Bellatrix/Severus M rated.

In the Shadows

Severus lingered in the shadows, waiting and watching. Soon enough another figure emerged from the darkness. He smiled and walked into the dim light of the alley.

Bellatrix's head swivelled towards Severus and she narrowed her eyes. He came to her like a predator of the night, dark, tall, and radiating with a hot sexual power. He was like something out of one her many fantasies. As he stood in front of her she stuck out her chin and saw a flicker of amusement in his eyes.

"We said we wouldn't do this again," she said forcing her voice to sound harsh.

"We did, and you didn't have to come," he said coolly.

That was true but deep, very deep, inside she wanted to. Otherwise it would be a boring lonely night at home with her stupid husband she now despised, and only her fantasies to keep her company. Severus provided everything she wanted. He was man who could make her every fantasy to come true. A man who provided her with danger, darkness, sex, raw and intense feeling she craved.

When she didn't answer him, he took another step closer so their heads were centimetres away. She looked up at him and saw hunger and desire in her dark eyes. He knew what she wanted because he wanted it too. He crossed the small distance between them with his mouth and her lips parted quickly letting his tongue enter. She kissed him back fiercely and made a soft growling noise when he bit her bottom lip.

He pulled back slightly and she ran her pink tongue over her lips which were swollen by his harsh and demanding kisses. Seeing her pink tongue slip out reminded him of how it looked when she slid it over him. That harden him instantly and she didn't miss his reaction. She repeated the action again, this time slower thrusting her breasts out so they strained against her black blouse.

He ran his finger down her cheek, down her neck, over her collarbone then down over he breast which he then cupped with his hand. She made a noise of approval and he cupped the other with his other hand and gently squeezed. She had wanted this so badly. She craved touch, the feel of another person. She drew his head down and kissed him, pressing her whole self against his body.

When he broke this kiss he spoke in a husky and ragged voice, "Shall we go to my place?"

A gleam lit her dark eyes. "No lets do it here."

He raised his eyebrow slightly but this wasn't their first time of having sex in a public place. He knew the thrill of being caught made it even better for her. He backed her up against the alley wall and kissed her again. One of her hands was in his hair the other was snaking down towards his huge erection and she opened the zipper. He bit back a moan as her hands slid into his boxers and stroked him. He raised her long black skirt and his fingers brushed her inner thigh before cupping her mound. He rubbed her through her black silk and lace thong and she bucked her hips. Moving aside the thin material he didn't hesitate, two fingers plunged deep into. A moan escaped her and she moved her hips in rhythm with his deep probing fingers. She was slick and hot for him. Pulling his fingers out, she wrapped her legs round his hips. He held her up by his strength alone. He positioned himself at her entrance and, looking into her face, he drove in deep. They groaned together and after a couple of seconds he slide back only to bury himself inside again.

Bellatrix closed her eyes and smiled in pleasure. This was what she wanted, just this. Every thrust drove her closer to a powerful orgasm and she nearly screamed his name for the world to hear. He was watching her with his burring black gaze, captivated by the way her face looked when her pleasure was imprinted upon it. She was beautiful. Her body tensed then release and within seconds he joined her in her climax. She shuddered against him and they stood still, her legs still round him and he firmly inside of her. Her breathing was heavy and her body was still getting used to the wonderful sensations.

Severus slowly slid out of her and helped her balance on her feet.

"I can stand by myself," she said a little gruff but he smirked.

"Not after sex with me you can't."

She ignored the comment and straighten her skirt. Her heart was still thudding but she had more control on everything else. She brushed some of her hair out of her eyes and he saw her face close off any emotion. It became blank and as cold as marble. She became once again the Bellatrix everyone knew; cold, fierce and heartless. For once Severus wanted her to smile at not because she was having great sex, but because she was happy.

"What's the time?" Bella asked breaking the small silence.

Severus looked at his watch, squinting in the dim light. "Quarter to midnight."

"We should be going."

"It's not as if Rodolphus is going to be waiting for your return," Severus said rather harshly.

If she had angry at all about his comment on her marriage then she didn't show it.

"I know he isn't."

Severus frowned, her voice was oddly empty. They passed another moment in silence. Bella peered at the dark wizard wondering why he was quiet. There was something very strange with the sex they had had. Hell this whole night was getting strange.

"Aren't you going to go?" Severus asked. He looked her in the eyes waiting for her answer.

"I am," she said then disapparated in a heartbeat leaving him standing alone. Severus looked at her empty space for a moment. Part of him felt glad she was gone and the other part of him was a little sadden that she was. They had agreed a year ago that any sex between them would be just to fulfil their sexual hunger. So why did he want to be with her right now? Why did he care that she was going back only to sleep alone?

Severus growled at his stupid thoughts and disapparated back to his home, pushing his thoughts of Bella out of his mind.

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