Title: You're what!?

Author: The Scientist Wrangler

Pairing: Seras/Alucard

Series: Hellsing

Chapters: 1/10

Summary: Seras has something to tell alucard but she doesn't know how to explain it, cause she doesn't even understand it herself, a continuation of No More PMSing

A strawberry blonde undead female paced her room nervously, she wasn't able to comprehend how such a thing could happen, to vampire nonetheless! If she couldn't have a period then how could she…oh god! Her mind was going wild as she frantically tried to cut her master and lover out of her thoughts. She didn't need him glancing in and getting a shock of his life. It would explain why she had been drinking twice the amount of blood then she usually did. Why she had been feeling lethargic and suddenly craving real food though she couldn't even eat it anymore.

Her pacing froze for a moment as she heard Walter coming down the hall, she tried to put herself in a better mind frame. A happy place so to speak. The door opened and she smiled at the old butler. It had been five years since she had been…integrated…into Hellsing. He nodded, still looking the exact same as he had five years prior, she was beginning to wonder if Alucard had turned him during that time. "Hello Walter. How are you?" he smiled a soft smile, he had been taking a shine to the young lass. "Good, Miss Integra wishes to see you."

Seras followed Walter up the all too familiar stairs and entered the amazing office that never ceased to amaze her for some reason. Her masters master sat behind the large desk the always made Integra seem so small to Seras for some reason. The blonde haired woman seemed agitated and that was never a good thing. "Um, Master Integra, Ma'am what's wrong?" The Hellsing let out a puff of smoke from her cigar "It seems that we're to have a ball here in six months. For the queen herself." Seras eyes went wide. "For the Queen." She whispered in amazement, she had always wished to meet the Queen since she had been a young girl, now was her chance at long last.

"So I'm going to need your help more then ever." Seras nodded, Integra rolled her eyes, "There you are Alucard! Next time don't be late!" Seras briefly glanced at the tall nosferatu beside her and when their eyes met her face flushed and she looked away. Integra continued on her lecture about how they will be having more servants coming to help set up and how Integra will need to go shopping for a gown. Seras planned on bringing along Alucard with her for that trip. He deserved to be tortured into going shopping with her as a punishment for walking in on her in the shower AGAIN! That time WITHOUT her permission AGAIN!

She trudged out of the office and down the stairs in a bit of a mope but still with her thoughts all over the place. 'I wonder what size dress I should get after all I'm not exactly going to be the same weight as I am now in six months…' an all too familiar voice popped in beside her face "Of course you are, you're of the undead you don't gain or lose weight. You ought to know that by now." She jumped in shock and terror as all of the sudden Alucard was walking on the ceiling above her, his face right beside hers. He gave her a quick peck on the lips, not too mention a nibble. She scowled and swatted him away. This was going to be very annoying. He wasn't exactly what she had planned on in her love life future when she had been a child. The second the word child popped in her mind her thoughts went reeling again. She felt panic began to slip into her and she fought it back. "What's wrong?" He asked when they approached her quarters. She simply sighed and shook her head in what was for her denial but for him a response to his question. "It's nothing…don't worry about it." He grasped her chin and made her stare into his eyes. "Are you lying to me?" she was slightly frightened by the fang he showed in annoyance.

"I'm fine." He let go and she plopped down onto her bed and he set himself up in her chair which had somehow always been claimed by him in his own weird way. She glanced at him face. He was such a lethal beauty, like he could kiss you and kill you all at the same time. Seras loved him so much it was like the day he had first loved her she was his. "When you were alive, did you have any children?" His eyes opened and latched onto her own as she let her head rest upon her pillow. "What brought this on?" he asked with suspicion leaking from his tone. "Just wondering, you never talk about your past." He relaxed a bit, "No I didn't. I was never one for children. Even now I don't believe that I would be a suitable father figure. I'm a killer not a father."

She rolled over onto her side as he watched her with ever contemplating gaze. As if he could read into her soul if he wanted to, and he could… that's why she had to put up such strong walls. After a silence he finally spoke again "What about you, Police Girl?" he liked using the nickname even now that they had an intimate relationship. She shrugged "Never thought about it…probably not, after all, it's like you said. A killer can't exactly be a parent…right?" he nodded with a smug smirk. "right." He rose to join her but she stopped him. "I'm tired right now, I'm going to get some sleep. Kay Master?" He left hesitantly, not once noticing the tears the streaked her cheeks, silently she cried. Now she had no way of telling him what was happening to her, and she had no idea how to stop it.

The next evening Alucard and Seras went out to a late night mall. She was shocked that such things even existed in the first place, who heard of a Gucci store open until midnight? She sure as hell hadn't. She breezed through the gorgeous gowns, after all. With her childhood she had never been able to afford an expensive dress but now that Integra promised to pay for it she was as happy as a girl could be. The only issue was getting a dress that will work with her slowly changing form. Not to mention doing it without Alucard realizing it and figuring out the truth. She glanced at a bunch of the different dresses. God they were beautiful. She caressed a sea green fabric is shimmered and reminded her so much of the ocean. Seras added that to her things to do sometime over her breaks.

