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Robin and Red X are going out. They've been on a couple of Dates already, though I've only written about one, and this one. In the last one I introduced the need for chocolate, from both of them, and Red X's/Adrian's best friend Jay-Jay, also known as Jane. Shes a punk/rock person with pink and purple hair who has been his best friend since Middle School. She's going to be on this date as a chaperon in later chapters. I'm using Dick Grayson for Robin in this fanfic...and I think that's it.

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Bruce Wayne was sitting in his study, currently reading a newspaper article about how Batman has once again saved the day, occasionally sipping from a nearby coffee mug that Alfred had put there earlier, when the old butler came in, knocking on the door slightly before opening it completely to get his attention.

"The mail has come Master Bruce." said the British butler, responding to his charge's raised brow. He slightly raised a silver platter that held the mail and another mug of coffee to replace the one that was running low. Indicating that he could bring it over if Mr. Wayne so wished.

"Thank you Alfred, just leave it over there on the desk, I'll look at it later."

"As you wish Master Bruce," as he turned to leave, he spoke up once again, "I noticed…" Bruce looked up from his paper, humming softly, raising his left eyebrow, showing that Alfred could continue, "I noticed, Master Bruce, that in the bills there was an update from Master Richard's accounts. Even I noticed that those only come around Christmas when he wants to get something for his friends." Bruce only grunted in response, getting up from his chair and walking over to the desk that held the mail and new mug of coffee.

He quickly shuffled through the mail, his back still turned to Alfred, and quickly found the update. Opening it he glanced at the new total, and its 'cause, both eyebrows raising in surprise "Is there anything else? Master Bruce?" the butler continued, catching Mr. Wayne's attention once again.

"No. Thank you Alfred that'll be all." A small smile was sent to the butler as he bowed and left the room. "Now, to find out why Richard wanted 'Fall Out Boy' tickets." He said after Alfred's footsteps had disappeared from his hearing range. "What in the Universe is 'Fall Out Boy' anyway?"

(0.o)Insert Teen Titans theme song

Richard Grayson sat in his bedroom contemplating how he could have been so stupid. Apparently living with three other teens who, in their spare time, played video games, and in their other spare time, stopped crime, and one teen who just read all day long, was not good for his 'bat-skills'.

He had bought three tickets to a concert, to hang out with Adrian and Jane, who prefers to be called Jay-Jay, through a credit card. But, instead of using the separate account his parents had set up for him when he was seven, he had used the card given to him by his mentor, and his, 'I-don't-like-you-right-now-but-I-shall-respect-your-authority-when-it-suits-my-purposes', father figure, Bruce Wayne. He would have obviously picked up on it by the updates that were sent through the mail every time he spent more than a certain amount of dollars.

As he was about to continue his musings, the familiar blare of the City alarm sounded throughout the towers. With a sigh, he got up from his spot on the bed, running a hand through his hair as he did so. Seeing as the alarm wasn't going to stop anytime soon, or, at least until he or Cyborg manually turned it off, he sprinted down the hallways and corridors until he reached the main console, quickly tapping a few color coded buttons with non-descript labels, the alarm gratefully going off just as Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven entered the room. Flying and sprinting to his side by the large computer screen, Cyborg coming in not a moment later.

"Its Red X" there was no surprise, no shock, no gasps coming from the titans. He had come, exactly as Robin said he would not a week earlier. "He seems to be hitting the Imported Jewelry and Clothing store. If we get there fast enough," he said already getting up from his spot on the chair walking over to the door, "We just might catch him." The door closed. They sat there. The door opened again.

"Titans Go!" They jumped into action, running and flying throughout the tower so that they could quickly catch the well known thief, and get back to their video games.


Red X sat crouched low on one of the rafters that hung in the ceiling of the back room. He had already gotten what he had come for, a rare jewel that was imported from Southern Egypt. Apparently a new grave had been found, but all of the jewels had been transported to Jump for safe keeping. But his buyer, an elderly gentleman with one eye, had agreed to paying much more than his average price, leaving him with more money to do stuff with. And who could turn down money? "Well…Robin might turn it down, but Robin is strange anyway." He thought to himself just as he noticed the titans barging through the door.

"RED X! Where are you?" Robin shouted from his position in the front of the group. He jumped down from his loft.

"Right here Kiddies. Sorry, but I'm running late. I hope you don't mind that I'm leaving so soon."

"Titans Go!" Red X waved his hand at the titans and as he was about to teleport, a green starbolt was thrown knocking him towards the wall, and he was pushed against it with a grunt.

The titans had flown into action, each of them covering a possible exit, even with the knowledge that he could teleport out. Cyborg was warming up his ionic blast, beast boy turning into a gorilla, effectively blocking the main door, Raven was quietly chanting under her breath, storing up her power for the coming fight, Starfire was channeling her righteous fury into her energy blasts for both her eyes and hands. Robin was in position, bow staff at the ready.

"You won't get away this time Red X"

"I wouldn't be to sure of that hero." With a final grunt, Red X sprung into action. Flinging newly strengthened xenthonium powered 'x's at Starfire and Raven, effectively sticking them to the wall and covering their mouths so that Raven could not chant and Starfire could not yell out warnings to her teammates, also trapping her despite her 'super strength'. Beastboy and Cyborg then moved into action while Robin tried to free Starfire and Raven from their restraints.

