Chapter One: The Legend of UltimateChaosmon

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In a time of my great elders, there existed a legendary Digimon that lived in the digital world. The digimon was so powerful, so chaotic that even the Sovereigns had a difficult time dealing with it.

UltimateChaosmon was roaming all parts of the digital world, destroying all order and balance-killing evil and good. It's only purpose of existing was to create chaos and disturb the balance of the world. Along side, the human world was in great danger as what happened in the digital world, could happen in the human world. With its cursed power, nothing would survive the relentless reign.

When the chaotic hour came, and UltimateChaosmon thought it won everything, the Ancient Ones appeared. They stopped the madness and created the three groups of order and balance to cease UltimateChaosmon's plan.

The first group were called the Royal Knights. They were the ones that stood up for justice. They were skilled warriors who came from different paths of life but had immeasurable power. With their swords and courageous acts, they stood together and only spoke of justice, neither good nor evil. The only downfall was that in each of the knight's eyes, justice spoke a different meaning. Some saw that protecting the innocent was the core of justice while others saw it to their own benefits. It caused trouble among the other groups.

Next, was the second group, the Seven Holy Angels that were sent to deliver goodness and light throughout the Digital World. With their wings, they would fly upon the skies and deliver the seven virtues. The virtues were chastity, temperance, generosity, zeal, patience, charity, and humility to the Digimon below. Each angel like digimon were benevolent, however, each were at risk for becoming too vain or pretentious. It was important for them to keep in mind all digital creatures deserved their protection, not just certain types. They had clashed very horrifically with the last group, the Seven Great Demon Lords.

Some claim the Seven Great Demon Lords were fallen angels of the Seven Holy Angels but it was only a whisper of a rumour. They were the ones that represented the evil and darkness in the world as they were reputable for being cruel, and hateful. Each of the demon digimon had a deadly sin to represent. There was pride, greed, gluttony, sloth, lust, wrath, and envy. Many would think that they were unnecessary but in fact-they were the most important. For without the darkness, world would still be unbalanced. Some people said that the Demon Lords were misunderstood and had the capacity to care just like the Holy Angels had the ability to be violent and cold-hearted.

The three groups, despite their differences, teamed up and locked UltimateChaosmon in a chamber unknown to the Sovereigns themselves for many, many years to come. Although, the battle had its sacrifices and tolls. Many digimon used so much of their power, they were deleted as a result. A few Demon Lords fell to UltimateChaosmon, and several Holy Angels gave up their life, so the battle did not end in vain. Many mourned over their lives but the Ancient Ones took pity upon the beings of the digital world. Carefully, with the combination of their powers, the Ancient Ones created several eggs and devices that could bring them back in case the seal on UltimateChaosmon ever broke.

Over the many generations that passed, some came to awaken as one of the main groups. Some sadly, were lost and forgotten. To this day, some chosen ones have no idea that they were meant to fulfill a great purpose-a legend where balance and order met chaos.

Once the Ancient Ones left the world, the threat of UltimateChaosmon became a memory, then a legend, then only a myth and finally, a story.

To this day, not much is known about UltimateChaosmon or the groups that defeated them. All we know is that one day, the seal will break eventually…and chaos will swallow the digital world and human world in due time-

"-and it will eat us ALL!" Bakemon cried, popping up out of nowhere revealing his sharp, white, fangs. Kunemon screamed in terror while Gazimon gave a heavy sigh, annoyed at the interruption of her story. The rest in the van were unphased by Bakemon's scare.

"If you are going to scare us, then you might as well do it when it is an appropriate time." replied Gazimon, crossing her arms and closing her dark pink eyes. The digimon was the size of a small child with long ears upon her head. She preferred to stand upon her two legs. Instead of using her dark claws to attack and cause trouble, she like to flip pages of the many books her tamer had given her to read. Upon the end of her long thin tail, was a dark ring with inscriptions unreadable to anyone. What had set this Gazimon apart from other digimon was the fact she had bright pink eyes sparkling with curiosity.

"She has a point Bakemon," chimed in the driver, a nineteen year old boy. He had shaggy black hair covered his blue eyes giving him a mysterious look. "For being a ghost digimon, you do suck at scaring people."

Bakemon pouted his face and casted his spectre eyes, "You are supposed to be on my side Luke!" The white ghost digimon floating over to his Tamer, Luke Gilliss. Luke scolded his digimon about distracting him from the road and steered the van off the highway, getting off at Saint David road. While Bakemon had to return to his 'seat', Kunemon was still shaking from the scare.

Kunemon was a smaller digimon and commonly sat upon his tamer's lap. His red and yellow body had black designs on them making him very noticeable. However, this digimon hated to be noticed and fell to anxiety attacks when there were too many people around, or sudden movement, or loud sounds. A lot bothered Kunemon actually.

"C'mon Kunemon, show some backbone!" Another teen in the back of the car complained, lightly punching the small, bug digimon. Kunemon chattered his blue beak anxiously. The tamer was PJ Kennedy, one of the smallest in the group. He wore a hat over his head covering his bright red hair-a indication that he was a ginger. How a self conscious Tamer and an anxiety ridden digimon were paired together was a mystery but PJ was helping Kunemon come out of his shell, while Kunemon was making him tolerable to shock attacks-a common symptom of Kunemon's anxiety. The bug digimon trembled in PJ's baggy green sweater hoping to seek comfort from his tamer.

