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The Sematology Lab of Lighthalzen, also known as the Bio Lab. It has been abandoned for countless years, ever since the spirits of twelve mistreated people began to haunt it. The people were treated as human experiments with their feelings and pain having no value to the scientists. Their endless rage caused them to come back as spirits when they died. Now, they wander around the laboratory aimlessly, killing everybody who goes into the laboratory. They barely even have humanity at all, just barely.

Chapter One: Rest

The man emerged from the underground staircase. Both his mind and body were immensely tired by the nearly impossible puzzle he faced. He wiped off his sweat with his sleeve. He wore a robe, mostly white with red on the collar and the edges of his sleeves and a bit of brown at the bottom.

His name was Xavvok Felagund. He had short hair and sapphire blue eyes. On his right hand he wore a silver ring with the word "friend" engraved on it. Xavvok was a kind priest, a bit too kind. He would help any monster or person in need of help, anything or anybody in short.

This was his first trip to the city of Lighthalzen with his friends. All of them decided to check out the bio lab during their stay but they would keep away from the stronger monsters.

"Hey! You finally finished!" Yelled one of his friends, She was Sarah, a sniper and Xavvok's closest friend. She had long straight blond hair, emerald green eyes and she wore the usual Sniper uniform. She also had a ring like Xavvok's with the same word engraved on it. It was Xavvok's present to her to prove his loyal friendship to her.

"Let's go then! The others went ahead so we need to catch up!" She yelled again, approaching some nearby pipes. She approach a certain pipe which had a hole big enough for a person to go through. She slipped into the hole and disappeared into the darkness.

"Wait up!" Xavvok shouted, running into the hole.

At the other end of the pipe, he found himself in a secret passage. He followed through the passage and found himself in a room which looked like a bedroom for several people. Sarah was across him, waiting for him.

"They must be somewhere here" She said. "Let's go find them"

"Alright, lets just not get lost. We don't really know this place" Xavvok replied.

Sarah walked through a doorframe, into the unknown depths of the Sematology Lab. Xavvok followed behind, staying close.

Deeper in the lower level of the laboratory, Cecil Damon, the original one, treaded across the area right below the assembly belts of the upper floor. Her bow was ready on her hand, along with two arrows.

She heard footsteps echo. She stretched her bow with her arrows and put her attention on where the sound came from. She heard another footstep. She released the arrows which flung instantly from her bow. The arrows hit an Assassin Cross on the chest and pushed him back to the wall. He then died.

A Champion suddenly appeared beside her.

"Asura strike!" he yelled, throwing his fist towards her.

Cecil was thrown back by the force of the punch but she still stood.

"A cheap shot like that is not good enough to take me down."

The sniper readied her bow and flung several arrows towards the Champion.

He pressed his palm on the ground as a glow surrounded him. The arrows stopped as the touched the glow and they fell.

"Nice try…" he laughed, eating a Yggdrasill berry and readying another strike.

Cecil held on to one of her arrows and stood motionless, staring straight at her enemy.

The confident warrior charged towards her and threw his fist towards her once again.

Cecil was thrown farther away and fell on the floor with a heavy thud.

"You're going to die now, woman."

"No, you are" Cecil smiled; she pointed at the Champion's chest which had an arrow sticking out of it.

"Damn, you stabbed me, aw sh-" He fell down, cold and lifeless.

Cecil decided to stay on the floor and rest. That Champion sure took a lot out of her. A few broken ribs and some other bones. Margaretha could heal them anyway when she passes by. But for now, she lied down on a test tube and fell asleep.

That is the end for this chapter…..

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