Author's Note: Aach, I know, ANOTHER story but I've had it stuck in my head ALL day and I couldn't wait to get the trailer written. It's a sort of Romeo and Juliet/ West Side Story, kind of story, hence the name, East High Story. I know, the title sucks so it's liable to change when I think of something better. In fact, I'm accepting suggestions for another title. So if you have an idea, let me know! Now on with the trailer!

East High Story


Bold – Narrator

Italics – Scenes

Normal – Dialogue or Actions

From the creator of "Who Knew?" and "Their Secret Spot"

Two families….

Shows scenes of different members of the Bolton and Montez families.

are at war with each other…

Shows Antonio Montez yelling at his wife

"I will not stand to be insulted by that riff-raff of a family!"

Shows Taylor McKessie talking to friends

"The Bolton's and Montez's have hated each other since time began."

"Why?" One of her friends asks

"No one knows why."

But what if their two young-ones…

Shows Troy Bolton playing basketball with his friends

Shows Gabriella in her room reading a love story

are about to meet…

Shows a busy room at a house party

Troy yells to his friends, " I'm just gonna go get a drink" and then starts to bustle through the crowd.

"God, where are the toilets in this place?" Gabriella mumbles to herself but is bumped into by a tall boy.

"Oh, sorry!"

"No it's my fault"

Both people lock eyes and are suddenly mesmerized…

Shows Gabriella talking to her older sister

"Who was that boy?" Gabriella asked while looking through the crowds to try and see him again.

Natalia crosses her arms and gives her a stern look, "Oh, that's Troy, he's only the youngest member of your biggest enemy."

Gabriella twirls back round with shock on her face "He's a Bolton?"

Show's Troy walking back to his friends.

"Dude, did I just see you with that Montez girl?" Chad smirks.

"That what girl?" Troy double takes.

What if, despite their conflictions…

Shows Troy talking to Gabriella just below her balcony

"I was just wondering… if you would like to go out some time? In secret, of course" Troy smiles as if the whole Montez/Bolton fight is nothing but a joke.

. This fight, could become… love?

Shows Troy and Gabriella in a diner laughing their heads off

Then shows them lying on the grass staring at the stars…

"I've never met any one like you" Gabriella looks at Troy "And I'm glad I did"

Troy leans in to kiss her….

But what if their own loved-ones, don't agree…

Shows Gabriella arguing with her cousin, Marco

"I love him!"

"Please, that's not love. That's infatuation." Marco snipes.

Shows Troy and his older brother, Brent.

"Troy, she is nothing but a pretty face with THAT last name! Why bother?"

"Because she is SO much more than that!

And this fight, becomes personal…

Shows news reader…

"Two members of the Montez family have been arrested for…."

Shows Marco yelling at Troy


Shows Antonio talking to his daughter

"I'm transferring you to St Diana's Academy for Girls. I'm taking you out of East High…"

"What?" Gabriella looks up at her father, her eyes welling up.

Can their love withstand this war?

Shows Gabriella and Troy together in the park, Gabriella with tears running down her face.

"I'm scared Troy, I don't wanna leave you"

"Oh baby, you won't." Troy pulls her into a hug, then whispers in her ears "I won't let that happen…"

Starring Zac Efron…

Shows Troy lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking of Gabriella with a smile on his face.

And Vanessa Anne Hudgens

Shows Gabriella at her vanity preparing herself for a date with Troy.

Scene changes to the couple on Gabriella's balcony when Troy is about to climb down.

"Do you trust me?" Troy looks up at Gabriella with on foot on the tree for balance.

"More than anyone" Gabriella leans over the balcony to kiss Troy.

East High Story

Coming to a bedroom/study/wherever your bleeding computer is… near you.

A/N: I'm actually really beginning to like this story even though its only the start. Review and let me know what you think and suggestions are welcome! And also, this was my first proper trailer!