URGENT Author Note:

Alright. I have some great news and frustrating news for all my readers. First off I truly and sincerely want to thank you all for not abandoning me. It's because of all you that I haven't dropped this fic altogether. You have all been the driving force behind this series, and needless to say I still can't fathom just how popular it has become.

So now on to the important news. The main reason I haven't updated in over a year, is because I hit a writers block the size of a freaking planet! Essentially I'd written myself into a corner. Which is why I've started rewriting the whole thing from the beginning. I only plan to change the first 3 or 4 chapters, but I promise it will largely be what you all know and love. I will also continue to post new chapters.

To reassure you all, I'll let you know that I have already written 6 pages for chapter 1, and I'm half way through the ninth chapter. I intend to try and make each chapter at minimum 12 pages if not 15 pages long each. There will still be the humor but it contain a more serious atmosphere. The key change is that I'm removing the plot of 'there being a party for the queen being held' altogether. It was the main culprit behind my writers block.

My goal is to try and have this completed and revised by Summer time. Once again I thank you all for being so very paitient with me throughout this difficult time. I pray you will forgive me for being a terrible person, making you all wait for so long with seemingly no sign of hope. I'll try to have the chapters up by next Tuesday if possible, definitely no later than Thursday so long as my college classes don't dump more work on us.

With that said, would anyone be willing to Beta read the chapters before I post them? If so feel free to drop me a message and we'll try to hook something up.

Thank you all very much,

The Scientist Wrangler