Seras somehow managed to get away from her master long enough to find a store clerk and get their help. The woman seemed a little confused by her question "I'm sure we can find something, but are you sure you want to hide it?" the question was meant to be directed towards the style of gown but the question hit a mark deep in her conscience. She snapped "Yes! I do!" the store clerk flinched "Okay I apologize. Here do you know what color?" a hand suddenly took a place upon her shoulder and she froze.

"Yes…black, red, or white and form fitting." He said in a seductive voice in her ear, it almost made her sway but luckily it hadn't he was able to snap a sudden "No!" Alucard froze right before pressing a kiss to her neck. His eyes slid open slowly to fix a cold look on her "What did you say Seras?" She gave slightly scared look to him before coming up with an idea. She purred and kissed him on the lips "I don't want to tempt into doing things during such an important event." Alucard couldn't care less about such thing and he told her that VIA mind contact "I know you don't but Sir Integra will." That made him pout and sulk but nod in agreement. "Fine. Loose-fitting it is." A sigh of relief escaped her as she followed the sales clerk. In no time she had a pile of gowns that were breath taking. Hopefully he would think so too.

The first one was a long white gown that flowed elegantly and bunched around her ankles. She spun around and laughed, Seras caught a quirk in his lips but he shook his head, pouting she went in and grabbed the next one. It was a long sleeved pink gown that clashed with her features he scowled and she took it as a no. The next one was a halter top that reached her knees and had sleeves that tied around the wrist, he shrugged. The next one was a skin tight black ultra short dress that she had no idea how it got in there and sure enough he grinned his trademark grin and nodded fervently. It was Seras's turn to scowl and glare death at her boyfriend. Finally they settled on a Rather loose white halter top gown that reached above the knees and was so loose you couldn't tell if she was fat or not, it was perfect and it made him happy because the open back and the decent amount of thigh he could see. A nod with a smirk was her response for it.

She purchased the gown, white lace up high heeled shoes and a gorgeous pair of knee length white gloves to go with it as well. He smirked as he slipped in a little extra item and as they left he wouldn't stop smirking it was infuriating. When she go to her room and went to hang up she discovered why. There lay a skin tight black short dress that looked so risqué she didn't know what could have brought the idea she would wear such a thing through his mind. She was so nervous she didn't know what to do…she had only one thing she could do…only one person she could possibly talk to…

Integra glanced up at the young vampire and gave a small up turned quirk to her lips "Seras, what can I do for you?" the girl fidgeted nervously, "Sir, can I speak to you for a moment? About a private personal matter?" Integra put down her papers and stubbed out her cigar before gesturing that the girl should take a seat before her desk. Seras did and stared at her hands. "I have something on my mind, it's bothering me like crazy and I need to tell someone…" Integra gave a suspicious look at her subordinate "What's wrong?" Seras shook her head "It's just that… I think… I mean… I know… in a weird way… that… I'm pregnant." The Hellsing dropped the glass she had been about to drink from and it shattered instantly. Integra's eyes went wide in horror and shock.

"You're what?" she managed to say, the strawberry blonde gave her a terrified look "Pregnant." She said again. Integra calmed her breathing and stared at the girl with a look that scared the poor vampire. "How do you know such a thing?" Seras lay a hand upon her stomach "It's been two months and I can feel this life forming within me, I hear a heart beating in me, I know it's not mine, cause my heart doesn't beat anymore. I've been drinking blood like I've NEVER done before, and I've been craving human food. It's insane. I don't even know how such a thing is possible!" Integra rubbed her temple, "All Nosferatu men that originate from the original bloodline can. It's the one thing that sets them off from the other kind. They're still fertile although they're bodies are technically dead."

Seras's hand was shaking and she clenched the arm of the chair trying not to break it. "I don't know how to tell him…he said he doesn't want any…I don't know what to do." The older woman smiled a soft yet evil smile "Oh, believe me, he knows, all male vampires can detect such a thing. My father told me that when my mother was carrying me Alucard would tease her all ther time. Before she had ever even told anyone." Seras slouched in her chair… "You mean he knows..?" she nodded.

Suddenly a dark and for some reason slightly angry voice spoke "Know what.. might ask?" Integra glowered at her servant "Alucard! Don't scare her like that!" Alucard rose an eyebrow in interest "Why… and what is it that I know?" Seras glanced at Integra and the look that the mortal woman gave her encouraged her… "Alucard…" he looked at her with a sparkle in his eyes of humor. "Yes Police Girl?" She took a hold of his hand and finally said it. "I'm pregnant." The second she said it the color that was in face at all faded and his eyes widened greatly… after silence he spoke "You're…pregnant..?" she looked at him and saw something she had never expected to see. It was a mix of worship for her, and fear, unadulterated fear and for what she had no clue. Seras knew that he was about to tell her why he was so terrified…lord only knew it wouldn't be a good thing…