"But-but, he scared me PJ!"

"Oh my God. Guys, can you like, please be quiet for like, a little bit? We are going to be there in like, two seconds!" An elder teen girl cried flipping her brown and pink highlighted hair back. Ally Short was the socialite of the group, always down to party, knowing the trendiest thing, or find the cutest outfits. While she was a little eccentric, her digimon Gazimon found her amusing. The grey virus digimon sat beside Ally, adjusting her seatbelt carefully to make sure it was secure.

"Correction Ally, we will not be there in two seconds since what you call the Lapp apartments, would be in sight now."

Ally Short just rolled her eyes at Gazimon. "Whatever Gazimon, it's close enough. I hope Marianna and the others don't get lost trying to follow us."

"With Luke driving, we are doomed." joked Bakemon cackling. The virus ghost digimon turned transparent, dodging the pen that Luke threw at him. It instead hit PJ in the face.

"Hey, watch it!"

"I passed the drivers test, unlike you two!" Ally and PJ gave sour looks at Luke. Ally failed seven times, PJ failed his once. It was mutually agreed on the group that whoever gave Ally her drivers license, was officially labelled insane.

"So, is the legend actually true Gazimon?" PJ asked looking to the digimon who shrugged.

"There is no actual proof that this happened. But I suppose legends do have to be born from somewhere. The digimon that I've been hanging around, before I met Ally, told me the story when I was just a Pagumon." Gazimon looked outside, beyond her partner, "What's that?"

Ally glanced at the building Gazimon pointed. It was annoying to Ally that Gazimon wanted to know everything about the human world. The teen replied,

"Art museum. I'll show you it sometime. If we ever get to the Lapp apartments."

"Luke, how come we are living here instead at your parent's mansion?" Bakemon suddenly asked, floating to the empty passenger seat.

At first, the group had no idea Luke was rich. Luke was tired of just having friends because of his money. So, he wore older clothing, refrained wearing his expensive watch, and brought lunch to school like any other teenager. It was not until he started to date his girlfriend, Marianna Sanchez that the others found out, and accepted the fact that Luke's family had money. Luke stayed humble, and even got a part time job, washing dishes.

Kunemon looked at PJ out of his Tamer's sweater sadly.

"Yea, I really liked your mom."

PJ gave a huff of annoyance. His Digimon was sort of a wimp. PJ's mom loved Kunemon dearly. Often times, the digimon would hang in the kitchen, help her bake or listen to the mother hum lullabies to ease Kunemon's anxiety. When PJ arrived home from school, the teen would read Kunemon more adventures of Captain America, or Spider-Man from old school comics. When push came to shove, he knew Kunemon would battle for him. He just had to conquer his anxiety.

It had been almost four years since Kunemon and Gazimon were partnered with PJ and Ally. The two were lucky since the reign of the Anti-Digimon Association was coming to a close and their friends were already Tamers. It was a little awkward explaining to Ally's uncle that there would be another digimon living in the house, but it worked out. Agumon, Cam's digimon partner and Gazimon got along just fine, it was Ally and Cam who fought still-however not as bad as before. Their time in the digital world had taught them a valuable lesson of teamwork.

Since the tamers had been on television, they became temporary celebrities in Canada for standing up at the Summit. Reporters tried to get interviews, but the Tamers all declined saying they did not put all that hard work into becoming celebrities. (Ally was all for the interviews, but Marianna gave her a lecture about using her Tamer privileges as a step up to be popular. It was irresponsible). The group fought hard to win over the world leaders so they could keep their digimon and stay friends without a crazy government trying to ruin things.

Actually, in Canada, things had became very quiet after Erika Rose was arrested in Japan, and Lindy was discovered to be alive. After the whole fiasco, Marianna had personally phoned Lindy to give her shit for making the group believe she was dead. It took a few weeks, but Lindy eventually won Marianna's forgiveness. Lindy kept in touch via Skype and phone calls at one in the morning.

But high school came and went and they all graduated. Now the Canadian Tamers were attending Brock University in St. Catharines. The city of Saint Catharines was the next town over from Niagara Falls. It was nicknamed the 'Garden City' with lots of beauty and energy. The group agreed to all attend at Brock and stick together as the Canadian Tamers. It was much cheaper than to travel across Canada to another university that would accept them all.

Marianna, the Latino leader of the group, came up with the great idea of living all together in the Lapp Apartments. The idea was agreed upon everyone, so it became true.

"Bakemon," Luke began, turning a sharp left onto a residential street. "We are college students now, we need to get our own place. Besides, you get to hang out with Tiguramon more, won't that be fun?" The sarcastic tone made Bakemon roll his eyes. Tiguramon harped on Bakemon's mischievous conundrums frequently, much to his annoyance.

Everyone cheered as they pulled into the parking lot of the Lapp apartments. It was a long twenty minute drive for the group.

