Second Glance

A handsome redhead whisks Bruce Wayne out of harms way; and off his feet. Has Batman fallen in love with the hyperactive Wally West? Batman/Flash – BatFlash - Bruce/Wally

Slash - Light Yaoi

Rating: M

Genre: Romance/Humour

Don't like slash, yaoi or shounen ai? Then feel free to go find something else to entertain you!

A/N: This plot is overdone. Secret Identities etc… Except this includes the twists and turns deployed by me!! Which automatically makes it awesome! XD
To read this you'll have to forget the episode where Batz knows everything… In this - he ain't a bloody snoop!
If you don't already know - Wally West is Flash

I had great fun writing (and editing) this – So I hope you'll enjoy reading it!

1: Unique

"Hey, are you okay?"

The voice was breathless, familiar, even comforting in a way; and Bruce blinked again, trying to clear his vision.

A slight smile spread across the younger man's lips while his green eyes, still wide and worried, watched Bruce carefully, waiting for a response.

But the dark haired millionaire could only blink silently up at the redhead who held his shoulders steady. Bruce struggled to pry apart the blur of events that led to this situation; but everything came up blank.

Seeing his stunned gaze, the redheaded man nodded understandably,
"Hey, don't worry. How about we get you a coffee, to soothe those nerves?"

If Bruce had been in his right mind he would have shrugged away the redhead's reassuring touch, but instead, he gave in to the bewilderment and allowed himself to be led to an empty café.

Before Bruce knew what was happening, he was sitting at a table; the redheaded man already waving down a waiter.

"Yes, I'll have a cappuccino; just bring over a jar of sugar would you? … Oh, and my friend here… uh- Hey?"

Bruce blinked when a finger prodded his forehead. He narrowed his eyes, but when they focused on the man's happy-go-lucky smile, Bruce let his glare soften.

"What would you like?" the younger man's green eyes rolled playfully, his smile never wavering.

"Uh-I'll have the same," Bruce muttered, lowering his eyes to the table-top.

When the footsteps of the waiter padded away to get their order, the smaller man lent forward, his curious face invading Bruce's vision,
"Hey, are you alright? That truck could've taken you out."

Bruce nodded, turning his gaze away from his savour's, trying to hide how much those words troubled him. Never before had he let his concentration slip so far; he had thought a comfortable walk through Gotham as 'Bruce Wayne' would have been safe.

It almost felt like the younger man in front of him, read his thoughts,
"Listen... That driver was in the wrong, hell, he went through that red light!"

Bruce nodded slowly. He wouldn't admit how angry he was at himself. Damn it, he was Batman! That truck could've smeared him across the tarmac; and while Gotham lost Bruce Wayne, the League would have lost Batman.

"Don't dwell on it." Startled by the other's voice, Bruce looked over at the civilian who had saved him, "Trust me; it won't do you any good… Just be glad the worst didn't happen."

Nodding silently, Bruce opened his mouth to thank the smaller man but clicked his jaw shut when the waiter sidled up next to their table with two mugs of steaming cappuccino and a jar of sugar in tow.

The redhead grinned and clapped his hands together, as the waiter set down their order,
"Fantastic," he looked at Bruce with an unwavering smile, "Sugar?"

Bruce blinked, then shook his head,
"No, thank you."

"Your loss," laughed the other, smiling lightly, shovelling a few spoonfuls of sugar into his coffee, "So, I never caught your name?"

Bruce was surprised. Almost everyone knew him by face, Bruce Wayne, Gotham's millionaire. It had been years since someone asked him for something as simple as his name; it almost seemed surreal,
"Bruce Wayne."

The redhead smiled and nodded, but otherwise didn't bat an eye. Bruce blinked when he realised there was no recognition behind the younger's man green eyes.
"Wally West," the redhead said, holding out his hand, his smile still bright. "So Bruce, are you from around here?"

Bruce reached out, gently taking Wally's hand in his own, giving it a quick shake, before retreating.
"Yes," said Bruce after a pause, "I've lived here all my life."

Wally nodded and smiled,
"That's great… I just moved here last week. I needed a change."

Suddenly Wally seemed to grow still, and Bruce realised that during the conversation the redheaded man's free hand had been dumping spoonful after spoonful of sugar into his cappuccino - non-stop. So when Wally sipped from the cup and seemed unfazed, Bruce could only blink helplessly.

There was a pause, a comforting silence that fell over the pair as they sat, enjoying their cappuccino. But as the time slipped by Bruce became increasingly aware of Wally's twitching hands, but the millionaire wasn't surprised considering how much sugar had been in his coffee.
"Are you okay?"

