Doc entered Sally's hospital room, coming up beside the sleeping car. She continued to sleep, undisturbed. Doc watched her for a few seconds, then went back out to the waiting room.

He looked around, noticing something missing. He parked beside Sheriff, looking around the tense atmosphere.

"Where's McQueen?"

"Outside." Sheriff grunted. "How's Sally?" He added.

"She's stable. She honestly looks a lot better than when we first got here." He replied.


Lightning sighed as he sat alone in the darkness, watching as cars drove by him, entering and exiting the hospital. How could I let this happen? I should have been watching her…

He heard someone drive up quietly beside him, and didn't look up.

"She's doin' fine kid. Don't worry."

"Thanks, Doc. But I can't help but worry." Lightning replied, still not looking at him.

An uneasy silence fell between them, where they both just watched the cars go by.

"So…. Have you thought about popping the question to Sally?" Doc asked.

Lightning snapped his attention to the old Hornet quickly, his eyes growing wide. "Wha…. I—I haven't…. Uh……"

Doc laughed. "I'm just messing with ya, kid. I had to get your attention somehow."

Lightning narrowed his eyes, but smiled nonetheless.

"So, do you want to go see her?" Doc asked with a sudden seriousness, his voice dropping an octave.

"No… Well, yeah… I don't know…"

Doc raised a brow, which Lightning quickly noticed.

"I—I mean, I want to, because I'm worried. But part of me doesn't want to see her like that…" Lightning said, looking down at his tires helplessly.

"Oh…" Doc said, nodding understandingly. He suddenly looked down at the younger car, nudging him sincerely with his tire. "She doesn't look that bad. And I'm sure she'd want you to be there with her…"

Lightning didn't reply, but just stared ahead thoughtfully.

"How about it kid?" Doc asked.

Lightning's mouth curved slightly in a small smile. "If I go, will you stop bugging me?"

Doc laughed. "Sure, sure. Whatever you say, hotrod."


Faint beeping noises could be heard as they approached the hospital room, getting louder as they drove closer. Doc drove beside Lightning the whole way, dropping behind them as they got to the door, allowing him to go in first.

Lightning cringed at the sight of his girlfriend. She was still dented up pretty bad, and most of her paint was scraped off her right side. Her entire right fender was crushed in, and she was still out cold. Lightning drove up beside her on her left side, gently nuzzling her comfortingly. It was pretty much just to reassure himself that she was okay.

She remained asleep, her body moving up and down gently as she slept. Lightning sighed inwardly, looking over at Doc. He gave the young stock car a reassuring smile, before heading back out to the waiting room.

Lightning watched as he left, then rested down on his shocks as his weariness overtook him. He continued to watch Sally, until he felt his eyelids start to droop, and finally drifted into a restless sleep.


Lightning awoke the next morning, feeling as if he hadn't gotten any sleep at all. He drove out into the waiting room, and immediately got tackled by a green show-car. Flo held him in a tight embrace, making it quite hard for him to breathe.

"Oh, sweetheart! You must be so worried about Sally. But it's gone be alright, okay?" She said, finally letting go of her hold.

Lightning nodded, giving her his best forced smile. "Yeah, I know. Thanks, Flo."

He drove over to where Doc was talking to Sheriff, and parked beside the old Hornet. Doc turned to him after a few minutes, noticing for the first time how tired Lightning looked.

"Get any sleep, son?"

"Yeah," Lightning lied, stifling a yawn. "I'm gonna go get some breakfast. Let me know if anything happens, okay?"

"Okay, hotrod. See ya in a bit." Doc said, returning to his conversation with Sheriff.


Lightning watched as Sally's body moved up and down slowly as she breathed, undisturbed from her sleep. He clicked on the TV, just in time to see Dale Jr. cross the finish line on the screen. It's Sunday already? Lightning thought. Well, at least Chick didn't win… He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a sudden rustling at his side. He faced the unconscious car beside him, noticing that she was stirring for the first time. He gently nudged her, watching as she opened one green eye, then shut it again against the bright light. She opened both her eyes slowly, smiling weakly when she saw him by her side.


"Hey," He replied quietly.

Her smiled faded a little as she let out a low groan, and closed her eyes. "What hit me last night?"

He smiled meekly. "Uh… The floor."

She smiled a little, her eyes still closed in pain.

"Do you need me to go get some painkillers?"

"Sure, Stickers. Thanks."

He smiled softly, kissing her on the fender. "I love you,"

She opened her eyes, looking a little surprised. He rarely ever said those three words. She smiled too, nudging his tire. "Love you too."

He grinned wider, driving slowly past her and out the door.


Okay, I reeeally like this chapter. LOL, so tell me what you think. I was listening to Comatose by Skillet for part of writing this, it really inspired me. I just really like that song, too. xD It took me 2 weeks to figure out what to write next, then write it, plus I didn't write it all at the same time, so forgive me if something doesn't make sense or something.