"Now both of you listen to Draco. I have some business to attend to, but I will meet up with you three in a little while," said Lucius coldly. "If I hear about anything you've done, you will be severely punished when you get home. Remember you're in public now." With a last warning glare, he turned on his heel and walked away, in the direction of Borgin and Burkes.

"Come on," Draco said with a sneer. "Keep up; there isn't time to dawdle." He began to walk quickly towards Flourish and Blotts - their first stop on the list. His pocket was full of money to buy the best books that the store owned.

Satine kept up, following him like a shadow. She looked around with an air of cold disdain at everything she saw, but she was internally taking note of where they were going, how people acted, and how she in turn would/should act. This was the first time she had gone out in public with all sorts of people, and it intrigued her by how different people acted.

Sadie looked around, getting lost slightly in the crowd around her. She trailed behind Draco and Satine, wanting to go into almost every store. She caught up to them and just as Draco started to say something.

"Satine, Sadie, go get your books." He handed them a handful of coins each.

"Thank you," Sadie said, and walked around looking in the bookstore. She took out her list and looked around for her school books, before getting distracted some of the other books in the store.

"Remember, only the best copy you can find. We don't deserve anything less. Satine, here's my list. Get mine as well."

"And what will you be doing?" Satine drawled, indignant.

"Looking around," was his sharp retort. "Just go! You're wasting time."

There was a commotion going on up front, but it barely phased Sadie. She was near the aisle and she saw what seemed to be a red-haired family. She adjusted her glasses to see Harry Potter with them. She assumed the red-headed family was the Weasleys, the family her father loathed. They all had smiles on their faces and looked happy. They were joking with each other, and she smiled to herself.

Draco wondered what was going on up front, for there was a huge crowd buzzing with excitement. When he saw the man causing all the fuss, he sneered. He'd heard about him, and Draco thought he was the biggest idiot he had ever heard of. Why he was so popular, Draco could never guess. He wasn't even good-looking. His sneer combined with a glare when Draco saw who was joining him. Harry-bloody-Potter. Of course he would be the center of attention. Can't get enough of it, can he? The arrogant git.He noticed Harry stepping down, and decided to put him to rights. "Bet you loved that, didn't you Potter?" Draco called out. "Famous Harry Potter, can't even go into a bookshop without making the front page."

Sadie looked out sideways, watching to see what was about to happen.

Harry glared at him and started to say something when Ginny beat him to it, "Leave him alone."

Hermione glared Draco. He always just hadto make a spectacle of Harry did, just because he couldn't get attention all on his own. Why couldn't he just leave them alone for once?

Sadie bit her lip at the confrontation and continued to stare. She got a little closer trying to go unnoticed and continued to watch.

Satine walked through the rows of books, pulling book after book down from the shelves. Within five minutes, she had all the books that she needed to buy, and went to go look for Draco's. Once that was done, she went back to Sadie, who was standing there with her books in her hand. "Come on, Sadie," Satine urged, somewhat irritably. She wanted to get out of there. All the commotion and rude, useless sounds were beginning to vex her. Sadie nodded to her sister, and intended to keep up with her, but she was too intrigued by the conversation at hand. Satine, realizing her sister wasn't going to move, let out a sound of impatience and grabbed Sadie's books from her. Looks like she was going to have to do everything herself.

Honestly, if you're not doing anything, don't stand in the way,thought Satine darkly, glaring at people as she elbowed by them. As she was shorter than everyone else, it wasn't until she reached the front that she realized why everyone was standing there. Wrinkling her nose in distaste at the man who looked every bit as idiotic as he truly was, she dropped the books on the desk and laid the money on the table. Luckily, it seemed that the scene was over, and everyone was now trying to get their books signed by the man. The owner of the shop was scuttling around, trying to maintain order in the shop. He was looking quite frazzled. When he came near, Satine loudly cleared her throat, while examining her fingernails. He looked around, realized that she was waiting, and hurried over. Apologizing for not noticing earlier, he took the money and pushed the books toward her. She took the books without a word and flounced away. She passed Sadie's books off to her and headed over to wear Draco was.

