Dims Point of view.

I bent down to Dom's level, I bent his head so that I could look at him, and he eyes were filled with such sadness that I even felt his pain. He wrapped his arms around my waist and buried his head in my chest. I laid my head on his as he cried, each sob racking his body like an earth quake. I muttered incoherent words of comfort to him all the while my own heart breaking. I knew deep inside that I had to tell him, I had to tell Dom that I loved him, and tonight.

Corbin's Point of view.

Harry and I sat out on the quid ditch pitch; guilt like I never felt filled my body. I never Knew that Dom loved me I guess I should have known, he was so protective of me. Yes I loved Dom but I wasn't in love with him he was a brother to me. I looked over at Harry; I'm in love with him. Ironic though if you think about it there's times that I wonder why he's with me. But then he kisses me and I really don't care, as long as I have him I'll be fine


Dom finally stopped crying and looked at me I could see the question in his eyes, eyes that held loss and pain. I pulled away tears in my eyes.

"Dom we need to talk" I said

He just looked at me with his big gray eyes.

"I love you Dom, more than just a friend I want to make you happy, I want to keep you save and love you the way you deserve to loved" I felt a relive.

Dom looked at me; he looked like a lost puppy. Tears formed in his eyes and fell like rain from clouds.

"You love me" he whispered.

I bent and placed my lips on his. I felt him relax into my arms I held him against my chest and kissed his head over and over. I knew that he wasn't going to stop loving Corb because of me but at least he knew that he is loved and I know this is selfish but I have what I want. I have Dom he's mine my Dom. I heard the door open and Corbin and Harry walked back in.

"How is he" Corbin asked

"He's okay I guess" I said.


Corbin walked to Dom and pulled him out of my arms and I moved away.

"Why" Dom whimpered.

"Dom I love you I do but as a brother okay" Corbin said.

"But I love you"

I felt my heart break as I heard Dom's voice.

"I know that and I wish that I could love you the way you love me because you've been there for me when I couldn't see strait or when I was hurt or sad you where there and Dom I can't imagine my life 

without you. But I'm in love with Harry and Dim loves you its obvious Dom he adores you believe me your lucky to have him" Corbin looked at me

"But I don't want him, I want you"

I wanted to die; he would never love me would he? I couldn't take it anymore


Dom's eyes widened his lips quivering.


He ran out the door.

Dom's Point of view

I ran and ran tears blinding me. I felt like I would explode my chest felt contrasted and contorted. I ran and ran till I was stopped by arms wrapping around me.

"Dom stop"

"Leave me alone Dimitri" I yelled

"No I won't "I felt myself being pinned to the floor.

"Dom you're my life my heart without you I'll be like a dementor an empty shell" he looked at me with eyes full of love and truth. And in that moment I knew that he loved me. I don't know why it hit me so bad but I, I love him. Happiness like I never felt filled me and as I leaned up to kiss Dim on the lips I knew I was complete.

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