Warnings: eh....the use of swear words? Horribly short fic?

Thanks to my beta, Attraction Fatale!

Ring! Riiiiiiiiiiiing! Ring! Ring!

Echizen was roused from his sleep by the sound of his cell phone going off. His hand groped the nightstand as he sought to silence that incessant ringing. Grumbling under his breath, he flipped the phone open, "'lo?"

"Ryo-chan, miss me?"

At the sound of Fuji's voice, Echizen smiled, his bad mood melting away. "Mmm. Of course. Where are you today?"

"I'm in my hotel room in San Francisco. It's about 4:30 in the morning in Japan right now, isn't it?" Fuji's voice was soft and gentle.

Echizen squinted at the glowing alarm clock by his bed, "Yeah, I've got practice in a couple of hours." He rolled onto his back and stretched languidly. "How's your trip coming along?"

"My family's still asleep 'cos we spent all yesterday walking around San Francisco and didn't get back until late. It's almost noon now. We got to see the Golden Gate Bridge. My mom was really excited. I was just mostly confused because it's not golden; it's more of a brick red color..."

Fuji and Echizen spent the next five minutes talking about what had happened during the past few days. Fuji and his family were visiting family in the United States, so for the last two weeks, Echizen's only connection to Fuji were the phone calls the tensai could sneak in, usually during odd hours of the day. Echizen reached out and pulled his pillow into his arms, embracing it as if it were a certain person. Oh well, better than nothing.

"—ing? Ryoma?"

Echizen jerked back from his thoughts. "What? I'm sorry, I spaced out for a moment."

"I said, what are you wearing?"

Echizen blinked. "Excuse me?"

"What are you wearing right now?"

"Uhh, PJs..."

"No, more specific."

"A tank top and my boxers. Why?"

"I need something to jack off to."


Fuji's breathing suddenly got louder over the ear piece. "Hah... Hnn... Keep talking, Ryoma. Your voice, it makes me..."

Echizen's cock began to harden as he imagined his lover masturbating to the sound of his voice. Echizen rubbed himself through his boxers. "You're so naughty. Are you touching yourself? Tell me."

"Ngh...Mmm... But it's embarrassing..." Fuji's breathy voice whimpered over the phone.

"Are you refusing me?" said Echizen. "You know what'll happen if you refuse me."

"You'll punish me."

"Right. I'll take you in the ass and fuck you till you can't stand anymore." Echizen stroked his hard penis.

"Ah! Hn! Oh, yes!" Fuji panted loudly into the phone. If Echizen closed his eyes, it felt like his lover was right next to him, moaning into his ear. Echizen longed to feel the heat of Fuji's skin pressed against his.

"First, I'll slowly strip you of your clothing. Piece by piece until you're completely naked. I love the way your trembling body feels underneath me. I'll kiss your flushed skin with my lips and take your hard nipples into my mouth."

"Ahh... Ryoma..."

"I'll lick the sweat off your body and bite your soft skin. I know you like it when it hurts. The taste of you in my mouth...Mmm. Syuusuke." Echizen arched his back, thrusting his cock in his hand. The thought of Fuji moaning underneath him sent his nerves a-jingling.

Fuji's voice was harsh and low. It sounded as if he was having trouble stringing together sentences, "And then? How else...hngh...will you punish me?"

"With my hands. I'll caress your back and dig my nails into your firm ass. Then I'll spread your cheeks and finger your twitching anus. Your cock will be hard and begging me for a nice sucking. I can imagine the pre-cum dripping from your slit already," Echizen groaned softly. "What would you like me to do next? Your back or your front?"

Fuji was breathing heavily into the phone. Echizen swore he could hear the quiet, wet sounds of his lover stroking his cock alone in his hotel room. Fuji gasped, "l-lick me. On my...my cock."

"You're such a slut. You want me to take you in my mouth already? Well, since you asked so nicely, I'll start off by licking your shaft and make you shiny and slippery with my saliva. I'll stroke you with my hands and tongue your slit. You'll tangle your hands in my hair and beg me to shove your hard cock into my mouth. I like hearing you beg. When I finally bury your penis into my mouth, you'll scream so loud that your voice will be hoarse the next day.

"The sensation of my teeth and my tongue on your throbbing cock will make you senseless. Your hips will thrust helplessly, trying to force yourself deeper into my mouth. The trembling of your body betrays how close you are to your orgasm." Echizen stroked his cock furiously; his eyes were tightly shut as he imagined Fuji writhing against him. He had the phone jammed between his ear and his shoulder, using both his hands to pleasure himself. Fuji's cries were sending chills down his spine.

Fuji's voice was frantic as he spoke, "N-now...Nnh...fuck me. Please, Ryoma. I'm gonna c-come..."

"Syuusuke... Haa...Haa... Hngh...Then on your knees... I'll take you from behind and thrust my aching cock into your insatiable body," said Echizen, his voice catching as he struggled to talk and breathe at the same time. Fuji moaned in response.

"Oh god, yes, I want to feel your hard cock in my ass," Fuji whispered into the phone. "Pound me into the bed, ram yourself into me...haa...hng!"

Echizen could feel the blood pulsing through his veins. His knees were trembling as he held off his orgasm, wanting to come at the same time as Fuji. "Ahn! Do you like it like that? Do you want me to...ngh...grind my cock into your body and turn you into a dripping, sweaty mess? Ah..."

"Yes! Do it to me!" Fuji whimpered into the phone, "I want you so badly!"

In his desperation, Echizen kissed the mouthpiece of his phone, imagining it to be Fuji's red lips. "I'll slam myself into your sexy body. Your slippery cock will be dripping with precum as I jerk you off. Your ass will be squeezing me so tight...Hah...ah... Oh no, oh shit...Syuusuke! I'm coming!" Two weeks worth of frustration pushed Echizen over the edge as he ejaculated into his hands. He bit his lower lip as he struggled not to wake up the rest of the house with the force of his climax. Trembling, he could feel the hot liquid seeping between his fingers and coating the inside of his boxers. On the phone he heard Fuji cry out wordlessly and he knew that his lover had reach his orgasm too.

Breathlessly, Echizen stared up at the ceiling waiting for his cognitive functions to return from Happyland. His skin was covered in a layer of sweat and his blankets felt a little sticky. He didn't even want to contemplate the state of his boxers. He heard Fuji sigh wistfully over the phone. Echizen spoke, "that wasn't enough, was it?"

Fuji chuckled, "It was good, but nothing beats having you next to me."

Echizen heard rustling sounds as if Fuji were rummaging through something. "What are you doing now?"

"I'm looking for clean underwear. I've been going through them like you go through a case of fanta."

Echizen ignored the dig at his soda obsession. "Why? Having you been changing your underwear a lot lately?"



Fuji mumbled under his breath, stalling for time. "Because I've been...having wet dreams."

Echizen could hear Fuji blushing all the way across the Pacific. He smirked, "I see. I guess I'll have to remedy that when you get back."

"You better. And stop laughing."

Echizen only laughed harder.

End. For now.

Yeaaaah...I know, I know, it's a short fic. If someone complains, I'm going to chuck my tea at him/her. Kidding... It was fun. I wrote this pretty quickly. I hope you enjoyed it.