A/N: Ok, Incredibly short chapter, I know, but there was really only so much I could do with this show. Next chappie will be longer, and far more bizarre. There are goats. No really, goats, I swear. Fine, don't believe me, you'll see.

Let's Play

The whole falling thing didn't pan out too well when they landed this time. The floor caught the Doctor and the Doctor caught rose, in a manner of speaking. It was really more along the lines of an incredibly ungraceful crash that resulted in a large pile with a great many limbs sticking out at odd angles. The situation was only exacerbated by the fact that they had landed in a theatre chair. It was really quite exceptionally painful.

Rose got her breath back first, being the one who had ended up on top, and managed to roll herself off the Doctor carefully. She sat heavily on the floor and shook her left leg, trying to get rid of the tingling sensation that had commenced when she whacked it heavily on the armrest.

The Doctor groaned. He raised his face from where it had been squished into the seat cushion and looked for Rose. "We really have to stop dropping into places like this Rose." He grinned blearily at her.

"The dropping part, or just doing it into places like this? Think we need to raise our standards above--" She stopped suddenly, looking around. "Television studios? What the heck? I thought we were inside the shows!"

Sitting up properly the Doctor glanced around. "Huh."


"Yep, huh. That's all I've got. No clue where we are." He shrugged as the lights came up in the centre of the room.

"Doctor?" Rose's voice was shaking, "this is looking strangely familiar, and not I a good way."

The room was circular, theatre seating like the chair they had landed in spanned nearly the entire circumference. There were several podiums in a half-circle n the middle of the room, all facing a single pulpit in the centre. The lights were blue, quite strikingly so, and they zeroed in on the figures standing at each station.

"Oh dear…" The Doctor reached out and drew Rose to him, straightening up so she could perch in his lap. "It's alright Rose, you're up here not down there. This is TV from your world, not the Gamestation." She was shaking now, and he redoubled his efforts. "Rose look at me, my face, not down there. Rose!"

Slowly she turned to face him, tears in her eyes, shuddering, terrified. "Doctor, we… we have to go… I need to get out of here." She huddled into the circle of his arms and he pulled her as close as he could, trying to shelter her from the gameshow below.

Someone else was walking into the lights now, a slight woman with short hair and a grim expression. She stopped at the central podium and looked around before starting to speak, "Welcome to The Weakest Link."

Rose started screaming. Everyone in the studio whipped around to look at them; the spotlights turned their blue light on the pair. It was perhaps because of this that no one noticed the large blue vortex forming, and that it was such a shock when they suddenly disappeared into thin air. Later on Cameraman #5 would be congratulated for catching the most interesting moment of the show's history on film.