Chapter 3

Martha arrived back at the flat to see it had been totally cleaned.

"What happened?" she asked, running over to him at the table where he was working on a radio. She touched her hand to his forehead. "Are you ill? You don't feel warm. Well, you don't feel warmer than usual."

"Ha ha, very funny."

Martha smiled and sat opposite him. "Sorry."

"Nah, it's alright. Turns out I only don't do cleaning when I've got something better to do. And now the timey wimey thingy is finished, I'm bored out of my skull."

"I'm sorry. I know you hate this sort of life."

"'S not your fault. Just can't wait until Billy arrives. Shouldn't be long after that we get the TARDIS back."

"What are you working on now?" Martha indicated the radio.

"Inter-planetary radio. I remembered there's a good performance on Radio Yaron later this week, that's in the Valarion System. I thought if I could just inverse the coupling and boost the receptor, we could have a listen."

"You really are bored."


Having no suggestions for what to do, Martha asked a very domestic question. "What do you fancy for tea then?"

"Oh, I already made hard boiled eggs."


"Least it's something I can cook without burning."


Two days later Martha was working in the paper shop when the Doctor ran in.

"Martha, I need you." He said, running out before she had a chance to reply.

On instinct Martha grabbed her coat and headed out.

"You can't go!" shouted Mrs Graham. "The lunchtime rush is about to start!"

Martha hesitated by the door.

"If you leave now, you won't have a job to come back to!"

'So much for being there if I need you.' Martha thought. "I'm sorry," she said sincerely. "But he needs me."

Martha caught up with the doctor three blocks away.

"Thanks for waiting," she said, panting.

"What? You were either going to come or you weren't. No point hanging around."

Martha punched his arm.

"Oww! What was that for?"

"For not knowing me well enough to know I'd follow."

"Humans!" he muttered.

"So what's the big emergency?"



"Are you going to repeat everything I say?"

"No, just that bit. Ghosts?"


"You mean they're real, ghosts are real?"

"Yes, well, no. Not in the way you understand them. The phenomena is real, you just interpret it as dead loved ones as opposed to alien activity."

"So where are the ghosts?"

"Poltergeist to be precise."

"Okay, where are they?"

"Tower of London. I was locked up there once."


"1700's. Treason, apparently."

"What did you do?"

"Nothing. I was entirely innocent."

"Yeah, right."

The Doctor shook his head. "Humans, always so sceptical."

"Time Lords, always so pompous."

The Doctor tried to look sternly at her but failed miserably as a grin broke through his severe features.

"What are we waiting here for then?" Martha asked.

"Bus. It's much too far to run."


The Doctor flashed his psychic paper at the guard. "But I'm the queens special consultant on the, uh, supernatural."

"I still can't let you in, Sir." The guard replied.

"Oh, this is useless," he said turning to Martha and taking her hand. He led her away. Once out of the guard's earshot he said, "Right, we need another way in."

"We could climb." She suggested, pointing at the sheer wall, easily 20 foot high.

"Only if you're pals with Spider-man."

"Have you got any better ideas?"

"Yes, actually." The Doctor strode out into the street and pointed. "I give you one delivery van, headed for the Tower."

The Van stopped at the gate and Martha and the Doctor headed around the back. Opening the door with the repaired sonic, they climbed inside and closed the door as quietly as they could.

The van came to a rest inside the grounds. They waited silently until finally the Doctor said, "I think it's all clear." He opened the doors and they stepped out.

"Nice one." Admonished Martha, raising her hands.

"What? 'S not my fault."

"This way," said one of the armed guards. Martha and the Doctor followed him meekly and two guards followed behind them.


"Now what, Doctor?" asked Martha. They'd been interviewed separately for over two hours, now they'd been left in a room together. No doubt someone was listening, hoping they'd say something incriminating.

"We wait."

"Wait for what though?"

"Christmas." He said sarcastically.

"Oh fine! Be moody, see if I care!," she yelled. "I can't believe I lost my job for this." She seethed as she turned her back on him and they sat in silence. Martha had had some experience of silence over the last couple of hours, she hadn't spoken a word to her interrogators. Mostly because she had no clue what to say.

Suddenly the door flew open and an officer strode into the room, smiling.

"Doctor? It is you! Oh, I was hoping you' show up."

Martha noticed the Doctor smile tentatively. "And here I am."

As though noticing her for the first time, he turned towards Martha.

"And Miss Jones! Wonderful to see you again. Neither of you look a day older."

The Doctor and Martha were sharing looks, wondering what was happening.

"I'm sorry," said the Doctor, "Have we met?"

"Oh! Sorry. I suppose it was fifteen years ago. I'm General Shaw. Though I was only a Corporal back then, when we met in Greece. Oh well, no use dawdling, come on, the damage is this way."

They trailed behind him. "Do we know him?" Martha whispered.

"Not yet. But he clearly knows us."


The Doctor was examining a broken bookcase when Martha tapped him on the shoulder.

"Doctor what's that?" she asked, pointing to a patch of refracted rainbow light on the ceiling.

"Light. Probably bounding off something."

Martha shook her head. "It's cloudy outside and the lamps aren't lit in here."

The doctor smiled. "Good point. Clever girl." He stood up and walked closer to the patch of light. As he approached it moved so the doctor stopped advancing on it.

"Light," he muttered. "Emits light, kinetic energy," he held his hand up towards it. "It's warm. Light, energy, heat, light-energy-heat. Come on, come on, think. What year is it, 1969- Oh! Yes! YES! That's it!"

