"Pure bliss." Chris repeated with a smile.

"Maybe I'm wrong about tonight." He thought as he turned away from the desk and headed towards the exit. "Maybe ... maybe there will still be something there."

That one hope was all Chris needed to hold on to. One hope.

Walking out the door, he wasn't to surprised to see that Adam had brought the car up to the entrance.

"Damn he's even more in a hurry to get there then I am!" Chris chuckled.

"Whoa! Your Sage!!!"

Chris turned towards the voice, catching site of a little girl standing there in awe.

"And who might you be?" He asked smiling down at her.

"My name's Eve, and your Sage right?"

Christian smiled at the child, the little girl had to of been no more then five or six year's of age.

"That's right." He replied.

"Wow! My brother watch's you every day on video! He want's to be the third member of Discloser." She said to him, holding up three finger's to prove what she had said.

"You mean Disturbance." Chris replied laughing slightly.

"That's what I said Discloser!" She replied back to him, her face puckered with annoyance.

"Oh, okay." Chris said holding back a laugh. "Well, I've got to go now, you be good okay?"

Chris started to walk towards the car, noticing Adam grinning back at the child who now was running to catch up with Christian. When she did she pulled on his shirt eagerly, surprised Chris turned to her.

"Yes, Eve?"

"Can I ... can I ... have your name?" She asked sweetly holding out her coloring book.

"My name?" Chris replied confused.

"She mean's your autograph!" Adam yelled from within the car.

"Ooooh! Sure!" Kneeling down to her height, Chris accepted the book and pulled out a pen from his pocket. "Is there anything you'd like me to write?"

The little girl thought for a moment, bringing her finger to her chin.

"To my newest member of Discloser!" She said proudly.

"Okay." Chris said going to work on the Autograph, as he did he heard Adam get out of the car and walk over.

"Eve, is it?" He asked her, she nodded back. "Well, Eve how would you like one of our T-shirt's?"

Christian glanced over at him, Adam stood grinning at Eve with a shirt in his hand.

"Really?" She said in awe.

"Yep." Adam replied then handed her the shirt which she immediately put on. Finishing his autograph for her which read:

To our Newest Member of Disturbance, Keep it Real and have fun doing it!
Much Love, Sage

Chris handed the book to Adam, so he could sign it as well.

"Eve, what on earth are you doing out here by yourself?" A man said coming out of the hotel building.

"Daddy!" she said hurrying over to him and jumped into his arm's. "Discloser!!"

The child pointed toward Adam and Christian, whom her father didn't even see was out there with her at first.

"She mean's Disturbance." Chris replied walking over to the father and daughter.

"Disturbance...from the WWF Disturbance?" The father asked surprised.

"The one and only." Adam remarked behind them.

"My son's going to be awful sorry he missed this trip!"

"Well, let him know we said hello." Adam said handing the book to the smiling child. "I'm sorry, but we really must be on our way."

"Of course!" Eve's father replied. "Say thank you to the two guy's for the shirt."

"Thank you Sagie!!! Thank you Edge!" She said hugging the book and shirt to her. Chris smiled at the girl one last time before getting into the car.

"Bye Eve!" He said closing the door. Adam did the same as he got in and started the car.

"I love meeting little kid's like that." Chris said as they drove away from the hotel.

"Me to." Adam replied. "Though don't you think it was a weird coincidence that her name was Eve?"

Christian didn't respond, for he to was wondering the same thing.

Christian sighed as Adam drove the car onward. Here they were, so close to their destination, yet he still felt so distant from her.

"Distant.." Christian said out loud unknowingly.

"What's that?" Adam said, not taking his eye's from the road. "Who's distant?"

Stunned, Christian paused. He knew he could tell Adam anything, Adam was close to another brother to Chris. Telling, wasn't the problem. It was finding the word's to tell, which was.

"Just thinking." Chris replied.

"Come on Chris, you've been quiet for over an hour now!" Adam exclaimed trying to move the car into the next lane successfully.

"I don't know Adam. "Chris said his heart thumping with anticipation. "Guess I'm just nervous."

Adam grinned knowing full well just how nervous Christian really was.

"Look you told me yourself, countless of time's, how good friend's you both were. Right?"


"So what's the big deal?" Adam asked grinning now that they were finally in the correct lane.

"Just can't help wondering ... what if." Chris said softly. Adam remained silent, unsure how to answer or question that thought.

The rest of the trip was made in silence, the painful question continued to thump within Christian's heart. Thumping away the answers, to the question's he had, before he could understand them...

As Adam drove, Chris gazed out the window watching the scenery flash by. He watched the many car's zoom by, each going in different direction and heading off into some unknown destiny. Just as he had done with his very life and career. He to was one of those car's, flying by on the highway of life. Heading in a direction only he knew, but yet leaving behind the many flower's and leaves. He had been one of those car's, until now. Now he was making a U-turn. Heading back to those very Flower's and Leave's he once carelessly left behind.

"We're here." Adam's voice called, pulling Christian from within his very thought's.

His eye's caught site of the Miami welcome sign, causing his heart to double beat. The time was drawling very near, very near to their first meeting.

"So, when are you going to meet her?" Adam asked as he drove on, heading towards their hotel.

