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"Ding Ding Dong! Your attention please; the following trains will be entering the platforms in five minutes…"

Echizen Ryoma was not a patient person. He might be impetuous, impertinent, rude, brash, hot-headed, and stubborn, but it would be a cold day in heck before anyone could say with a straight face that Echizen Ryoma was patient.

But here he was. Waiting. At the train station.

It was another one of those bonding activities to promote teamwork and camaraderie before the upcoming regional semi-finals. After much debating (consisting mostly of yelling, complaining, and demands that Inui leave his concoctions at home), the regulars had decided to meet in front of the train station for a wholesome day at the bowling alley. The meeting time was 1:00pm. It was currently 1:10pm and no one, except for Echizen, had arrived yet.


It was a very hot day and Echizen could feel his shirt sticking to his back as he sat on a bench under the shade of nearby trees. The heat was rising from the sidewalk in shimmering waves; Echizen couldn't wait to get out of the suffocating humidity and into the air-conditioned bowling alley. All around him, people were rushing and yelling as they made their way through the train station turnstiles. The air was filled with the commotion of taxis honking and teenagers chattering. Scanning the bustling crowd for signs of his senpais, Echizen sighed and reflected on the importance of patience in everyday life.

They say patience is a virtue.

Well, patience is for sissies.

Frowning slightly, Echizen closed his eyes and leaned his head back, thinking about how cute Karupin was sleeping on the bed this morning. That cute little smile, and that cute little tail, and those adorable paws—

"GYAHH!" yelled Echizen, whirling around as he felt something freezing pressed against his hot skin.

"Fufufu… That happy smile on your face…it couldn't be that you were thinking of me?"

Echizen turned around and was greeted by the playful smile of his friend and lover, Fuji Syuusuke. From the moment they had met on the tennis courts, the sexual attraction between the two had been unbearably electrifying and ever since their first escapade with the ice cubes, both boys found that each experience only whetted their appetite for each other. Echizen couldn't decide if their attraction was purely physical or whether their relationship was more than sexual; their sexual games didn't really give either boy enough time to think too deeply about it, but he found that his hands fitted really comfortably in Fuji's, while Fuji had discovered that the warm smell Echizen left on his pillow made him smile and blush. For now, their relationship was perfect.

"Fuji-senpai," scowled Echizen as he turned around to face the older boy. "Everyone's late."

"Ah-gomen. We are all being held up by pregnant ladies today," said Fuji with a wry smile on his face. "As an apology, I bought you a drink; the heat must have been unbearable." Fuji wiggled the can of grape Fanta at Echizen. "I've already opened it for you."

"Pregnant ladies—honestly, what were you doing?" asked Echizen as he took the can from the tensai and took a long gulp. "Ahh that is wonderful," moaned Echizen as he pressed the cold can on his forehead. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. I just saw something in a store that I just had to buy or I'd never forgive myself," said Fuji with a mysterious grin. Seeing the questioning look on Echizen's face, the older boy replied "You'll see it later. We have company now."

Echizen glanced in the direction of Fuji's gaze and although they were almost a block away, he could see his senpais, or rather, the havoc his senpais created as they made their way to the train station. As usual Kaidoh and Momo were arguing and even from where Echizen was sitting, he could hear that it had something to do with who was a bigger idiot. Their loud yells and fist-shaking made strangers passing by look away and walk faster.

Tezuka, on the other hand, seemed to create an opposite reaction from the general population. The handsome buchou caused females and some males to blush and stare longingly; all of which, Tezuka was oblivious to as he was reading a paperback novel while walking. Echizen felt a little sorry for Oishi as he watched the vice-captain tried to minimize the commotion of Momo and Kaidoh's fight, as well as warn Tezuka of potential obstacles that he might walk into. Eiji, Inui, and Kawamura were chatting with each other and it looked as if Eiji was trying to demonstrate a new acrobatic move while haphazardly dodging humans, mailboxes, and etc. The noise level only got louder as the group approached Fuji and Echizen.

"Sorry that we're so late; I hope the two of you didn't wait long," said Oishi with a relieved smile. He had finally gotten Kaidoh and Momo to reach a truce of sorts.

"Not really," said Echizen nonchalantly.

"I've only just gotten here also," laughed Fuji.

Eiji jumped onto Oishi's back and draped himself over his partner's shoulders. With a very mischievous smile, Eiji said, "well, me and Oishi would have gotten here earlier if Oishi didn't look so cute in the shower that I had to tackle him agai—"

"AUGH! Changing subject! Changing subject! Train! Bowling alley! Let's go!" yelled Oishi turning five different shades of red.

