Disclaimer: I'm just borrowing my three fav cards to make this collection of oneshots

Warnings: none

Pairings: none, unless you count the card/who ever is saying this poem

Author's notes: this disclaimer and stuff is for all three one shots in this collection, not gonna say it again. As you'll soon see, the first two are related, but the last is very different. That's probably 'cause I wrote the first two on the same day, but the last a couple of days later. My first CCS poem/fic! YAAY!

Dedication: it's my first day of summer vacation! Frolic with me, fellow fans! This is part of my big vacation bonanza! Seven fics out in one day!


Azure eyes

Strong and Clear

Defiant and Assured of Victory

Soft and Kind

A long flowing gown

of palest cobalt

to deepest navy

each fold rippling

as if pulled by an invisible wind

that longs to dance with that porcelain body

caressed by cool silks

sapphire locks

far smoother than silk

and softer than air

curving around round cheeks and a sharp chin

and falling enticingly in front of those sharp eyes

dance around that lithe body

long graceful limbs

lift and fall

with the notes of silent music

each movement has a purpose

every step tells a story

delicate fingers paint the images

of storms and fear

or sunny days filled with smiles and love

of cloudy days, where the air is sluggish and bored

Love Her

Fear Her

Respect Her

My Life

My Love

My beautiful Cerulean Lady