The smaller man started, blinking out of his thoughts. He laughed nervously rubbing the back of his head,
"Damn, sorry. I just hate long silences… Uh-Handsome guy like you married or what?"

Bruce couldn't help but blink, he sat still for a beat before he gathered himself enough to shake his head, his frown.

Wally blinked; Bruce couldn't help but smirk at the man's genuine stunned stare,
"Wow, you serious? I mean, sorry-"

Bruce chuckled; he couldn't help it,
"What about yourself Wally? Married? Girlfriend?"

"Me? Pfft!" Wally waved a hand and laughed, but this time it wasn't small, but loud and bright, drawing attention from passers-bys. "Nah, sadly single. It seems the girls and guys are avoiding me these days"

Bruce was surprised, yet again, by this outgoing man, but he made sure to keep his bewilderment well hidden.
"What do you do?" Bruce asked, for the first time in a long time, truly interested.

"Uh-" Wally rubbed the back of his head again, his laughter ringing out, "I usually take jobs as they come at me, you know? But-" The words stopped on Wally's tongue, as if they were caught in his throat. Wally shifted and glanced down at his watch. Bruce easily saw what was coming - "Talking about work, I got to go. I've got an interview," he jumped up scattering some crumpled notes of cash on the table.

Bruce stood, suddenly unsure, feeling his stomach twist when he realised he wouldn't see this man again. It was a strange feeling.

"I'm sorry I'm bailing like this, here," Wally held out one of the napkins, some numbers quickly scrawled across it "If you feel the need, drop a line."

Bruce tried to keep up with his words but Wally was moving too fast for him.
"Uh-Are you sure? We just met…" as soon as the words slipped, Bruce felt like a right fool, it had been a long time since he had spent so much time with someone other with the League or Alfred, and even that was limited.

Wally froze, his smile slipping,
"Of course, give me a call sometime. I'd love to do this again."

"When?" Bruce blurted out before Wally had the chance to turn to leave.

Wally turned back, grinning at the flustered man, then shrugged,
"That's the cool part about it, anytime really, I'm usually free. Umm… Tell you what, give me a call tomorrow, maybe we can go clubbing," then, before Bruce could gather his thoughts, Wally gave a quick wave then ran from the café. Bruce watched the redhead ignore several blaring taxis, skidding around a corner before disappearing from view.

Bruce calmed himself, and then noticed he was actually flustered.

Never before had someone gotten him to say so much on their first meeting. Shaking off the strange feeling, the dark-haired man pocketed Wally's number, a small, light smile touching his features.

Something about Wally's character made everything else fade away. Bruce had almost forgotten about the fatal accident he had barely avoided.


Not showing his surprise at the mental disturbance, Bruce started walking down the street in the opposite direction of Wally.


"You mental barrier was up, I couldn't reach you. There's been an attack in East Gotham."

"I'm there."

"Getting a bit slow, Batz?"

The question took Batman off guard as he arrived at the scene. Flash zipped around large bits of rubble and turned cars, until he at the dark-hero's side, "Got the bad guy," the youngest super-hero chirped.

Hawkgirl rolled her eyes, flying down next to Flash and giving the speedster a swift punch in the shoulder,
"You can't talk Flash, for the fastest man alive you weren't exactly here on time."

Flash pouted, poking out his tongue at the Thanagarian,
"Hey! Not like you; I have a social life!"

As Hawkgirl got fired up, Green Lantern landed next to Batman,
"What took you?" he asked while his green eyes watched over his lover, who yowled at Flash.

Batman narrowed his eyes, ignoring Flash, who was running circles around them to avoid Hawkgirl;
"None of your business."

"On a date?" asked the dark-skinned man playfully, winking suggestively. Batman growled, his shielded eyes narrowing into slits.

Overhearing this, Flash zipped over, out of Hawkgirl's raging path,
"Ooh! Were ya Batz?"


Flash pouted, leaning back,
"Too bad…" Batman was mildly surprised by Flash's tone; he sounded almost disappointed. "Oh well, one day we'll hook you up!" his laughter ringing out as he dodged a swipe from Green Lantern.

"What about you Flash?" snapped Hawkgirl angrily, still fuming from his earlier teasing "Were you trying to woo some innocent woman?"

"Why? You want a date?" Flash wasn't fast enough to dodge an unsuspecting punch from Green Lantern. Wincing, Flash rubbed his shoulder, pouting, "No fair, you're ganging up on me!"

Green Lantern laughed, catching Flash around his neck, while the red-clad super hero giggled,
"You're still single, kid?"

"Sadly," chirped Flash, squirming out of Green Lantern's grip.

Batman blinked from his spot several paces away from the playful heroes. Familiarity was tugging at the back of his mind, but he pushed it away. Of course there was familiarity; he was with the League.


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