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~ The Final ~

He was over the other side of the room and no matter how cool and indifferent she looked on the outside, inside she was about to boil over. When she had agreed to come to her sisters 'little get-together' she hadn't realised that 'little' for Narcissa meant more than a dozen people and Him. Bellatrix reached out for another drink and drank it in one go. She detested parties or events that placed her in the same room as others she would gladly kill. Apparently this was a Lucius idea to show off something, Bellatrix couldn't quite remember what, and a chance to try and squash the rumours that he and Narcissa were estranged.

Looking around from the side where she was standing alone, Bellatrix's gaze wandered around and eventually placed itself again on Severus. There was a red-haired woman clinging onto his arm, chest heaving and all together about to fall out of her tight bodice. Bellatrix glowered as he deliberately ignored her look and focused all his attentions on the other woman.

Turning hotly on her heel Bellatrix stormed away so he was out of her eye view and pushed her way to the drinks. A sudden hand took hold of her hand and so startled at the contact she barely had time to hide her shock. Severus' lips curled slowly as her face masked itself and her dark eyes glittered.

"What the hell are you doing?" she hissed and he simply towed her to the side so they were out of the crush.

"Putting you out of your misery," he said simply.

Bellatrix tossed back her hair and set her chin. "I don't need you."

He gave her a long look, disbelief in his eyes then shook his head. "No good denying it."

"You presume too much," she sneered. "Why would I want to be with a mudblood like you?" She emphasised 'mudblood' and saw something flicker in his dark bottomless eyes. But he refused to rise to her taunt and simply shrugged away the comment.

"Although you hate to admit it Bella, I know you too well. I know what you crave." He purred his words and it sent a little thrill through her body. Before she could retort a violin screeched, signalling the beginning of the dance.

Severus did a small mock-bow to her. "Dance?"

She raised her eyebrow. "With you?"

"I don't see anyone else that wants to dance with you," he said offhandedly.

She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him. "Fuck you."

"Unless, of course, your personal feelings for me make it-"

He didn't finished as she muttered something as she was stalking off and with a smile he followed, caught her hand twirled her around so she faced him. She was scowling but he ignored it and placed his hand firmly at her waist.

As they waltzed across the floor, Bellatrix caught sight of her sister with Lucius. They weren't looking at each other and between them at least another person could of fit. Unlike her and Severus, Bellatrix though as her breasts brushed against his chest once more. He danced, she viewed with a little resentment, with ease like he did everything else.

As they spun around she couldn't help but feel ever-so slightly seduced by it all. She didn't know why they did this, she hated him yet amidst her hate there was a lusty monster that wanted him because of that. He was forbidden and of course forbidden fruit always did taste the sweetest. He also confused her, he wasn't simple and there were so many layers to him she didn't know where to begin looking.

Unaware to her, Severus was watching her wondering what she was concentrating on so much.

"I've never known you to think so much Bellatrix," he breathed and she snapped out of her thoughts sharply.

She snarled something back which he didn't quite catch but knew that it was another insult.

He sighed deeply, "Must you snarl? It doesn't make you that attractive."

"And must you be an annoying shit?" she hissed. He smiled and his hand on her waist stroked her hip making her jump.

"Mmm you are surly tonight," he observed. Bellatrix said nothing just tossed her hair over her shoulder and watched him under her lashes. His fingers continued to stroke her hip and draw her closer still. She felt a bit breathless again.

"It isn't right for you to hold me like this," she muttered under her breath glaring.

Severus laughed and Bellatrix saw Narcissa glance briefly in their direction. "I have never known you to do anything 'right' Bella."

She tried to wrench her hand free from his hold but his grip was like a vice and there was a dangerous glint in his eyes. She couldn't struggle without creating a whole scene and the last thing she needed was attention on her. The music slowed and they came to a halt, a redhead from before bustled up to their side and gave Bellatrix a scowl.

Bellatrix glared back then looked at Severus, "Fuck you," and she strode off.

The woman sniggered but Severus gave her no notice, detached himself from her arm and followed Bellatrix. She had left the main room and he glimpsed her slipping up the stairs to a guest bedroom. He followed her silently, opening the bedroom door slowly.

