Satine lazily dragged the feathered end of her quill around her desk area, face leaning against her other fist. This was all getting quite tiresome. She had already learned this...why couldn't those in her year just trying using their brains for once? It wasn't that difficult. Merlin. Letting out a small sigh, she flipped her quill so now the sharp end pointed down towards the surface. It was dipped into the ink bottle and traced elegant, abstract shapes as she began to drift off into her own thoughts.

A month. It had only been a month, and life was already starting to fall into the monotony of daily routine. Each day was predictable; each class was predictable. People weren't half as interesting as she originally thought them to be; her game was turning stale. She wondered if she was discovering what school was really like, or if the school (social wise) just hadn't begun yet. If it was latter, if things didn't start changing soon, she'd be forced to spice things up herself. How bothersome.

Sadie had finished her potion assignment and started to work on an essay for History of Magic. She was falling a little behind because of the potions class, and she was trying to do her best to get herself back on track. She had been up late the past couple of nights with Fred and George thinking of more and more things to do. Fred and George were currently working on a love potion, and had asked for Sadie's help. Sadie was growing more and more fond of Fred as each day went out. She went to bed thinking about him, and woke up anxious to see him. His red hair and sweet eyes were starting to come into her mind, as she was no longer focusing on her homework.

"Miss Malfoy! I would appreciate if you would pay attention when I am instructing the class," Snape walked over to her in his predominant manner, and stared down at what Sadie was working on, "Is that for my class?"

Sadie looked up at him and shook her head embarrassed. Snape seemed to find a rather embarrassing way to humiliate Sadie whenever he got the chance.

"Then I suggest you put it away, and explain to your classmates why they now have ten more points deducted from their house," Snape told her walking up to the front of the classroom.

Ginny had been feeling ill lately and would have said something to Snape if Sadie hadn't shot her a look that told her not to. She hated the way Snape treated Sadie, she was always the one being picked on, and she never did anything to anyone.

Sadie bit her lip and looked down, putting her essay away, and opening her potions book again.

Isabel smirked watching the scene unfold right before her eyes. She turned to Satine and flashed and snickered even more.

Satine's gaze on her parchment was a bit more intense, the only visible sign that she had heard the exchange. She still couldn't directly insult her sister, which caused her to become extremely upset with herself. Why couldn't she just make her sister's life more miserable? This whole limitation-on-who-she-insults thing bothered Satine immensely; how could she put up a strong, flawless font if she clearly avoided any reference to her sister? She needed to smash this obstacle. Immediately.

Frustration mixed with anger. Why did she keep creating opportunities like that? For Merlin's sake Sadie! You're in the front row; how could you even think about doing other work in this class? Can't you see how much Snape dislikes you? How willingly he would take points from your house for any excuse he could find? You have a very sound mind Sadie; use it!

Satine, Isabel, and Alec were prowling the corridors one last time before they left for Christmas break. The trio was silent; each lost in their own thoughts of the celebrations to come and the few months that had passed. In those few months, Satine had become so familiar with the school and her schedule that she felt as if Hogwarts was more her home than her actual home; she felt as if she had been living there forever. Then she reminded herself of all the space she'd have to roam (which was several times larger than any space Satine could claim at Hogwarts), without pesky teachers with their annoying familiars to interrupt her sweet solitude. Her warm, large bed. Asking for something and have it given to her only moments later. No schoolwork to worry about. She was left to her own devices and amusements. At least for a couple of days. But Satine would take her training over her schoolwork any day. She had to completely focus on her training, and it kept her on her toes.

Sadie was carrying a full load of books and walking fast toward the library. She was working with Fred and George on a new daydreaming pill. She had to try and find the ingredients, and she knew they were probably causing trouble with Filch.

"Hey Sadie," a Gryffindor girl called.

"Hey Emily," Sadie said turning around to look at her.

Sadie stopped looking where she was going and noticed soon that she had bumped into someone when she felt her books and papers fly everywhere. "I'm so sorry," she said turning around and noticing it was Satine, "Are you okay?"

Satine's eyes narrowed and moved down, glaring at the person who dared to touch her, let alone disturb her thoughts. She saw a familiar head of dark hair, and her suspicions were confirmed when the girl began speaking. Satine folded her arms across her chest and raised an eyebrow, silently questioning, urging her sister to explain why she was in a rush, and why she hadn't been looking where she had been going.

Another side of Satine wanted to ask Sadie how she was doing. Who had she met and became friends with? How were classes? What did she do in her free time? Did she like anyone? Did anything interesting happen? Was she still as excited to be coming her for the next 6 years? But this part of Satine was now in the minority, and thus were pushed from the front of her mind. She and Sadie could never be what they once were.

Sadie bent down and started picking up her books and papers that flown all over the hall. Isabel looked at her and laughed kicking one of her books further down the hallway.

Sadie picked up her books, and started to walk down the hall toward the book that Isabel kicked. She looked up at her sister with sad eyes. She missed her, but she hadn't acknowledged her own existence, and Sadie wasn't going to push it.

"Watch where your going next time, traitor!" Isabel said hitting the books in Sadie's hand and making them fall again.

Sadie bent down and started picking them up again, biting her lip to move back the oncoming tears.

"Isabel," Satine drawled. "Don't waste your time with her. We have other things to do." Satine walked past Sadie and continued down the hallway, not looking back. She couldn't. She still couldn't directly slight Sadie, for some odd reason that vexed her immensely. At least she look her straight in the eye without wavering. She even managed to give an expression this time.

Satine began to wonder what the next two weeks would be like; they would be on break for the holidays. She doubted she would see Sadie often during the day, as they never really did when they were younger. But what about at night, when they were alone again for the first time? Would Satine slowly be submit into going back to old habits, old actions, old comforts? Would she go back again and have to start all over? To live through the pain of disappointment for a second time, knowing that she and Sadie could never do this at school? And a spot of fear grew in her heart. She couldn't go back; it was too hard to start again. She shouldn't go back. But she might.