"What's it?" Martha asked.

"It's an Idg. They're particle beings, made up of all sorts of ionic particles, they live close to suns, feeding off the solar flares. Five years ago their sun began to die and they had a mass migration to find a new solar system, flying right through this system. This one's tiny, probably a child, lost it's way, fell to earth and hasn't a clue what to do."

"So what do we do?"

"Trap it. Once we get the TARDIS back we can catch up to the others and drip it off." He turned to the General. "I need something made of leaded glass." He turned to Martha and handed her the sonic. "Cut that lamp off and strip the wires but don't plug them in yet."

Five minutes later the electrical charge running through the leaded bottle has lured the Idg inside and the Doctor had sealed it in.

"Marvellous," cried the General. "Just Marvellous."


"I'm sorry I snapped at you earlier." He told her as they walked back to their flat.

"Me too."

"Forgive me?" he asked, flashing her those cute puppy-dog eyes she found it impossible to refuse.


He grinned and took her hand.

"Any day now, Martha Jones. Any day you and I are going to be back out there, travelling, exploring-"


"Freeloading," he agreed, laughing.

"I can't wait." She told him, truthfully.

"What's that?" Martha asked as they headed up the stairs."

The Doctor looked panicked. "It's the timey wimey machine!" he took off, running for their apartment. Martha smiled briefly and chased after him. Things were getting back to normal already.


Martha insisted that Billy came back to the apartment with them that evening. The Doctor grumbled a little, but agreed it wasn't very easy to find somewhere to sleep at 10.30 at night when you didn't have any money.

Billy was still shocked as he followed them out of the alley way. Martha was sure some part of him still didn't believe what had happened. And she didn't blame him, it was madness.

The next morning she took Billy out and showed him around. The truth seemed to be sinking in and the dread followed shortly after it.

Over the next two days Martha and the Doctor did their best to reassure him he would be fine, he would adapt and he would, eventually thrive.

"You'll be leaving soon?" he asked Martha as they sat down to share a coffee.

She nodded. "Soon as the TARDIS gets here."

"You and the Doctor, are you...?"

Martha shook her head. "No, just an act. We thought it'd be easier to get by here as a couple."

"But you love him?" Billy asked.

Martha hesitated, then nodded, sadly. "I don't think he even notices though."

Billy smiled. "I think he does."

"I don't see any signs."

"He's watching you right now."

Martha looked up, surprised.

"He's down the road, leaning against a blue box, just looking at you."

"That's the TARDIS. Why hasn't he come to get me?"

"He's happy. Don't you ever find your gaze drawn to him, when he isn't looking?"

"Sometimes. But-"

Billy laughed. "You want romance and roses and valentines day cards, yes?"

Martha shrugged. "What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing. Those are very nice things, but your Doctor will never give them to you."


"I don't know what happened but he's damaged, Martha, you can see it in his eyes. You see a lot in the police force, a lot you don't always want to see. I've seen men like your Doctor, and worse than him."

"How do you mean?"

"Life is hard, Martha. Even for normal people, it's hard. But there are some things no man should have to go through. I'm not saying you're naive, I have no experience of them either, and I never want to. But I've seen people forced to endure the horror of loosing a loved one. They never completely recover."

"What should I do?" she asked.

"Love him."

"But what if he can't love me back?"

Billy smiled. "He's always holding your hand. He never puts you down, or laughs at you, even though he's clearly ten times clever than us. He nurtures you, praising you when you do well, helping you when you need him, but never interfering when he isn't wanted. Trust me, he is a man in love."

"Is that enough, though?" she asked.

Billy smiled. "Which would you rather, Martha. A man who told you he loved you every day, but ignored your feelings, or a man who may never say he loves you, but who shows you that love, every day?"

Martha took a deep breath but didn't answer his question. Instead she said. "I think I can see why you made such a good policeman."

Billy smiled. "Thank you."

"I'd better join him." She reached over and kissed Billy on the cheek. "Thanks, for everything. And good luck."

As Martha approached the Doctor, she was reminded of the first time she'd seem him standing outside his box, offering her the trip of a life time. He has that same slight smile playing on his lips now. She loved that smile.

"Right then, Mrs Smith. Ready to get going?"

"Absolutely, Mr Smith."

Martha walked into the control room. "I've missed this place." She said, as he came up behind her and rested his hand on her shoulder.

"Me too." He said gently. After a moment he snapped out of it. "Right then! Off we go!" And he was dancing around the console like usual, pulling levers, pushing buttons and making the machine whirr into life.

"Where are we?" Martha asked as the TARDIS column slowed to a stop.

The Doctor only grinned, looking decidedly pleased with himself. "You'll see." He took her hand and led her to the door.

"Oh my god!"

The Doctor beamed at her.

Martha took a step forward but the Doctor held her back with an arm around her waste. "You've got to stay inside. The TARDIS protects us in here, but out there you won't be able to breath."

Martha didn't appear to mind. "It's still beautiful." She said.

The Doctor leaned in and pointed. "If you look right about there, you'll see Apollo 11's lunar module, the Eagle, any moment now."

"You mean they're landing on the moon now? While we're here?"

"Told you I'd take you to see it again when we got the TARDIS back."

"But they'll see us!"

"We're behind the camera and the perception field will stop them noticing us."

Martha smiled. No, she decided, she didn't need proclamations of undying love. She had the Doctor, he was more than enough.