"Around six, V and her friend Laura were going to come to Smackdown! tonight. Their ticket's fell through, so I offered to bring them in myself."

Adam shook his head, humor lighting his eye's.

"You know Vince will have your ass for this, right? He'll think they are nothing more then ring rat's."

Disappointment hit Christian's eye's, he knew Adam was right. Vince would think the worst about them.

"Well, then somehow we're just going to have to keep them away from him."

"We?" Adam asked.

"Yes, we." Christian replied.

Adam smirked, Christian usually wasn't the dangerous type in their group. The thought of him actually wanting to do something behind the boss's back, amused Adam.

"What?" Chris said noticing Adam's look.

"Nothing." Adam said laughing. "I'm just a little surprised you'd want to do something like this."

"Surprise bring out the best of life." Christian said. "As V usually did with me."

"Given any thought to what you'll say when you meet her again?"

"Not again...this is the first time we've ever met."

"I thought you said you knew her?" Adam asked as they came in site of their hotel.

"We met online." Christian said.

"Online, eh?" Adam remarked. "I didn't that that type of thing was possible."

"Possible or not ... the first time we talked ... well I just knew something was there."

"Something?" Adam asked confused.

"Yes, That one something where you feel like you've known that single person forever ... forever and a day." Christian replied.

Their car pulled into the hotel's parking lot then, and pulled to a stop.

"A short four hour's from now." Christian thought to himself...pondering if he'd be ready.

The short four hours quickly turned into a fast pace three. No sooner had Adam and Christian settled in their hotel room, had word of an emergency meeting caught their ears. Grabbing their equipment, Disturbance decided to attend.

"Wonder what this is about." Adam said to Christian as they headed back to their rental car.

"Be damned if I knew." Chris responded, honestly not caring what Vince or any of the other McMahon's would have to say. His was looking for the next hour to pass quickly, even with a stomach full of nerves.

"You know, if this thing last's longer then an hour; Vince isn't going to let you leave." Adam replied pulling his friends hopes to the floor.

"Damnit!" He replied. Adam was right, there would be no chance in hell he could get out before the meeting was over. "It better not be that long." He remarked in a low growl.

Adam laughed, but didn't question it.

"I'm glad you all could make it." Vince began looking across the room full of WWF employees. "I know most of you have just arrived, so I'm going to make this as quick as possible."

"That fits in my schedule." Ray Traylor said openly, rising a few "yup's" from within the group.

"Damn straight it does." Chris mumbled from his own seat.

"Got someplace to go kid?" Glen Jacobs asked, catching his thought.

"Yes." Christian responded, instantly thinking of Eva.

"Lets make sure there's no questions asked." The big man replied, nodding toward the others in the room.

"What's this about, anyway?" he asked the man known as Kane.

"As far as I know, there was some vandalism in the last arena." Glen said low. "Rumor has it they think it was one of us."

"What was done?" Christian asked.

"I'm glad you asked, Chris." Vince said catching the attention of both Chris and Glen. Realizing now that they were the very center of attention. "As Glen was explaining, a few of the officials in the last arena have gotten in-touch with both myself and Jim Ross. Apparently someone thought it would be humorous to change the signs entering the arena. Frankly I was ashamed to hear that such a deed had taken place."

Silence drifted across the room. Everyone seemed to be glancing at the person next to them. Wondering if they could be the culprit or could know who had actually done it. Christian too looked around at his fellow friends, his eyes drifted from face to face; trying to read each expression.

"Do they know who it was?" Shane McMahon called out from the other side of the room.

"What did it say?" Terri Runnels asked.

"What did it say, Vince?" Jason Reso asked, repeating Terri's question.

"I'd rather not discuss what it had said." Vince replied quickly, blushing at the question.

"Must have been something dirty." Amy remarked softly. The woman sat next to Christian, with her hands in her lap trying to keep them still.

"Know something we don't?" Chris said leaning over and whispering, her face quickly reddens.

"All's I am asking is for the childish act's to stop. And if anyone knows who is behind this, please come forward and tell me." Vince said. "That's all I have. Let's try to make this an excellent show tonight!"

"It was a dare!" The redhead said, standing up with everyone else. Her voice hidden, to everyone but Chris, amongst the idle chatter in the room.

"Sure it was." Christian said smirking at the woman. "What exactly did you write?"

Amy smiled mischievous towards him. "Enough."

"Should I expect any more?" Christian replied laughing.

"Any more of what?" Adam said coming up to the two.

"Nothing, Cope." Amy replied. "I'll talk to you later Chris."

Nodding he watched as she left before turning back to Adam.

"You've got to be out of your mind." The man said. "You've got something for Amy Dumas?"

"Me and Amy?" Chris said laughing. "That a very unlikely match!"

"Really?" Adam replied. "Because it's already five minutes to six. I expected to see you flying out of this room twenty minutes ago.

"Five to six?" Christian muttered moving quickly out of the room, heading toward the exit where he hoped Eva would be waiting.

"Wait up!" Adam said behind him, trying to catch up to Christian.

"Why?" Chris said back, continuing to walk.

"So I can help sneak them in." Adam said laughing.

"Them?" Christian thought, remembering then that Eva's friend Laura was coming. "Are they out there?"

The question pushed within his head as he got closer and closer to the door. A question simply craving an answer.