The Doctor & Rose: Adventures in TV-Land

AN: Right a bit of background to make this piece make sense. First off, Rose has returned from "Pete's World" and she and the Doctor are now together. (The beach scene happened you see, and after that admission of feeling they couldn't go back. Convenient, no:P) Also The Doctor figured out a way to travel through the void without destroying the universe (hence getting Rose back) and she can now spend time with both him and her family, which made her mom very happy. Third, this is my first Doctor Who fic, so please review to encourage the posting of further chapters and the like. Oh and btw it's 10/Rose fluffy goodness.

Disclaimer: Dear god do I wish I owned Doctor Who, or even just David Tennant, but I don't so please don't sue. About the only thing I have of value is the notebook I have plastered with photos of the Doctor. :P

And now, on to the story…


"Doctor! There's something wrong with the telly!"

The Doctor sighed and hauled himself out from underneath the control station of the TARDIS. "Coming Rose!" Silly little ape had probably misplaced the remote or something. But she wouldn't call him over a lost remote, would she? Unconsciously he picked up his pace as he skedaddled down the corridor. (I don't care if he'd skedaddle; I'm writing this therefore he does. So there.)

Reaching the TV room he found Rose standing in front of the screen, hands on hips. Not good, she had her "Jackie Tyler is just a phone call away and I don't care how cute she thinks you are she'll slap you if I ask her to" face on. Not good, not good at all.

Then he noticed the TV. Oh really not good, in fact, very very bad. Where the screen should have been there was a swirling cerulean maelstrom. And it seemed to be gaining strength; at the very least it was expanding.

"Doctor, what is it?" For the first time he noticed the edge of trepidation in Rose's tone and demeanor. Ever since they'd been reunited they were each secretly terrified of being separated once more, though he hid it better than she did.

It was this fear that propelled the Doctor across the room towards her. "Rose! We need to get out, right now. I don't know what it is, and neither does the TARDIS, I asked. We're in trouble."

Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth to respond, but at that moment a thin tendril of the vortex whipped towards her, fastening itself around her waist and tugging her towards the place where the screen used to be. It was just too much like being dragged towards the void again, Rose started screaming.

Like lightning the Doctor reached out and grabbed her wrist, only to find himself being dragged along after her. He only had time to double check the presence of his sonic screwdriver in his right trouser pocket before they were pulled into the azure whirlpool. With their disappearance came the disappearance of any abnormality in the room. The television screen was solid and black once more, the only sign that anyone had been in the room recently being the overturned bowl of popcorn on the floor.

Tune in next time to see just what the Doctor and Rose will encounter first in the world of television. Will it be monsters? Demons? Baywatch girls? Or even (horror of horrors) the cast of seventh heaven? Scratch that last one, it's just too horrible to contemplate.