A crash, a bang, a yell, and the sound of metal meeting head. Raven was holding her breath. The man pulled himself out from under the car.


"It's Gar. "

He looked dumbstruck. Like something had just run over him. Like someone had just told him that hell had frozen over and pigs had started to fly. Raven was suddenly happy they were alone.

They had parked on an empty lot, on the top so the sunshine struck them. Cyborg actually owned the entire building, and the top lot was always empty, but Raven didn't know that. All she knew was that her powers now went a bit crazy, and one of the trees planted at the edge split in half, like it had been struck by lightning.

He got to his feet.

"Are we talking about the same Gar now? Garfield Logan? Used to go by the name Beast Boy? The short, immature green guy?"

"He's not so short anymore Vic."

"But he's still immature and green."

Raven let out a chuckle and smiled up at the guy.

"And you are sure?"

"My powers conjured up a monkey. You can't get much surer than that."

"Wait to Dick hears about this."

Raven suddenly felt her stomach hit the ground.

"You can't tell him."


"You promised Vic. You can't tell anyone."


"You promised."

Cyborg sighed.

"You know you are killing me right?"

"I know, but if you tell Dick, he will tell Kory and Kory will tell the word, included Gar, and Gar can never know."


"Because this is more than a teenage crush."

Her voice was calm, but the ground they were standing on was shaking.

"It's my heart we are talking about Vic. My sanity. If he knew… Besides I could hurt him. My powers could hurt him, and I can't let them do that."

Her eyes blinked, and thou she still had a deadpan look on her face, tears were now streaming down her cheeks.

"I have seen my life without him. Without all of you, and I can't go back to that Vic. I don't think I could survive."

The man was stunned a bit, before he pulled her in to a hug. The girl hugged him gratefully back.

"I am always here for you Raven. As long as you want me to be."

"Thank you."

Raven pulled back, and Cyborg messed her hair.

"Okay, enough distractions. Lets go back to my baby."

Raven pulled her fingers trough her hair and smiled gratefully to him, before they both started to fix the car again.

"Friend Victor, friend Raven what a pleasure."

Raven was glad Starfire grabbed Cyborg first, because that meant she got an opportunity to sneak past them and inside without a lung crushing hug. Unfortunately for her, Sophia was standing right inside, and thou Raven had escaped the woman, the girl caught her.

"I have had the coolest day Kory took me to the mall and people recognised her and we got a discount and she bought me this dress and we got our hair done and makeup and look I even got my ears pierced."

Raven was taken a bit back by this speech, and took a good look at her. The dress was dark green, and complimented her form. Her hair was cut shorter, and styled, showing of her newly pierce ears, where two green earrings were sparkling. Sophia made a little twirls so the dress span out.

Raven felt a knot in her stomach about how she was going to pay Kory and Dick back, knowing it couldn't have been cheep, but she didn't show it to Sophia. She deserved all the happiness she was given.

"Have you met Victor?"

"Once, but that was when he was Cyborg."

Cyborg wasn't surprised since Raven had warned him, but he was taken a bit back to hear his old titan name.

Raven turned and let the two of them talk together. She started helping Starfire set the dining room table, since it was much bigger than the one in the kitchen.

"You know a secret."

Cyborg looked with big eyes at the girl.


"I know a secret too. It's easy to tell who has a secret when you have one yourself."

"Okay, and what is your secret?"

"I know who Raven's in love with."

Cyborg's face looked surprised. He hadn't thought Raven would have told anyone else, since she had been so strict on him not telling anyone.

"She told you?"

"She didn't have to. You could tell by the way she lights up when he's around or when she's talking about him."

"She does?"

Cyborg thought back, and realised Sophia was right. Why hadn't he seen that before?

"I thought you were her friend? You really didn't realise who she was in love with?"

"It's not my fault. If you had known them when they were younger, you would see how crazy Raven loving Gar that way really is."

Cyborg didn't even realise he had said the two names out loud until a big crash made the two of them turn around. Raven was standing, frozen, arms out like she was still carrying plates in her arms, at her feet a pile of porcelain. She looked from Cyborg and Sophia to the man in the door.

He had heard. They had all heard.


Beast Boy, seeing how she had reacted, tried to grab her but she took a step back. Petrified.

"I have to go."

She started to phase out, but before she could Beast Boy grabbed her, forcing her to take him with her. Leaving the other four behind.

Beast Boy fell to the ground. Her powers weren't meant to have people just grab rides. He was sitting on all four gasping for breath, while Raven took a few steps back, away from him.

"Why did you do that?"

"Because it took me two year to gather up the nerve to find you the first time. I won't lose you again."

He got to his feet, and they looked at one another. Her powers where going of the charts, demolishing everything around them, but she had teleported them to her mountain so neither cared.

