Disclaimer: dear Bisco-Sensei own all rights to the Ouran Host Club. I'm just borrong my fav characters, the twins

Warnings: possible twincest, depending on how deep you look into it

Pairings: some Hikaru/Kaoru, depends on how much you squint

Author's notes: Our dear old Hitachiin twins! First poem/fic about the Ouran Club! It's not supposed to be twincest, but I like it so if you see it, that's fine by me! oh, BTW, this is from Kaoru's point of view. This is part of my big vacation bonanza! Seven fics out in one day!

Dedication: it's my first day of summer vacation! Frolic with me, fellow fans!



never me,

never him,

never you,


two halves of the same soul

one person in two bodies

yin and yang

two pieces of the same puzzle

isn't that what twins are?

He is

My World,

my raison d'etre

my other half

my precious Twin

I am

his world,

his reason to be

his other half

his precious Twin

we do not need anyone else,

we are each other's World

I need only Him

He needs only Me


whether he knows it or not,

whether I want it or not,

he is changing

he is leaving Our World

and joining Theirs





I will no longer be the only one to see him truly do these

others will see,

she will see

She took away My World

that girl with those honest eyes

she stole his heart,

and stole my other half


I can't hate her,

she is opening up his World,

with a kind smile and an outstretched hand


that girl, who does not know "Us" but knows "You" and "You Alone"

she, who can pull a smile to my brother's face,

which previously, only I could do

We will never be

The Same

where we were each other's World

and we needed only our other half

Our World,

is Changing,




he needs that,

so, for the sake of my precious brother,

I will let him go,

and leave our world,

and become,

a Better Person


"Come on! I can't sleep without you as my teddy bear!"

Change can't be expected to happen overnight