The team laughed and complimented Oishi on being able to satisfy Eiji's voracious appetite, making the vice-captain turn a brilliant shade of scarlet. And with that, the Seigaku Tennis Club regulars were finally making their way to the bowling alley.


"Ooof…gyah—Momo—get off, you're heavy," whimpered Eiji.

Momoshiro struggled against the constant rush of people all around. "Sorry, Kikumaru-senpai. Ouch! I'm—"

"Momo—why are you touching Eiji there?!" yelped Oishi.

"I SAID 'sorry'!" yelled Momoshiro. "It's not like I want to—Eiji's too much for me to handle—," The other regulars snickered—

"—And it's just so crowded here! What—oof—gives?"

The regulars had arrived at the platform to find it filled with tons of people already waiting for the train. It was all they could do to stay together as a group. As Echizen dodged another person threatening to step on his foot, he noticed a sign posted on the wall.

"Oishi-senpai, it looks like there's a big festival going on somewhere—ouch, you bast—maybe that's why."

Oishi glanced over at the sign and grimaced, "You're probably right."

The warning bells began ring as the train arrived and the crowd surged forward. As they made their way onto the train, the vice-captain yelled "Listen up everyone! When you get on the train, don't forget to get off at the right stop. If we get separated, meet up in front of the station!"


Echizen sighed and leaned into the corner by the door. Being short meant that you couldn't see as much as other people and, right now, he couldn't see any of his senpais anywhere. It was also horribly warm on the train too. Judging by the sound, the air conditioning was working on high, but for some reason Echizen could still feel sweat trailing down his back. As a matter of fact, Echizen could have sworn that it was getting hotter by the minute.

Arrgh…why doesn't the train conductor turn the AC on higher? I'm baking in here. Feels like a sauna. I knew I should have stayed home… As he let his mind wander, Echizen suddenly felt his body shiver. Goosebumps began marching up and down his arms. Looking confused, Echizen began to rub his arms as his body continued to tremble and the hairs stood up on his neck. His body still felt hot, but the heat slowly started to change into something else.

What's wrong with my body?? Echizen looked around to see if anyone else was reacting the same way. Everyone seemed to be normal, no one even noticed his confusion. Suddenly, Echizen tensed as he felt something horrible begin to happen. His whole body had started to feel tingly, but his hips in particular were beginning to feel especially sensitive. With oncoming dread, Echizen felt his penis begin to harden.

Oh. My. God. I'm getting a hard-on and I'm on the train. Crapcrapcrapcrap—think not sexy thoughts, think not sexy thoughts—but no matter how many times Echizen recited the multiplication table in his head, his cock continued to rise and push against his shorts. The young boy shifted his feet uncomfortably, fighting the urge to cover his groin with his hands—a move that would have made his erection obvious for anyone watching. Okay, okay, I'm wearing a long t-shirt and baggy pants. No one will notice and it'll just go away. Lalala this is so not happening…

In his panicked state of mind, Echizen hadn't noticed that Fuji had slipped through the crowd and was now standing directly in front of the younger boy. "Hey, Echizen. Is something up? You look really hot."

Alarms began to go off in Echizen's brain as he jerked and banged his elbow on the guardrail. Fuji was the last person Echizen wanted to find out that he had an erection on the train; the tensai would probably take great joy in seeing him in such an embarrassing position. Thinking quickly, he backed away from Fuji, pushing himself deeper into the corner. "Erm, it's just warm in here. Nothing's up. Nope. Nada. Zip."

"Nothing?" asked the older boy as he leaned in closer. The tensai jerked Echizen's body towards him and pushed their hips together. Echizen moaned softly as the hot sensation of Fuji's soft body grinding against his throbbing cock threw all caution out the window. The older boy whispered softly into Echizen's ears, "I'd hardly say that this counts as nothing."

In a breathy whisper, Echizen said, "No—wait! It's not what you think—"

"It's exactly what I think. Ryoma's being a naughty boy and he needs to get punished right now," murmured Fuji as he softly kissed Echizen on the neck, sending chills up and down the younger boy's spine.

"No. Stop—Fuji"

The tensai gently pushed Echizen's hands down and held them against his sides, "remember, Echizen, if you're too loud, other people will hear and know exactly what's happening. You don't want other people to see this, do you?"

The younger boy blushed and shook his head. Echizen dropped his head onto Fuji's shoulder and moaned into the older boy's shirt as he began to grind their hips together. "Fuji—nnh—What should I do—"

Echizen heard Fuji chuckle softly, "turn around and face the corner. Don't make a sound…"

To be continued!