The tower of books reached past her actual height, so she couldn't see over them. With her typical drawl, she said, "Here Draco. Take your books. I'm not a house elf. You could use the exercise anyway." The books transferred to her brother's arms and revealed the smirk that formed on Satine's mouth. It was then she noticed that she had interrupted an encounter between her brother and what she assumed was his enemy, Harry Potter, and some other people of no significance. She'd heard enough description about him in the books. She turned her attention to the scrawny boy, her cool gaze sweeping over him, mind calculating. With a slight lift in the eyebrows, she sneered, "So you're Harry Potter are you? Quite a let down, considering all the great things the books claimyou did, and the stories that I've heard. Draco, you were beaten by him?"

Pathetic,was the message he derived from her tone. His blood began to boil, embarrassed that Satine was bringing that up in front of others. "He just got lucky," he retorted back, grey eyes narrowing at his enemy. He silently made yet another avowal that he would beat Potter and his Mudblood friend.

"Oh was that the way of it?" Harry asked. He didn't know exactly what this girl who seemed like his sister was refering to. He figured that it was just about his accomplishments, maybe bringing out Voldemort, and all of that.

Ron glared at Draco, as did Ginny. All they wanted to do was hit the both of them. Was this what their whole family was like?

George sneered at the two of them, and if he was allowed to use magic he would. Fred was as angry as his brother. If only they were at school...but alas, they were at a bookstore during summer vacation. If Malfoy said one more word, Fred was going to make sure he and George got him back good. He noticed the two younger girls as well, one because she said something, and the other because she hadn't. He wondered who the second girl was, for she seemed completely different. He couldn't imagine what she was doing with them.

Sadie bit her lip at all the confrontation her brother and sister were causing. They were being awfully rude to these people, who didn't seem to do anything to the two of them. They seemed to have been minding their own business the entire time. She tilted her head to the side to try and go unnoticed, hoping that her brother and sister wouldn't notice her, and hoping even more that the other people didn't either.

Draco opened his mouth to retort back to Harry's comment, but a cool voice cut through. "Satine. Draco. If your books are already purchased, then I suggest you finish up. Or did you not remember that we are on a schedule? Or maybe you simply decided to disregard all that I said just so you could have a fight in hopes to get the chance to redeem yourself." The last comment was more directed towards Draco, and he colored slightly.

When Lucius walked in, Sadie proceeded to walk away. She didn't want her father to think that she wasn't doing something useful, so she walked to an aisle still glancing over and started reading, trying to get lost in the book.

"Sorry Father. It won'thappen again," Satine answered smoothly, flashing her father a smirk. He returned it in reply. "Take care that you don't pick up your brother's faults, Satine," he told her, and then gave a nod of dismissal. Satine quickly exited the building with a haughty toss of her head. Draco glared at Harry for a moment longer before following.

Sadie looked up and noticed that her brother and sister were nowhere to be found. She put the book down and walked around to try and find them. She glanced around at all the books and wished that she could read every one of them.

She turned her head slightly when she passed by to look at Harry Potter. She noticed the scar on his forehead, and her mouth seemed to drop slightly open. Against what she knew her father wanted, she had read a lot about the boy. She felt somewhat sorry for him. He had grown up without a mother or father because they were killed by the Dark Lord. She tried to block those thoughts out of her head, and not have sympathy for him. It was wrong; at least, that's what her father told her.

When Lucius, Draco, and Satine entered the next shop, the Apothecary, and began to look around. Lucius and Draco went to go talk to the owner about something, leaving Satine all by herself. She looked around and, noticing that her companion was nowhere to be seen, frowned. "Sadie?" she hissed, going through the aisles. She wasn't in the store; then where was she? What if she was lost? Or stuck? Or hurt? What if she was crying for help, but nobody had heard her? Or worse yet, what if Potter and his goons got to her? Satine's grey eyes widened at the thought. She had to find Sadie. She glanced back at the counter. Her father and Draco looked sufficiently occupied, so she knew she would have time to find her sister. And if Sadie and Satine didn't make it back in time, Satine could always smooth things over. Her father adored her.