"Why don't you just fuck off?" Bellatrix asked rounding on him and he just came in, shut the door and stood there.

"You don't mean that," he said flatly at last and she seethed.

"Like you know anything Snape."

"I know more than you want me to."

Bellatrix drew out her wand and pointed it in direct line to his heart, her eyes bored into his but he made no move to arm himself.

"I could kill you," Bellatrix whispered hoarsely. "It would be done in a second."

"Yes," he agreed and slowly approached her like one does when going to a wild animal. "You don't even have to say the words out loud."

Bellatrix eyed him as he came closer and closer still. She should just kill him but…

"Why won't you kill me Bella?" he asked, his voice low affecting her making a warm tingle curl in between her thighs. Bellatrix's eyes never left his until he stood a foot away from her. Her eyes fell to his lips and she remembered all the things his mouth had done to her, the pleasures so illicit. He didn't need to read her mind to know what she was thinking, the hungry desire in her eyes was enough. She hadn't lowered her wand but he gently pushed her arm down, his other hand came up, touched her face and he kissed her.

A shudder coursed through her and he heard the thud of her wand as it hit the floor. Her arms came up and hauled him to her, her lips parted and eagerly his tongue lapped with hers. Her anger fuelled her passion and she bit his bottom lips whilst her hands ran over his chest.

He had called her bluff and she fucking hated him.

Her fingers wanted to run over his smooth hard chest and she undid his shirt, opening it and raking her nails down. Severus' hands cupped her breasts through her dress and lightly squeezed. A moan came up from her throat and they moved back till her back was against the wall.

"I hate you," she told him breathless and he looked at her a small quirk on his lips.

"It's an entirely mutual feeling Bella."

They stared at each other, black to black and then she smiled her slightly crazed smile.

"It's just sex between us – nothing more."

"What else could there be?" he raised an eyebrow. "Of course it's just sex."

She looked to see where her nails had left marks on his skin and traced them. "When you mentioned a game, what were you talking about?"

"Hmm the one you always play."

She scowled at him. "What?"

"Bella," he sighed. "Even you feel emptiness."

She bristled and shoved at his chest but he gripped her wrists tightly and crowded her space so she couldn't move.

"I don't feel anything."

"Bella… leave him."

She blinked, surprised and let him see that. "I can't."

"Can't or won't?"

"Either. Besides why should I? All we have is sex – you agreed."

"And if it doesn't stay to that?"

"It must because that's all I want."

He sighed taking a step back, "Then I'm done Bellatrix."


"I am not playing your whore."

Her eyes flashed with fury. "Then what the fuck do you want?"

He considered then smoothly began to tell her what he wanted. He wanted her to stay with him at times and he didn't want to keep waiting for stolen time.

She tilted her head to the side as she listened straightening herself, her eyes never leaving his face.

"So you want a…relationship of a sort."

"More like an arrangement but call it what you will."

There was silence for a long time before she could speak again, obviously she was trying to find a flaw to catch him out but there wasn't one. Whilst she was thinking he sat down in a chair and watched her as she paced a little. There was something a little comical about seeing her think when normally she just acted.

"If I agree we can't have everyone knowing," she said finally and he nodded slowly.

"That makes sense; I don't want everyone knowing my business."

"And I will still show a public display of contempt for you," Bellatrix shot him a dark look as he barely suppressed a smile.

"I would be worried if you didn't. By all means I love to see your contempt for me," Severus smirked.

"Then you have a deal," she said and he stood up and took her hand into a firm grasp tugging her forwards.

"I mean it Bella."

"I said we have a deal," she replied hotly and he gave a curt nod.

"Very well," he traced her jaw line with his free hand before letting it slip to her neck then across the top of her dress line.

"Go tell your sister that we are leaving," he murmured by her ear and with a look crossed between lust and anger she yanked her hand free and stalked away and out of the room.

Severus' lips curved into a smile as he slowly followed her and watched her march through the crowd to her sister's side. As she hissed to Narcissa that she was leaving she caught Severus' eye and knew from that look that tonight she would find out exactly what it meant to be in an arrangement with Severus Snape.

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