8: Secret

Wally was half asleep when Bruce started to uncoil the soft white gauze from around the younger man's chest,
"Wha-…? What are you doing?" yawned the redhead, blinking his wide green eyes up at the darker man.

Bruce didn't speak, continuing his ministration, removing the last of the material. The millionaire froze, gently touching the healing flesh, the deep bruise had already faded, tinted yellow and pink.
"This-… This is impossible."

Wally froze, his body tensing, he glanced at Bruce carefully and received a pointed look,

"You're almost totally healed… It's been three days; it should've taken at least a week…" Bruce spoke his mind, and watched as the words made Wally's nervousness spike.

The redhead went to speak, but closed his mouth, before trying again,
"I-It happened-"

"A week ago, don't try and lie to me Wally," growled Bruce, leaning over the smaller man who attempted to sink into the pillows. "Wally, I want to know how."

Wally started then shook his head hurriedly. The redhead's breathing spiked and fear flooded into his eyes. Bruce's hand was resting on the smaller man's chest; he could feel Wally's heart-beat skipping faster. "Please Wally, I won't be mad… I won't tell anyone."

For a moment, Wally's looked ready to speak, but he forced his jaw closed and turned his head away from Bruce's. His nerve constricted throat made his voice croak,

Bruce shook his head, trying to throw off his anger,
"Don't you trust me?" he snapped, irritation growing.

Instantly Wally's eyes were on him; his stare so intense Bruce almost felt ashamed for pushing the younger man.
"I-… trust you," admitted Wally, his green eyes fell closed as if he'd given up. His eyes reopened, hardening, gaining a quality Bruce had never seen before "When I heal up, will you go out with me?"

The question made Bruce flinch, he sat back,

"I'm serious Bruce… I like you…" Wally's voice was truthful, not letting his voice waver.

Bruce remained silent, his eyes betraying how flustered he felt, hearing those words made his heart swell, but he had yet to understand his own feelings. "I don't… know. I-"

"Brood on it," said Wally softly, his eyes showing signs of affection and resignation "I can't tell you just yet… I have to admit, if I lose you because of this…I-" his words faded, as his eyes darted away, avoiding Bruce's.

The older man paused, wanting to offer Wally words of comfort, to tell him he wouldn't leave him whatever it was the redhead had to tell him. But he held his tongue, understanding the younger man's words; suddenly aware that, he too, would feel the same if he ever lost Wally to 'Batman'. Not knowing what to say, Bruce stood and moved towards the door, glancing over towards the bed, frowning at the soft, sad smile Wally was sending him before he left the room and the redhead in silence.

For the first time in two nights Bruce lay in his own bed, staring at the canopy, prying apart how he felt. He had to get control of these emotions, order them; create some sense!

"I care for Wally," Bruce admitted aloud, the softest tinge of pink coloured his cheeks as he nodded to reassure himself, "He says he cares for me too." A warmth flooded Bruce's chest and he smiled helplessly. A voice spoke up in the back of his head, asking him what was holding him back.

It was simple really…


He had decided long ago, that if he ever got into a relationship, that the person would have to be trusted with his secret. He had always known that honesty was the one of the only things that truly mattered in any relationship.

He had been pushing Wally so hard to give his secrets; but he had never stopped to think for a second that he could give his own. And even if he could, would Wally accept him? Would the younger man keep his secret?

"Yes…" Bruce sighed; Wally would never breach their trust, even if the redhead was betrayed, the younger man would never tell another. The millionaire could just tell the redhead was trustworthy.

So, if he could trust Wally… Could he love him?

Wally wanted to entrust him with his own secret. Bruce growled at himself, rolling onto his stomach and burrowing his head into a pillow.

For the first time since Bruce could remember, he didn't know what to do…

"Maybe I could-"


Bruce's rolled to his side and sat up in one movement, his dark eyes wide and staring at Wally, who was walking towards the bed, showing no signs of his wound except for the occasional wince.

The redhead sat on a corner of the bed and looked Bruce in the eye. "I know I've put you in a tight spot," Wally began, guilt shining in his eyes "I'm asking too much of you…"

Bruce blinked, startled,

Wally sighed, rubbing his face quickly, trying to sort his own thoughts.
"I'll tell you okay?" he said sharply, hurriedly, "Just… promise you won't leave me… you won't tell anyone… I… I know I can trust you."

Bruce knew he was nodding before he could think. He had to admit as he promised silently to Wally, that he could love the redhead.
"I promise," a relieved smile formed on Wally's features and Bruce found himself speaking without another thought "And yes, I will go out with you."

Wally's eyes grew wide, his smile widening before he launched himself at the other man, wrapping his arms around Bruce tightly, his head tucking under Bruce's chin.

Bruce paused, taken off guard as he slowly let his arms hesitantly wrap around the younger man.
"Wally… Are you crying?"