The small girl weaved in and out of people to quickly make it back to Flourish and Blotts. She couldn't explain why or how; she just feltthat Sadie was in there. Satine pushed open the door and found herself caught in another crowd. She sneered in annoyance. What are all these bloody people doing here? Honestly, some of us NEED TO GET THROUGH!She ignored people's protests as her elbows collided with tender areas. If they were going to stand in the way like a bunch of mindless sheep, then they would have to deal with the consequences.

Finally, the blonde spotted her sister. She looked a little lost and scared, so Satine assumed that she had been looking for them. Satine felt a twinge of guilt when she realized that she and Draco had left without even thinking of Sadie. "Sadie!" she called. "Sadie!" Satine reached Sadie's side and began to scold her sister. "Honestly, Sadie! Can't you keep up? You know you have to be extra careful today; it's a madhouse out here. We were supposed to stick together remember?"

Harry rounded the corner when he saw the annoying blond walk back in. He figured she was back to cause trouble, until he saw her walk up to a young girl with dark hair. The two looked almost completely different except, Harry noted, for their eyes.

"I'm sorry," Sadie whispered quietly as her sister scolded her. She looked down, feeling a little guilty that she didn't keep up with the others. Maybe this was why her father was never proud of her. She couldn't seem to do anything right.

Satine shook her head and gave a reckless grin, dropping her Malfoy facade that she had worn since she had left the Manor. It was quite tiresome to keep up; she still wasn't quite used to being that strict and controlled all the time. "But the good news is that we can do our own exploring in town. Though we do have to be back soon, or Daddy will be furious. Can you think Sadie, only a few more weeks!" Satine shook her twin by the shoulders. "You must be just as terribly excited as I am about going off to school. No more being stuck in a stuffy room reading books as dull as dirt while the weather is so terribly wonderful outside. And everything will be so new...I dare say we shall have quite a time exploring. From the hints Draco's been dropping, it sounds like it's loads more fun than being at home."

The 11-year-old hugged herself, unable to contain her excitement. All different sorts of ideas of wild adventures and endless fun were resounding in her small head, and she glanced over at the person who she planned to share all her adventures with, giving her a warm smile. Sadie was her best friend; they would always be together, and Satine couldn't even imagine it any other way.

Sadie smiled at her, "Yes it will be wonderful. I hope it will be, I just can't wait to see what it looks like, and to meet new people, and see Dumbl..." Sadie stopped herself and bit her lip really hard. That was not a name that everyone else in the family took lightly. In fact, it was a name loathed by her father and brother. She had read so many good things about the man though, and couldn't wait to finally get the chance to be in the same room.

Harry scooted a bit closer to listen to the conversation going on between what appeared to be two sisters. The girl that had caused such a fuss earlier, seemed like a totally different person around the dark haired girl. She seemed... well pleasant. Maybe, even someone he would want to get to know. She was very attractive to him upon closer examination.

"Whatcha doing Harry?" Ron asked interested. Harry turned to Ron and nodded forward to the two girls.

"Those are Malfoy's sisters," he whispered.

"Why are you staring then?" Ron asked confused.

"I don't know," Harry answered. He continued to be interested and fascinated with the conversation between the two girls, especially the blond one. She definitely had him perplexed with her personality and her beauty...

Hermione noticed Harry and Ron gathering over by a bookcase, but they weren't talking. In fact, they appeared to be listening. Hermione was extremely curious as to what they were doing, and rushed over to them. "What are you doing?" she demanded in a low whisper. Her ears picked up on the voices coming from the other side, and she looked through a gap in the shelves. Hermione was surprised to see the two girls from earlier, but the blonde one seemed almost a completely different person. She didn't have that annoying smirk on her face. In fact, Hermione thought her smile to be quite charming. Her brow furrowed, wondering what was going on.