"I love you Raven."

"I know."

"No you don't. I love you so much it makes me crazy. I love you so much I can't sleep if I don't know I will see you the next day. I can't eat if you're not near me. I can't breath if I don't think of you, and when I do I breath so quickly I sometimes think I will pass out."

He came closer, and thou Raven wanted to take a step back she was locked by his eyes. His beautiful, grass green eyes.

"You make me want to be a better person. Smarter, cinder, funnier. You show me things I never even knew was possible. You listen to me when I talk, and you give me a hard time when I screw up because you expect me to do better."


"You told me that at the picnic, remember? I wanted so much to tell you I loved you then, but you disappeared before I could. I won't let that chance escape me again."

He cupped her face with one hand, while he placed an arm around her waist. Raven just looked at him with a tiny smile playing at her lips.

"I love the fact that you never smile the same smile twice. Which makes every smile that more wonderful and special."

She let out laughing gasp, as did he.

"I love you Raven, as my best friend, as a mate, as a woman. I just plain and simply love you."

She kissed him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself up against his lips. He tasted sweet and salty at the same time, and she cherished it. His tongue swept over her lower lip, and she quickly introduced it with her own.

After a few minutes their mouths had to split due to the fact that they needed air to breath. Raven rested her head on his shoulder, arms still wrapped closely around one another.

"I love you too."

In joy the man swung her around. Raven let out a small chuckle before he placed her down again. Then a shadow landed on her face, as she saw what her powers had done under their little conversation.

"What is it?"

She didn't answer, just looked around them. He finally understood what had caused the darkness. It was like someone had dropped a bomb there. Everything was just gone. About twenty feet away you could see some remains.

"Thank you Gar, for everything. I have always wondered what it would feel like having someone love me back, but…"

"Don't say it. If you say it you can never take it back, and we can fix it Rae. We can make this work."

"How? This isn't like me moving out of the country Gar, my powers make me having a relationship impossible."

He let go of her.

"I don't believe you. You're just afraid."

"Afraid. You bet I'm afraid. Look around you Gar. Look what my powers are doing. And that is just because we kissed."

"It was one hell of a kiss."

Her eyes darkened.

"Can you be serious for one second. How are we suppose to get this to work when my powers go high wire every time you are near me."

"I don't know, but at least I am willing to try. You have given up before we started."

"Because I know what my powers can do. I won't let anyone get hurt."

"Especially you?"

She really wanted to hit him, but all she did was take a step back.

"Excuse me?"

"Because to my recollection, you didn't have a problem with Malchior."

"Did the illness mess with your head as well as you DNA? One, I never loved Malchior as much as I love you. Two, I did loose control. I almost killed a girl, remember?"

He huffed and crossed his arms, but he had a spark in his eyes since she had now twice said she loved him.

"I just think there is more to it than just your powers. If it was I would be the last person to say anything against that, but I don't like feeling like you are pushing me away."

"I'm not pushing you away Gar."

"Then why are you giving up before the battle has started. I know you, you never give up."

"I have given up plenty of times."

Beast Boy rolled his eyes. Raven grabbed the raven around her neck.

"I gave up when it came to the prophecy."

Beast Boy suddenly felt like dirt. He hated reminding her about that since she always took that so hard. He took a step closer and pulled her in to a hug.

"I'm sorry Rae."

She looked up at him.

"I was never created to live this long Garfield."

"But you are, and that means we can make this work."


"I don't know. I just know it took me almost eight years to get you, and I am not letting you go."

Raven smiled up at and he bent down and kissed her. This kiss wasn't like the first one, filled with need and lust and built up want. This kiss was love. Pure, simple, innocent love.

Suddenly Raven felt something tug at her hair, and screamed. She grabbed at the back of her hair, and felt the strange sensation of fur between her fingers. A tail wrapped itself around her neck.

"You have a monkey on your back."

"I know. I admitted it. I love Garfield. What are you doing here?"

"Dude, you told a monkey before me?"

"Not now Gar. What are you doing here?"

The monkey laughed and moved to under her arm.

"I thought you created him because you denied your feelings for me?"

"So did I."

The monkey jumped from Ravens arm to Beast Boy's shoulder.

"Who are you?"

The monkey screamed. Raven turned and looked at a tree far away that hadn't been destroyed. She focused, knowing that she usually wouldn't be able to touch it because of the big distance. She could sense the monkey jump over to her shoulders and suddenly a burst of energy blew through her and the tree exploded.

"Dude, since when could you do that?"

Raven turned and looked at the monkey. He looked at her with deep, dark eyes before screaming and jumping down on the ground.


"The monkey. It's a sponge."

