Summary-After her mother is ripped from her, Sakura gets beat up by her father and the popular crowd at school. But there is a secret she's hiding. What happens when someone begins to discover it? And what will they do?

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Secret Identity- Welcome to My Life

"Sakura!" a scraggly-looking man stumbled out of bed. "Get your ass down here and make me some breakfast!!" Sakura sleepily looked at her alarm clock.

"6:00…you have got to be kidding me…"

"Dad knows school doesn't start until 8:00" she muttered to herself. "Is he really that incapable of getting a bowl of cereal?"

"You better hurry up!" Sakura's father shouted up the steps. "Or I'm coming to get you! You're not going to get away with being a lazy brat under my roof!"

Sakura hopped out of bed, and threw on a hoodie. By "get", he meant grab by the neck and thrust down the stairs. She shivered at the thought, but it's not like it never happened before.

Sakura stirred the bright yellow eggs in the frying pan. She turned off the stove, and picked up the pan.

"Dad", Sakura called her father, "your eggs are done."

Sakura's dad stumbled into the room. "You whore! I told you I wanted them scrambled!!"

"Dad, they are scrambled." She hated when he got like this, because then he completely lost every ounce of sense he had. And there wasn't much to start out with in the beginning.

"You calling me a liar?" her father demanded. He staggered toward her, one fist clenched.

"O-of-of course not dad." She pressed against the wall behind her, frying pan still in her hands.

"You better not be calling me a liar, you dirty bitch. And after I take you in as my own." He was obviously drunk. He got really close to her and she could smell his beer breath.

"Dad, i am your own, and I'm not calling you a liar". Honestly, he got overworked about the smallest things, but that was how he acted when he was drunk.

"You stupid-…" He raised his fist to punch her, but lucky for her she had the frying pan. Right as he was about to bring his hand down-



Sakura quickly dropped the pan and sprinted for the door, grabbing her bookbag and books off of the kitchen table on the way out.

"You whore, get back here!"

She practically broke the screen door running out it.

"Wait until you get home, I'm going to whoop your ass!" He screamed after her. Sakura ran faster.

Everyone can see who I appear to be
But only a few, know the real me
You can only see, what I choose to show
There's so much behind this smile
You Just Don't Know

Sakura stopped running, and caught her breath. She had been running for about ten minutes. She calmed down a little, and decided to walk the rest of the way, starting to think about what was going to happen the minute she walked inside the school yard.

"Well there's the little bitch" Kiba would say.

"I almost thought our punching bag wouldn't make it today." Gaara would taunt.

then they'd all start cracking up, except for Sasuke; "The Ice Prince" "The Mysterious Hottie" "The Big Hunk 'a Meat"... Sakura could remember at least 73 different names she heard his fan club call him.

Then after that 'belly-shaker' they'd all start beating her up. All meaning Kiba,Neji, Gaara, and Shino, while Sasuke looked on.

She sighed as she neared the school.

Sakura slowly walked through the Konoha High Gate. "Oh crap. Here comes the dreaded Ice Prince with his crowd."

"Well there's the little bitch" Kiba said.

"And to think he almost missed his cue" Sakura thought.

"I almost thought our punching bag wouldn't make it today" Gaara taunted.

Then of course, like drunken hyenas, they started cracking up.

"Don't those morons realize they same the same thing EVERY DAY??"

As soon as they got a straight face, Shino lunged forward, his fist swinging behind him. Sakura felt the blow and stumbled into the gate wall.

Do you feel like a man
When you push her around?
Do you feel better now
As she falls to the ground?

Shino and Kiba held her against the wall, while Gaara and Neji took turns giving her hits on her face and stomach. Soon she was all bloody, and feeling a bit woozy. Shino and Kiba let go of her, and she let out a small moan, before falling face-first on the ground.


"Oh joy, just what I need."

"Why don't you get lost you punks?"

"Why don't you try growing a brain?"

A few snickers could be heard. Sakura's rescuer snarled, and suddenly thrust his fist into the person standing closest to him. Poor Shino.

Kiba helped Shino off of the ground, and began stretching his arms, like he was about to engage in a serious workout.

"I haven't beaten you up in a long time Uzumaki. I almost miss it."

Naruto, who had been kneeling on the ground, next to Sakura, growled and stood up.

"I'd like to see you try." Shino towered a few inches above Naruto, but Naruto was defiantly more built.

Sasuke decided it was time for an intervention.

"Come on."

He and Neji simultaneously walked up the steps and into the school. Gaara turned and followed after them.

Shino and Kiba glared at Naruto, who was back to kneeling next to Sakura.

"You got lucky this time. But don't expect to be so fortunate the next time we run into each other." Kiba warned him. Shino nodded "See you around…or at least we'll see you. But maybe you won't see us…"

Naruto rolled his eyes at their attempt to sound dangerous. "You idiots, we have all of our morning classes, and lunch together!"

Kiba groaned in frustration. "Come on Shino!" They both marched up the steps and into the building.

"Yea, kick rocks, losers." Naruto shook his head. He remembered about Sakura, and turned his attention to her. She was sitting next to him, holding her stomach.

"Are you okay?" His voice was entwined with worry.

"Yea, yea, I'm fine."

"Are you sure, because-"

"Naruto, I'm fine. I'm fine every other day and I'm fine again today."

Naruto looked down, as Sakura stood up from the ground and picked up her books. Brushing herself off, she sighed quietly.

"Maybe I was a little too mean."

Naruto stood up, his back to her. "Well, I'll see you inside then."

Sakura dropped her books, and lunged forward, hugging Naruto from behind. "I'm sorry."

Naruto smiled. Fighting the blush that was creeping its way up his neck, he pulled Sakura in front of him, picked up her things and handed them to her, and placed his arm around her shoulder. "Come on." They walked towards the building as the first bell rang.

"Um, Sakura-chan? I was wondering...maybe...if we could go out sometime."

Sakura glanced at Naruto. He was looking forward with a slight grimace on his face, dreading the answer. She thought for a moment.

"Naruto, I don't know. I'll have to think about it ok?"

She wasn't sure if her heart was ready for him again.

"Ok." A look of relief but yet disappoint flashed across his face.

"Naruto it's only been a little while. Putting my complete trust you again something I'm not sure I can do."

You want her
need her
You had her
You lost her

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