Satine hesitated slightly before she said, "It's ok Sadie, they're not around. You are entitled to your own opinion you know. I'm not going to yell at you or anything. I just...I don't know what you see in him. I've heard so many awful things." Satine's expression matched her sister's. She tried to understand Sadie, really; they had the most interesting conversations because they were so different. Sadie was the person closest to Satine's heart, and they would do anything for each other.

Sadie wanted to tell her sister that she didn't understand her feelings about Dumbledore either, but she just ignored the comment. She knew Satine well enough to know that she didn't feel the same way about things as her and her mother did.

Harry took in the scene in front of him. If he knew nothing of the Malfoy family before this moment, he almost certainly would have assumed they were very loving and kind people. These two sisters' seemed as close as close could be. The only two people who he thought were similar to them were Fred and George, but these two didn't look like twins.

Satine shook her head, blonde hair flying, shaking off the tension that had entered their conversation. With another sunny smile, she took Sadie's hands. "Come, let's not think about such things. Let's think about all the animals. Draco said there was a lake, a hugeone. I can't wait to ice skate on it in the wintertime." She let out a soft breath, eyes closed. She loved the wintertime. The snowflakes made her hair look like it had diamonds in it. "And I've heard they have all sorts of creatures there. I just hope we'll get to experience it all before we leave! Oh Sadie, September 1st is so far away." She squeezed her sister's hands as she looked out the window at the sky, watching scenes play out before, and Satine couldn't help but smile even more.

Sadie smiled at her sister's excitement; she loved more then anything to see her happy. Satine's happiness meant almost certain for her happiness. They were bonded together, by something much more then sisterhood. It was hard to explain, and only the two of them would ever understand or feel it.

Ron stood in shock, he had thought the entire Malfoy family would be awful people. All they did was insult his family for being poor. He hated Draco Malfoy, but these two seemed all right, forgetting about the fact that the younger blond one had just started confrontation. "Are you sure those two are related to Malfoy?" Ron asked the others whispering.

"Satine!" came a sharp, reprimanding voice. Satine's eyes immediately became more focused and intense, but veiled at the same time. Her face became a mask, and her countenance shifted to that of when she had first arrived at the store. "Yes, dearbrother," she drawled in response, automatically assuming a bored pose.

Hermione was amazed at the sudden physical change that had appeared right before her eyes. If she hadn't seen it happen, she wouldn't have thought it to be the same person. The girl had resumed her cold, arrogant attitude. Is that what being a Malfoy is like? Are they all really decent people inside?Hermione shook her head, unable to comprehend such a thought after all she had seen last year.

"You could have taken a few moments of your precious time to inform us where you went," he reprimanded. I was worried about you.

"What? You think something's going to happen to us here? Honestly Draco." Don't be such a worry wort. Have some confidence in us.She brushed some lint off her cloak.

Sadie turned around when she heard her brothers voice and listened to him scold Satine. She remembered that she also had supplies to get too, and it was probably best for them to get going.

"Well, come on then. Since you so foolishly decided to leave without looking at anything, we have to go back to the shop to get yoursupplies and still make it around to all the other shops as well. Or did you conveniently forget that we have plans this evening?" At least you're alright. Don't scare me like that!

"Of course I didn't," scoffed Satine, linking her arm with Sadie's. "How daft do you think I am? I was simply trying to learn my way around." Relax Draco, I've got a handle on this. You don't need to worry for mysafety.

Sadie felt her sister's hand lock with hers and she gave it a tight squeeze. She turned to her sister and smiled; as long as they were together no harm would ever come to them. As they walked out of the store she started looking around again, curiosity overwhelming her, and a part of her wished her mother were here walking with them.