Red X deftly dodged the blasts that were sent his way from Cyborg's ionic cannon, splitting his attention from the two opponents, and he quickly sent another red x towards beast boy who was in the middle of the changing process, knocking him unconscious as he hit the ground, most likely to stay that way for a long time.

Smirking in satisfaction, still dodging the blasts, he glanced at the now chanting Raven, and then at Robin who had turned his attention to freeing Starfire from the sticky substance that would harden soon if he didn't get it off.

Flinging a knock-out gas bomb towards the girl crackling with energy, he dodged another blast, and ran towards where the cyber genetic teen stood, still sending the electric charges towards him, a few of them making holes in his cape rather close to his body. Jumping up from the ground, and flipping in the air over the teen, he grabbed a few ill-placed wires, turning off his main functions, including the recording device that ran after he would be knocked out, his strange glow dimming, and his eyes closing, the teen falling towards the ground face first. Smirking behind his mask He turned to face a fuming Robin and glaring Starfire. Starfire was trapped behind the hardened goo, and Robin was practically growling at him, but in classic position, bow-staff out, feet spread apart.

Flinging another marble sized knock-out bomb towards the two teens. Robin swung his bow staff at it as though it were a base ball bat, missing the bomb by a millimeter. When he didn't feel the familiar twang through the bow staff he charged forward, trying to get out of the way from the automatic steam release, just so that he could continue to fight.

Red X, noticing the action, jumped back, to avoid the coming blow from the angry teen. Leaving Robin to tumble forward and roll on the ground, tucking the expendable rod to his side so that it would not slow down his movements. Whipping it out once again, he began thrusting, jabbing, and pushing the bow staff towards the teen villain's sides where the suit was at his weakest, occasionally sending the staff towards shoulders and knees, hoping to catch the other teen off guard with the seemingly random strikes. Occasionally scoring a hit, but most of the shots were blocked by the enforced padding and metal enforcers on Red's gloves.

While blocking the hits, ignoring the sharp twangs that would occasionally come with a resounding hit from Robin, Red X slowly back Robin up against the far wall, utilizing his x-blade now, he put it in-between the two teens, keeping Robin's bow staff also at bay.

"You know hero…I don't think you were trying very hard to help Goth Girl and Starfire get away."

"Yeah, well Raven seemed to buy it so that's all that matters. Besides, you changed the amount of xenthonium in the goo, I really couldn't get it off. Mind telling me how?" he said with a raised eyebrow.

"Mmm…I do mind, thank you very much." He retracted the x-blade. "But right now I need to know our plans for this weekend." Robin retracted his bow staff as well, clipping the now marble sized ball to his belt. He looped his arms loosely around Red X's neck, intertwining his fingers, and leaning back against the wall.

"Well the concert starts a Six. So we're gonna have to leave at five."


"Yeah, it takes half an hour to get there, and you know there'll be a line to get in, and we're most likely going to stop for chocolate."

"Why do you have a chocolate obsession?" He moved his hands to Robin's waist.

"Because it tastes better than the Cotton Candy I would get more often from the clowns that traveled with the circus, when they felt pity for me."

"And why would the clowns feel pity for you?"

"Apparently I was too skinny."

"Yes well we can't all be perfect."

"I feel so sorry for us then."


"We're not perfect."

"Oh, yes you are." The masked teen scoffed.

"I bet you aren't."

"Sure. I believe you kid. Just let me bask in your perfectness and I might feel better about it."

"Why certainly my dear friend, and I might even let you kiss my perfect face."

"Oh? And what do I have to do to earn a kiss?"

"Maybe being a little nicer to my friends next time," he said glancing around the room to his unconscious friends, concern clearly showing on his face, despite the mask that covered the eyes.

"Of course." The other masked teen said, slightly nuzzling his neck in way of apology, "Now tell me what these tests are."

"Just three tests of strength, honor, and trust."

"Well I guess you can count me out then and find someone else to kiss." He started to pull out of Robin's arms, but the teen pulled him back, placing a kiss on his cheek through the mask.

"There you passed all three," he started, but before he could continue Red interrupted.

"What do you mean I passed?" Robin laughed.

"Strength, you didn't kiss me, Honor, you didn't kiss me without my consent, Trust, you didn't whip out your bow staff and whack me on the head in my vulnerable position. So therefore, you have earned the right to kiss me."

"Yeah for corny tests." He pulled Robin closer. "You know my mask is on right kid? I can't kiss you if it's on."

"Well your going to have to kiss me later. Raven will start waking up any second now. So get lost villain. And give me the artifact." Red took a step back.

"No way kid, this artifact will keep me in good shape for at least a month. I need it. Besides, you need some reason to keep chasing me." And before Robin could react and grab the stolen jewel, he teleported out of the building, just outside the door, scaling the walls to the roof, jumping over the rooftops of the city till he was out of sight.

Robin shook his head pondering to himself the enigma of Red X. He knew he needed the money, and stealing was the way to get it, but really, couldn't he at least get a job at Mc Donalds or something? He needed to keep the town safe, and if Red destroyed something every month or two…he sighed, resigned to the fact that Red wouldn't stop right away, maybe later in life, but not now. He began to gather the titans together, rearranging Cyborg's wiring so that he could help carry the other titans back to the tower. He would have to break the news gently, but for now, he needed to come up with a plausible story.


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