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She, Captain Nami

The Invisible Strike

Usopp looked over at Nami who was holding a map and studying it carefully. "Do you think," he asked cautiously, "that Going Merry is all right where we left her?"

Nami raised her eyes and glared at him. "Of course," she said, "do you think I would leave our ship anywhere?"

Robin smiled. "Don't fret, Navigator hid our ship well."

Sanji grounded his knuckles into the marksman head. "Are you doubting Nami's skills?"

Ahead of the group, Luffy, the captain of the Straw-Hat crew, grinned and threw his hands into the air. "THIS PLACE IS SO COOOOOOOL!" He bumped into the thousandth person, sending them spinning away.

Zoro looked around. The streets were far too busy for his liking; he was knocking into too many people. Brushing shoulders with unknown faces, some people had faces that were hard to focus on, others had no faces at all. He felt on edge and Luffy was not making the situation any better. A pirate with a hundred million berries on his head was no picnic; he could not understand how the others were so calm.

Nami stole a glance away from her map. Robin was at her side, enjoying a talk with Chopper who was staring wide eyed at all the people and trying not to look nervous. Usopp was in Sanji's death grip and Luffy's straw hat was floating a little way ahead. That left Zoro. She gave a slight sneer as she watched the swordsman hold the hilt of his swords. Was it for comfort? Most likely…she stopped as he drew them.

Luffy looked up too late as the steel net fell on top of him. He turned back towards his first mate as a crack of a gun echoed through his ears and the green hair man stumbled forward.

Zoro narrowly dodged the bullet. Blood rushed to his head as he looked for his captain, swords in hands, people, who were not their attackers, were screaming and running away from him, pounding against his chest and pushing past his arms. He spotted Luffy beneath the steel net, the type that stops him from using his cursed powers. He made to help him when Sanji swore.

The chef released Usopp from his death grip and swung to face his opponent who was not there. He frantically looked around. Too many people were in his way. He could not make out the enemy. He turned to Nami and Robin.

Robin fell forward onto her knees as black chains erupted from the ground, casing her ankles. Immediately she felt her strength drain away. "Navigator!"

Nami felt the chefs hands push her out of the way as another metal net came falling from the sky. The crowd caught her up and she was swept away in the torrent of scared, confused and screaming bodies. She called out for her crew, but everyone else swallowed her voice.

Sanji watched the orange hair fade from his eyesight and paused as Usopp slingshot at a building above them.

"THERE!" Usopp cried. "THEY'RE UP THERE!"

Sanji had no time to look as the net fell on top of him, ensnaring Chopper as well. He watched as a man pushed his way through the crowd swinging a heavy sword, which caught innocent civilians. He charged up behind the sharpshooter and whacked him over the head with the blunt side. Sanji's eyes turned to the one left standing.

Zoro swung his blades around again, causing the air to fill with dust and the escaping civilians to scream in terror. Around him were unconscious bodies of people with hidden faces, knives in their hands. The first mate heard another crack of a gun, but failed to dodge it in time.

Chopper watched as Zoro's swords stopped spinning wildly in his hands, he clutched his chest were blood poured out and stained his white shirt. The swordsman turned to face the same man who had knocked Usopp out of the fight and charged at him. Another bullet entered his crewmate's flesh, burying itself into his shoulder. Zoro still charged. The man held the gun higher, aiming for Zoro's head.

Nami stood still as a voice was carried over the frightened crowd. It sounded like Luffy shouting, "ZORO!" Then there was silence; the torrent of people pushed her to the ground in their rush to avoid being killed by the attack. Nami tried to get up against the pounding feet; someone kicked her in the head. She felt her lip spilt and the world turn. Another, harder foot to the temple and everything went black. The echo of Luffy's last words played and rewound in her mind.

The Straw-Hat pirates, taken out in one invisible strike.

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