Draco's and Satine's voices drifted away as they exited the shop.

Hemione stood there for a moment after the Malfoys had left, still in shock of it all. If that had been the first time that she had ever seen those two girls, she would have never connected them with the Malfoys. They were so...normal. So likeable. Hermione couldn't guess where they got it from; Draco's father and Draco had hearts of stone. She was curious to see how the two turned out. The dark haired one appeared to be the odd ball of the family, while the blond hid behind a mask.

Harry turned to look at Ron and Hermione when the "show" was over. "Well, it looks like we are going to have to deal with two more Malfoys in the school," Ron spoke up ignorantly.

"Is the dark haired one a Malfoy?" Harry asked curiously. "She doesn't look like them."

Ron shrugged his shoulders. "They were acting like sisters."

"Of course they're sisters," Hermione said. "Not all siblings look alike; and there are many twins that don't look alike. Didn't you hear what the blonde said? 'Daddy'. Not 'my daddy' but 'Daddy', which clearly indicates that they share the same parent. Judging from how different those two girls seemed, they had to be sisters to be that close. And I don't think the Malfoys would associate with people who had a heart. They have to be sisters. " Hermione stopped talking as soon as she noticed George and Fred coming toward them.

George walked up to his brother and his two friends, "I know curiosity when I see it, something interesting happen?" All George needed was to see the look on their faces. He knew they had just seem, heard, or was doing something that interested them.

Fred followed his twin with a grin. He loved teasing Ron; they could get such a rise out of him, it was hilarious to watch. But this time it was different. He agreed with George that they had just seen something out of the ordinary, and Fred was extremely curious as to what they saw. He wondered if it had anything to do with those girls. He hadn't even realized Draco had a sister. Fred also wondered who the dark-haired girl was. She had been so out of place. "Come on now, do tell. We, as your older brothers, have every right to know. No need to keep secrets." His eyes sparkled with laughter and curiosity.

"We were just watching the conversation between the Malfoy girls," Ron told them. What had once interested the young ginger-haired boy had soon disappeared. He picked up a book he noticed on the shelf about Quidditch and occupied himself with that, until he knew that it would be time to go.

"It was just sort of weird. They didn't seem like Malfoys. The blond one did once Malfoy walked in, but the dark-haired one didn't?" Harry glanced over at Hermione. He was hoping he wasn't the only one who thought the whole situation was bizarre and confusing.

Hermione nodded. "The dark-haired one is completely different. If she is a Malfoy, as we suspect, then she's the odd one out. The blonde one seemed that she really was like the dark-haired one, but she pretends not to be around everyone else but the dark-haired girl. It's all quite strange."

George glanced over at his twin and snickered somewhat. He didn't know much about Draco Malfoy other then the fact he had constant arrogance, and some of the things that Ron had said about him. He seemed like a rather annoying bloke. "Curious..." George said looking at Fred.

Fred grinned back at his brother. What a strange family. And from what Fred had heard of the Malfoys, he didn't really care about what they did, unless they were getting locked up in Azkaban or moving to the States. "Terribly fascinating," Fred agreed, sarcasm weaving through his voice.

Molly walked over to Arthur with the autograph books from Gilderoy Lockhart in hand. "Arthur dear... should I round up the children?" Molly asked. She knew her husband was wrapped up in a conversation with the Grangers, but they really did need to get going, especially if she was going to have dinner made on time for everyone.

"So we must," Arthur sighed, noticing that the sun was lower in the sky. In a sincere voice, he said to the Grangers, "I am sorry to leave in a rush like this, but we do have to get going. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to you, and I hope I can have this pleasure again sometime." He gave a grin as he tucked away the questions that were tumbling in his head. There was so much to ask, so much that he wanted to know...

Ginny walked over to her mother. "Is it time for dinner yet Mummy?"

"As soon as we get everyone together. Now dear, go fetch your brothers," Molly told her daughter.

Ginny scurried off.