"No," whispered Wally hurried burrowing his face into the crook of Bruce's neck, sniffling, "That's would be unmanly."

Bruce chuckled; he couldn't help himself, his arms tightening around Wally, a sense of comfort coiling in his chest.
"Promise you won't freak out… or laugh…" Bruce's smile slipped, and he nodded as Wally pulled away. "Kay," breathed Wally, taking a deep breath "Damn, this is hard."

Bruce kept silent, watching Wally carefully.

"Uh-… I should just say it right? …Well I- uh… I'm the Flash."

When Bruce's eyes refocused, he found Wally hovering over him, looking terrified,
"Bruce? Are you okay?"

But Bruce couldn't answer; his voice was lost as he stared up the redhead, his jaw locked. His head was already teeming with thoughts which were flitting about in a confusing mess. The shock was keeping his dark eyes wide,
"F-Flash…?" he finally asked.

Wally smiled, a laugh bubbling up into his throat,
"Yeah, I said it would be a shock…" slowly the laughter slipped from his eyes and nervousness flooded Wally's features.

The silence that followed was consuming, Wally anxiousness started to melt into fear.
"Hey! … Hey Bruce?!" the redhead's eyes widened, hands touching the older man's face "Are you okay...? Bruce?… Bruce, you have to breathe!" Wally's frightened tone kicked instinct into gear and Bruce took a gulp of air, but it wasn't enough to calm the younger man, who was still looking fearful, "You know… you promised you wouldn't freak out… Calm down!"

Bruce did what he was told, slowly calming his heart. Then realisation began to set in and before he could help himself, laughter bubbled up in his chest and slipped past his lips. Wally's fearful look grew; he stood and sped to the door in a blur,
"Alfred? I think Bruce is having mental breakdown!"

Bruce laughed harder, steadying himself,
"I-I'm fine…" he was able to choke out.

Wally snorted and raised an eyebrow,
"Bruce, you blacked out…" the redhead seriously, before a smile broke onto his face, "I'm never going to let you live that down, you know?"

Bruce chuckled,
"Get here," he said, holding out his arms. Wally sped back and flopped into Bruce's arms, smiling up at the older man before flittingly pressing his lips on Bruce's cheek. "This is ironic as hell." muttered Bruce to himself causing Wally to raise an eyebrow.


"So much makes sense now…"

"What? Was it that obvious?" asked Wally carefully, starting to look nervous again.

"Flash," said Bruce smiling, "I haven't been totally truthful with you either…"

"Wally," corrected the redhead, but his eyes betrayed him and his curiosity was spiked.

"Wally, the reason I was so hesitant… is because I have a secret of my own."

Wally's eyes widened,
"Really…" he went silent for a moment, his eyes widening "Please don't tell me your some evil super villain?"

Bruce chuckled,
"No… Come with me… I think it'll be easier if I show you."

Wally was led to the lower floor of the Wayne Manor, all the while Bruce was smiling and inwardly scolding himself for missing the obvious for so long; how he had ignored the familiarity he had felt whenever he was around Flash.

He approached a hidden lever and gently pushed it down.

A nearby wall groaned and shifted loudly making Wally start, his green eyes brimming with excitement. He darted for the revealed opening, paused and peered back at Bruce, who nodded approvingly.

The redhead disappeared, Bruce following slowly.

Wally stood in the centre of the cave, blinking slowly, only able to stare around him, at the looming stalactites above and the dark monitor's metres away. But soon his eyes were stuck on a black cape and familiar mask. He pointed, mouth gaping. He turned back to Bruce, blinking hurriedly.

"All along… you…? Oh…"

Bruce almost expected Wally's eyes to pop out of his skull, or for him to crumple to the ground where he stood, but as usual, the younger man simply straightened and shrugged it off with a bright smile. "It does explain a lot, doesn't it?" Bruce laughed, barely prepared for Wally to throw himself at him and giving him a powerful hug. "I half expected you already knew everything about me."

Bruce laughed,
"I never got around to it."

Wally gave Bruce a raised eyebrow, before shaking his head and laughing,
"I won't ask…" leaning up, the redhead caught Bruce's lips with his own. Without hesitation Bruce kissed back, his arms coiling around the smaller man's waist. When they parted, Wally was grinning crazily "We are so doing that more often."

"Never in front of the League."

"Are you crazy? Could you imagine Supes face?" Wally cackled wildly. "Hey! I guess this means the Gotham Gab got something right for once?"

Bruce couldn't help it, he laughed and hugged Wally.
"Come on, I'll book a table at a nice restaurant."

Wally nodded in agreement,
"And then we should go ice-skating."

Bruce was ready to shake his head, but caught the other's convincing smile; it seemed infectious and he smiled back, rolling his eyes and chuckling. He couldn't believe how lucky he was as he looked down the redhead in his arm, watching him with nothing but admiration and affection.

"I don't see why not."


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