AN: I don't think this fic counts as smut. But just to be safe, this is rated M. (My apologies to those who were waiting for a smut fic. -- Seriously, it was hard to crank this one out. The anime threw me off a bit because comedy is part of what makes Lovely Complex the way it is and I haven't been writing any comedy at all. …When Height Doesn't Matter is a crack fic so it doesn't count. XP)

Disclaimer: Lovely Complex and all its characters belong to Nakahara Aya-sensei. I am forever thankful to her for creating it, so all credits belong to her and the plot bunnies eating Twinkies under my bed.

Whenever they make love, he can't help but notice the differences between them.

There is their height, for one thing, how the tips of his toes would reach down to her shins and the top of his head would come up to her forehead whenever they align their hips. He doesn't like the feeling, as if they are mismatched.

But the thought never lingers, driven quickly away by the feel of her tight wetness squeezing deliciously around him, and just like that he'll be lost… In her scent, her warmth, the sensation of being completely enveloped in her, by her...

But the matter of their height remains, although it isn't necessarily bad, or even necessary at all when making love. Still, he finds different positions they can make love in, which results in him noticing even more differences between them.

For someone so tall, she is very light, and he can easily support her when they do it against a wall. He finds it ironic how much he likes the feel of the silky long legs that makes her taller wrapped around his waist, pulling their bodies closer as he moves in and out of her again and again and again, pushing her further against the wall. And in this position, his height is an advantage because with him holding her up, his face is parallel with her breasts, and he can bring her closer to an orgasm as he uses mouth and tongue and teeth while thrusting hard into her…

When he holds her up like this, or just simply holds her, he notices how big his hands are on her body… The way her breasts fill his hands, the fullness of her butt, how he can almost wrap both hands around her slim waist, or how his hand almost completely engulfs hers when she reaches down to hold one hand, fingers twining, palm touching…

It amazes him how one of his hands can completely span her face, and as fingers trace lightly over refined cheek bones, a pert nose, finely arched eyebrows, and a jaw line that makes her face look gamine, he realizes how very delicate she actually looks compared to his harsh lines and wider bone structure.

With that thought, he notices how much of her body is made up of slender lines and slim bones: how slender her neck is, how much wider his shoulders are than hers, how slim her wrists and ankles are, how delicate even the bones of her ears seem.

All of it encased in silky smooth skin, so soft compared to his which is rough from years of sun and sports…

Whenever they make love, like they are doing now, Atsushi can't help but notice how vast the differences are between them.

And as Risa whispers I love you, Atsushi as she drifts off to sleep, drained and happy and sated, he finds he doesn't mind them at all.

AN: I wish it was actual smut, but the theme didn't call for it, so it didn't go in that direction. Maybe this is counts as an erotic description perhaps? .

(I'd have loved to make it longer, but there's only so much of the physical differences that one can describe. That and my fiancée curses like a sailor so he was really throwing my romantic mood off track. X/)

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