"Finally, were here!" Bakemon cried impatiently. "Now, time to haunt my own room!"

"Pick a room that no one is living in Bakemon!" Luke called out as the ghost digimon floated through the building. The group held their gaze to the Lapp apartments.

The exterior was nothing crazy to rave about. It was a brick exterior that was about six stories high, beholding various single and double rooms for students. Windows were large holding various blinds, flags, or even bottles of booze. These apartments were for college students. The rent was cheap, and it was very close to Brock. Only catch was that the landlord hated digimon. However, apparently he never really ventured out much so the group was not too concerned about him. Most of the digimon were going to be easy to hide.

"You should keep an eye on him more." Gazimon pointed out, as she climbed out of the van and took a box of Ally's stuff. The teen girl was taking a picture of herself in front of the apartments.

"If he wants to get in trouble, then let him. I'm not his mom." countered Luke.

"You're his partner though."

"Yea Luke! I mean look at me and Gazimon we're really tight!" Ally said taking another picture of herself. Gazimon muttered something about 'doing all the work' and started to head for the main doors.

"You want some help with your stuff?" PJ asked jerking a thumb at the five boxes Luke brought with him, but he shook his head.

"Nah, I can get it. I hope Marianna made it." His wish was answered as another van pulled in the parking lot and parked beside the brown van that Luke drove. The door flew open as soon as it stopped and out rushed a brunette woman with dark brown skin.

"Hey, baby!" Marianna Sanchez cried, jumping into Luke's arms and wrapped her legs around him. She planted a small kiss on his nose. "I missed you!"

"We've only been apart for twenty minutes." He smirked at his girlfriend while holding her tightly. The two had been together for a total of five years now and they were closer than ever. They planned to live together in their first apartment as a couple. This earned a few sly remarks from Bakemon about 'keeping the door closed'. Bakemon then learned how to dodge flying objects from a cursing Latino teenager.

All doors of the dark blue van opened and out climbed the rest of the gang. A nineteen year old teenager with an orange dinosaur Digimon, and a tall, thin girl with an odd yellow bow on her hair. They both started to collect their stuff.

"Hey Cam, how come we are here again?" the dinosaur Digimon asked while Cam Seleski took a box out of the car and threw it to his partner. Cam had grew much taller than everyone else in the group, which only helped him earn his scholarship for football at Brock. While he could easily carry his boxes, he wanted Agumon to help out.

"Because we are going to live here now, Agumon. I'm attending university now and this means I get to see more hot chicks if I live on my own." Cam replied smiling a goofy grin and started to carry his stuff to the Lapp apartments. Agumon joked about Cam never getting a date to which Cam retorted, loudly listing all the girls he apparently 'went on dates' with in high school.

"Cam! You forgot to close the car door!" the raven haired girl cried and shut the doors with a strong push. Suddenly, she bumped into the van and the ribbon on her head gave a moan.

"Sorry, Bowmon! You okay?" Katrina Weithers asked, holding her digimon softly. The yellow bow whispered that she would be alright and gave a small smile.

"That's good. I guess I have to make two trips with my stuff. What's my room number again?"

"You're room 113 correct?" the blue and white stripped tiger Digimon asked trotting over to Katrina.

"Yea, thanks Tiguramon. I'm going to be amused how you're going to be kept a secret to the landlord here. I heard he hates Digimon."

Even after most places got rid of the digimon ban, there were some people who simply didn't trust digimon. It was illegal to harm a digimon or Tamer without good reason, but some groups were formed to hunt digimon. Fortunately, the group had not encountered any.

Tiguramon gazed her amber eyes to Katrina with an air of confidence,

"Marianna says she will find a soultion and I'm sure it will be a good one." Her voice was polite when speaking of her partner. Ever since the two met, Tiguramon deeply respected Marianna and awed the beautiful teen. Marianna in turn gave the same amount of respect, and did not leave her out of her sight. It was hard when they returned to the human world. Marianna's wound had healed thanks to her crest, but she felt sore when walking too long. Tiguramon was her crutch, until she fully recovered.

The grey sky started to spit raindrops. Everyone groaned and swore at their luck. The forecast only claimed it would be cloudy today-nothing about rain! Quickly, they packed up their belongings and scrambled into the building. Katrina set her box down and put Bowmon on top of her stuff.

"Guard it, alright?" Bowmon nodded. She floated on top of the box, obeying Katrina's command.

Moments later, the tall teen brought another box in and pushed her wet, raven hair back behind her ears. Rain wasn't her favourite weather condition. She preferred a crisp, cool autumn day. But, that wasn't going to come true now.

Cam and Ally were already arguing to Marianna about who was going to use the elevator first, when a white digimon came through the ceiling and startled them. Cam swore at Bakemon and told him to watch where he was appearing. Bakemon ignored him, and went to his partner.

"Luke!" Bakemon cried zooming to Luke's annoyed face too closely. "You wouldn't believe who's here! Guess! Guess!"

"Bakemon, just tell us please." Marianna, put a hand on her hips and raised an eyebrow, but the ghost digimon shook his head.

"No! You won't believe this but I'm sure of it. She's here! Lindy is actually here in the apartment!"

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