Beast Boy just looked like a question mark.

"The problem with my powers is that they are powered by the energy my emotions produce. The thing is that my emotions produce energy every time I feel something, with means my powers get a bust every time I feel anything."

"Yeah, I know. But what has that to do with the monkey?"

"I think the monkey works like a sponge. It's sucks the energy my feelings produce and then gives it back to me when I need it, in the quantity that I need it. So I don't get too much or too little. Did that make sense?"

Beast Boy scratched the back of his head. The monkey laughed and jumped up on his back and started to look for flees.

"Kind of, but how do you know that?"

"The monkey kind of told me."

Raven looked down and a soft blush covered her cheeks. Beast Boy grabbed her chin and moved her face so she was looking in his eyes.

"Does that mean we have a shoot?"

Raven smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. Forcing the monkey to move over to her shoulder.

"Until I get sick of either you or the monkey."

"Yeah about that, why a monkey?"

She laughed while giving him a short kiss and teleporting them back to Dick and Kory's.

"You look beautiful friend Raven."

"She's right Rae. You look amazing."

Raven turned to Cyborg, Starfire, and Sophia. Her dress was light blue, long sleeves, and almost swept the ground. Since the weeding was on their mountain, no one bothered to take on their holo rings. Her hair had grown a little longer, and was completely purple again.

"Thank you. All of you."

Robin opened the door, and was stunned when he looked at her. After a few seconds he got himself together, came in and kissed the bride on her cheek.

"You look stunning Rae. The guests are seated, and they are all waiting."

Raven smiled.

"Go stand by him Dick, and tell him that I love him."

"You can tell him yourself in a few minutes."

She turned to Sophia, which was holding the monkey.

"Go and take your seat Sophia, and keep a good hold of Rudo. He tends to fidget."

"Okay mom."

Raven had officially adopted Sophia. Even if Sophia now was eighteen, they both felt it was important for them to be a family on paper, and Raven now knew Sophia would be taken care of. So she and the monkey, Rudo, went out of the tent with Robin. Rudo was actually surprisingly calm while Sophia was holding him.

Raven turned to the mirror and checked herself one last time. Starfire, the maid of honour, left the tent and it was only Cyborg and her left.

"Are you sure you want me to walk you down the aisle? I won't be insulted if you have changed your mind."

Raven smiled and grabbed his hands.

"As I told you when I asked you, I want this to be as traditional as possible since nothing in my life has been normal. And I like the idea about having you walking with me and helping me in to the next face of my life. Giving your blessing. This will also give you a role in the wedding, besides guest, which was important not only for me, but for Gar too."

She let go of his hands, and hugged him.

"If you wanted it to be traditional, why don't you have a white dress?"

"Yeah, after Kory's white dress, I just couldn't."

Kory popped her head in, but didn't seem like she had heard that last comment.

"Raven it is time."

"So, are you ready to be marry Gar?"

Raven grabbed her blue bouquet, and smiled to the man giving her his arm.


Then they went out of the tent and down the aisle. She smiled to the man waiting for her, kissed Cyborg on the cheek, and went by Beast Boy's side, turning to their priest, Jericho, and his wife Kole, there to translate what Jericho was saying since he only spoke in sign language.

"I can't believe you two got married before us."

"Hey, next month, it's all you. It's not my fault there is no waiting list for this mountain."

Bumblebee was holding the newly caught bouquet. Raven and Beast Boy had danced their first dance, and their second, third and fourth, and Raven had to sit down to relax. The guests were actually a bit intrigued by the fact they were on a mountain, and didn't mind the terrain was a bit rough some places. The important thing was the huge dance floor Raven had teleported up their, and the floor under the tables.

"So, how's school?"

"It's harder than I thought, but I'm loving studying literature."

"That's nice."

After a bit of pestering from Beast Boy, Raven had finally given in and let him pay for her tuition to a community collage where she was studying for her bachelor in English literature.

A sweaty and breathless Beast Boy collapsed on the chair next to his new wife and kissed her.

"Ready for a new one?"

"How can you have so much energy?"

He smiled and pointed at the monkey who jumped up on his shoulders.


Rudo jumped immediately over to his mistress shoulders. He loved playing with Beast Boy, but he always was clear that Raven was his boss.


"Garfield, shouldn't you conserve some of that energy for tonight?"

Beast Boy first looked like he didn't understand, then his eyes widened. He got to his feet, and gave his wife his hand.

"One more can't hurt."

"Just so you know, I have no expectations of having you sleeping tonight. At all."

"I think I can manage."

Raven got to her feet, and he spun her around. She laughed, and the monkey jumped of letting the only thing around her neck, be the black raven with its wings out as if he was about to fly away from her neck.