Someone was out there…

Someone who knew Linn…

There had to be…


A school bell rang as middle school students poured out of their classrooms. It was the best part of the school day: The end of the school day. Many pushed their way to get out fast; others weren't exactly the rushing type.

Thus was the story of 13-year-old Kyoko.

Kyoko was Japanese, but came here a few years ago. She had long black hair pulled up in a ponytail, a white V-neck top, a black skirt, a silver belt, and very light blue shoes. Her parents always made her wear fancy skirts, but neither knew she always wore jeans underneath.

An interesting note was that a mirror like star dangled from a silver chain that she wore around her neck. Unbeknownst to others, and even herself, it was the Mirror Shard. This was sort of ironic, because Kyoko's name itself meant Mirror, like Linn's meant Dream.

Unfortunately, she was friends with Linn before her kidnapping, but Linn didn't know. Kyoko herself was concerned about Linn's disappearance, which was about 2 weeks ago.

"Linn was an orphan, so maybe she got adopted or something, and then they moved to…Alaska." Kyoko suggested. She slammed her head into her closed locker. That was idiotic. All she knew is that Linn disappeared, and Kyoko seemed to be the only one who noticed. At least today had been the last day of school, and summer vacation had FINALLY begun. Kyoko sighed as she opened her locker to grab the remainder of her things. A strange note was taped to the inside. Carefully, Kyoko took it off. Her heart stopped as she read it to herself.

"Dear Kyoko,

I couldn't help but hear about your loss. But you'll be delighted to know that I know where Linn is, and I can easily show you. Linn will be in the Eternal Woods. I'm sure she'll be happy to see you again.


There wasn't a name anywhere, but that didn't matter. Linn was in the Eternal Woods, which wasn't that far away. As Kyoko's heart began to beat again, she hopped on her bike. Pedaling as fast as she possibly could, Kyoko reached her destination within a few minutes. As soon as she reached the rim of it, she took off on foot…

Toad Town

Back with Ki and the others, after Linn had returned to Earth, they all returned to Toad Town, and their normal lifestyles. But although some of them didn't notice it, they all missed Linn a lot.

So they were ticked off. Life happens.

Ki could feel something was wrong. They had let Linn go back alone to Earth. Who knows what could happen there?

But, Linn was gone, and there was no changing that.



Something bad HAD to be happening. After all, she just went unconscious when she finally thought she was safe.

Apparently she wasn't.

Linn had to wake up, and she would prefer fast. All she could hope was that she still had the Dream Shard around her neck.

Really, all she knew now was that unless a miracle happened, she wasn't going to be waking up at the Inn like last time.

She shuddered at that thought.

But she couldn't help but think about the book she had read about the Mirror of Dreams. So, she held the Dream Shard. Who the heck had the Mirror Shard then!? Linn was really ticked off by now…

Eternal Woods

Kyoko looked around.

"Crud, I don't know where the heck to go. Stupid note." She mumbled.

"I swear, I'm going to beat the living crud out of whoever gave me this piece of crap. It doesn't even say exactly WHERE in the Eternal Woods!" Kyoko mumbled again. Then she paused.

"If I don't find where the heck I'm supposed to go in five minutes, I'm leaving." She sighed, continuing onward. Just like Linn, Kyoko was ticked off.

Toad Town

It was quiet.

Too quiet.

With Linn around, Toad Town had always been a little busier. But now that she was gone, the flow was a lot slower than before.

Vita sighed.

"When Linn got here, she was in here everyday. Now practically NOBODY comes here." A ticked off Vita explained to herself. Everyone else had to agree.

"Hey, where the heck did Ki just go?" Eni asked, noticing Ki was gone…

Forever Forest

Ki sat on a rock that was in the clearing of Forever Forest, the same place where the Mirror of Dreams was. Except now with Linn and the Dream Shard with her gone, it was invisible again. But according to the book, each generation that discovered their powers would have to go through a time when the Mirror of Dreams was unveiled. That would be Dimentio's chance.

Ki hoped that Linn would come back soon. After all, she was destined to hide the Mirror of Dreams yet again. But for that, she would also need the Mirror Shard. Ki couldn't help but wonder who that was…

Eternal Woods

Kyoko sighed.

"I swear, this is getting old. Where the heck is Linn?" she mumbled to herself. It was beginning to get darker out. She had obviously been here longer than the original 5 minutes she had planned.

But she was desperate, so she continued on...


Where the heck was she, anyways?

That was the one thing she hated about this whole "unconscious" thing, she never knew where she was.

That's what ticked her off.

She wanted to struggle, but just like all of the other times before, the Wind depleted what was left of her energy.

Basically, Linn was hopeless.

All she could do was wait…


Somewhere far away, somewhere only dreamers knew of, a conversation was being held.

"I promise, I will not let you down." A voice said. It was a female Subcon Fairy. Unlike the other Subcon Fairies, this one had a ponytail coming out of her "hair", and "wore" a soft mint-green color rather than red. She also had a name, Feya.

"Good. Because if you DO fail…" the other voice began. It belonged to a female of some sort.

"…I won't fail Queen Cenedra. I promise." Feya assured her.

"Good." Cenedra said.

"Now, go complete your task." Cenedra ordered. Feya nodded, and flew off to Grambi-knows-where…

Eternal Woods

Kyoko sighed once more as she wandered around.

"I can't take much more of this…" she complained to herself.

She walked on for a few more minutes, until she suddenly saw something not too far off.

"Linn!" Kyoko cried, running towards her. Linn was unconscious in the same spot she had been in since yesterday, when the Wind knocked her out yet again.

"Linn! Linn, wake up!" she said. Linn was unresponsive. It's sorta hard to talk when you're half-alive. Now Kyoko was really ticked off.

"That's it! Who did this to her!?" she yelled. But the Woods seemed to be empty…but she was sadly mistaken. Tears swelled in her eyes, tears of sadness, joy, and anger all at once. Kyoko stood up and brushed off her skirt. Her heart pounded.

"Who!?" she yelled once again. But there was nothing but silence. Kyoko sighed. It was hopeless. Who would honestly tell someone that they purposely knocked someone unconscious? Nobody. Except for maybe an imbecile.

Suddenly, the Cold Wind blew by.

"What the heck?" Kyoko mumbled to herself. This was her first time experiencing the Wind. Suddenly, something felt as if it struck her heart. As Kyoko fell to the floor on her hands and knees, she felt the area around her heart. There was nothing there, not even any blood.

"What just happened?" Kyoko gasped, struggling to stay conscious. Her breathing was heavy as her arms and legs trembled. Suddenly, she couldn't take it anymore, and she fell to the floor, and slowly faded into unconsciousness…


What had just happened? Where was she? What was going on?

All of these questions buzzed around in Kyoko's head. She desperately tried to struggle and wake up, but all of her energy was gone.

Unbeknownst to her, she had just suffered through the same thing as Linn…

To be continued…

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