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They all walked towards the carnival. Today was a nice day for one, too. The sun was shining bright, and there was a cool breeze in the air. They all enjoyed the day's weather. But, in no time at all, they finally reached the carnival. All the girls stared in amazement. There were booths, food stands, a few circus people here and there, and a few roller coasters.

"Sasuke! Let's go and play some games!" Sakura yelled as she pulled his arm towards the direction of the game booths.

"Hinata! Let's go and check out the rides!" Naruto said and grabbed her hand.

"Neji! Let's check out the circus!" Tenten said and both started off towards the circus.

"I'm going to go and get a drink, want to come?" Ino asked Shikamaru.

Shikamaru shrugged, following Ino towards the food stands. Plus, everyone else went off without them anyway, and there wasn't anything else to do.

With Sasuke and Sakura.

Sasuke just won another toss the ring into a bottle game. His prize was a big teddy bear with a red bow around the neck area. He accepted the gift from the man that works there and gave it to Sakura. She took it and happily hugged it.

"Hey Sasuke." Sakura said, looking up at him.

"Yeah, what is it?" Sasuke said, looking at her with a confused face.

"Thank you." Sakura went up and gently kissed him on the lips. When they parted, she blushed a little and hugged her teddy bear some more.

"Come on, lets go." Sasuke said, taking her hand and walked off to play some more games.

With Naruto and Hinata.

Naruto looked around with Hinata to find any interesting rides. They finally found one. It was a ride about to see if they were soul mates. They both had to wait in different lines. One for the boys, and one for the girls. With a fence between them so they couldn't see of how are they paired up with. When they reached the front, Naruto asked of how the ride works.

"The ride works like this. You go into different boats in the water into this tunnel. And then a person that appears next to you is your soul mate." the lady said. "Would you like to go in?"

"Sure! Why not?" Naruto said enthusiastically.

"Naruto, are you sure? What if we're not soul mates?" Hinata asked, worryingly.

"If we're not, then I'll still love you." Naruto said giving Hinata a giant bear hug.

Hinata nodded and smiled. Then they both went on different boats. Hinata saw a couple went in first, and when the two boats came out, there were different people on the boat with them. Hinata was discouraged. She shrieked a little when her boat started.

It was pitch black in there. The tunnel was at least twenty feet long. Her boat started to shake a little when she saw a dark figure next to her. 'Oh no, Naruto and I aren't soul mates.' thought Hinata. When the ride was over, she didn't bother to look up at the person sitting next to her.

"Hinata, what's wrong?" asked the man next to her.

'That's not Naruto's voice at all. So it's not him.' thought Hinata.

"It's just that Naruto and I aren't -" Hinata looked at the person next to her and it was none other than Naruto.

"So, what about me?" Naruto asked teasingly.

"B-But, that wasn't your voice!" Hinata said, shocked to see Naruto.

Naruto laughed. "I couldn't help it. I just changed the sound of my voice a little. Plus, we don't need to know if we're soul mates or not."

Hinata smiled. "You're right."

Hinata went up and hugged him and they almost fell into the water.

With Neji and Tenten.

Neji and Tenten had entered a circus and watched the people perform their act. Tenten kept laughing when a clown threw a pie on another clown's face. They watched the other acts with the lion and the ring of fire, a person juggling and balancing on a ball at the same time, and a trapeze artist doing summersaults in the air.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" yelled the announcer. "Today, we have a surprise for you!"

'This might be interesting.' thought Neji.

"Today, we need a volunteer! We will be doing a disappearing act! Let's pick a volunteer from the crowd!" yelled the announcer. The light was shifting around the whole stadium until it landed on Tenten. "The lovely lady with the brown eyes and hair!"

Tenten smiled widely like a six year old child. She jumped up and hopped down the steps to the stage next to the announcer.

"And what is your name?" the announcer asked as he put the microphone near Tenten's lips.


"Ok! Tenten will go inside this box right here, and then she will magically disappear!"

Tenten went inside the box that was the right size for her. The announcer said some magic words and smoke started coming out. When he smoke had disappeared, the box is gone.

"Uh, we have a slight difficulty, everyone! I'll go check it!" said the announcer. The announcer ran out towards the back exit of the tent.

Neji noticed that something was wrong. He got up and ran towards the exit that the announcer had taken. When he got outside, he saw the announcer with three men carrying the same box that Tenten was in.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Neji said with anger in his voice.

"N-Nothing." said the announcer.

"Where are you taking Tenten?" asked Neji.

"T-To a place where they sell woman for money?" the announcer said nervously.

Neji growled and jumped towards the men. The men didn't stand a chance against him. They were out in less than a minute. Then Neji walked over to the box and helped Tenten get out.

Tenten stepped out of the box with the help of Neji. She dusted off her clothes for a bit and turned to Neji.

"Thanks, Neji." Tenten said, smiling.

Neji nodded. "No one steals my Tenten away from me." he muttered under his breath.

Neji quickly looked at Tenten to see if she heard of what he just said. But she looked as if she didn't heard of what he just said. Neji sighed in relief, happy that she didn't hear it.

"Come on Neji, lets go." Tenten said grabbing his hand. While in the inside, Tenten was filled with happiness. She did heard of what Neji said.

With Ino and Shikamaru.

Ino and Shikamaru were sitting down at a table, drinking two lemonades that Shikamaru had bought for them. They just talked about their missions, new jutsu that they had learned, and how everything felt different now from when they were genin.

Ino couldn't help but stare at Shikamaru while he talked.

'Why didn't I realized of how Shikamaru meant to me when we were dating? I only said yes to him because I tried to make Sasuke jealous, but that was a complete failure. And now, he's with Temari.' Ino thought sadly.

"Ino? Something wrong?" asked Shikamaru.

"I'm sorry." Ino said out of nowhere.

"About what?" Shikamaru asked, confused.

"Remember when we were dating? Well, I only used you to try to get Sasuke jealous. But it looks like that my plan didn't work. Even though I knew of how you felt about me." said Ino.

"It's alright, Ino. I knew about it all along."

Ino looked up at Shikamaru, surprised. "But why did you want to stay with me even though you knew?"

Shikamaru sighed. He really didn't like to talk about his feelings. But this would have to be an exception. "I stayed with you because my feelings for you then were real. I honestly have to say that I was in love you with you."

"Oh…I never knew about that." said Ino.

"Yeah, but that's all ancient history now. Besides, I'm sure that there's a guy out there for you." Shikamaru said, taking a sip out of his lemonade.

Ino smiled. She was glad, she finally got some closure with Shikamaru. But she knew that she now fell for Shikamaru, hard.

Its now seven o' clock at night, and the festival was coming to a close. They all met up at the front entrance. It wasn't dark or cold at all. Everyone seemed sad because Hinata was leaving. Sasuke walked Sakura home, Neji walked Tenten home, and Shikamaru walked Ino home. That's left is Hinata and Naruto.

"Hey Hinata, what time are you leaving tomorrow?" asked Naruto.

"Tomorrow morning at seven." Hinata said sadly.

Naruto looked sadly at the ground, he still didn't want her to go. But if she has to go because she has to, then there's nothing that he could do.

"I'll try to be there tomorrow to see you before you go. I'll meet you at the front main gates." said Naruto. He walked up to Hinata and gave her a hug.

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