine... was shot down with gentle words and facts that I couldn't deny.

Puppy love... The word fit my feelings exactly. It was everything in my world, just like a play toy to a dog was. When I got over my infatuation and anger at him, I was finally able to speak with him again... after almost a month of ignoring the man for breaking my heart.

I was really embarrassed about the whole ordeal when I was fourteen. Whenever my parents would crack a joke about it, I would turn dark red and stammer. To them it was an hilarious moment in my life, and I hate to admit it but it really was.

As time went by, I started spending even more time with Yuuno. Not for crush reasons, but because I had really taken a liking to books. He let me read from his personal library and I even stayed in his guest room on multiple occasions after falling asleep researching. I even considered being a librarian for a little while, despite my love for Strike Arts.

I guess it was because of all the casualness between us, that it came as such a shock to me when I thought about him in that way. I was almost sixteen then, and I had my first... well... "dream"...

When I had awoken, my eyes were wide, breath short and shallow from the shock of it all. I had never really even considered something like that, least of all with him... But it had happened, and I couldn't help but avoid my friend for almost two weeks before I could look at him again. I had decided that it was because he was the only male in my life, that I had never even been on a date before... Any reason I could come up with, I added it to the stack.

But still, ever since that night, I got a weird sense in my stomach when he smiled at me. I was too thoughtful to ignore it, but too young to understand it. I couldn't talk to my parents about it, but...

Maybe if I didn't mention his name, Nanoha-mama could guide me...

This feeling really scared me, and I wasn't sure if I was ready to face the possibility of me actually being mature enough to actually have feelings like that... Whatever it was, I needed advice, and Nanoha-mama was always there for me in the past. I'm sure this would just be another one of those times.