A/N Hello everyone! This is my first DragonFable story, hopefully though, this isn't last. This is based off of my character Alex. I hope you enjoy this and I hope you'll forgive me if I make any mistakes. Now shall we begin?

A Wild Beginning

Deep in the land of Lore and village was being burned by an army of Drakel warriors. In the chaos a man wearing a black cloak holding a young baby in his arms was running from the village.

As he ran he then stopped at a town not to for from the village, and placed the baby on the doorstep of a house.

"Be safe my child," he whispered as he reached into his pocket and took out a note and a Dragon Amulet.

He wrapped the DragonAmulet in a small cloth and placed the note on it, and gave it to the small baby.

He then quickly ran off, right into a Drakel Enforcer, and five Drakel soldiers.

"I told you there was a survivor sir," one of the soldiers said.

"Check the building he was at," The Enforcer ordered.

One of the soldiers walked to the house to find…nothing.

"Nothing here, sir!" the solider shouted.

The Enforcer grabbed the man by his throat.

"We know you had a baby with you, where is it?!" The Enforcer ordered.

"You will never find him, but he will find you," the man whispered to him as the Enforcer chocked and killed him.

Six minutes ago

As the man in the cloak ran off a large rather fat man with red messy hair, and ragged cloths came out. He looked down at the baby and saw the man getting attacked and a Drakel coming.

He quickly grabbed the baby and ran off, back into the alley.

"You're a cute little one," he commented after running off.

He then saw the note and read it, and his eyes widened.

"And special two," he whispered and found the DragonAmulet. He then quickly put the note and DragonAmulet in his coat pocket, and ran off.

Fourteen years later

Atrix and Robina were walking around in the forest, looking for animals, but so far no sings.

"You see any animals?" Robina asked, as they look for animals so Robina could give them some gold.

Before Atrix could answer they heard a scream and ran to it.

When they got to the source of the scream they found a teenage boy on the ground.

The boy had black armor with a light blue trim, and had tanned skin with a black mop top.

"Are you okay?" Atrix asked, as Robina helped him up.

"Please I need your help!" the teenager begged.

"Why what's going on?" Robina asked.

Suddenly the boy reached into Robina's pocket and pulled out a pouch full of her gold coins.

"Thanks!" he screamed and with that he ran off.

"Hey get back here!" Atrix yelled and ran after him.

"Hey Atrix!" Robina screamed and ran after him.

The boy ran as fast as he could and ran in to a town with Atrix right behind him.

He looked around and saw a nearby fruit stand.

"Hey buddy! Catch!" he yelled and grabbed a grapefruit and threw it behind him.

The grapefruit hit Atrix right in the face blinding him for a bit.

The theif laughed as he looked behind him, and ran right into a wall.

"Ow," he whispered and he looked behind him to see a very mad Atrix.

"Heheh, uh hi?" he nervously said.

"I want my friend's gold back," Atrix ordered.

The boy then saw an inn to the side of Atrix and quickly ran to it.

He ran in and grabbed a wooden chair and right when Atrix ran in he threw at him.

Atrix got his sword out and sliced the chair to pieces.

"Hey! You're paying for that!" the innkeeper yelled.

"Okay then, lets go!" the thief yelled and got two daggers out.

Atrix tried jumping off a table and tried bringing his sword down, but the rogue jumped out of the way.

They then both jumped on to the same table and the rouge made a frontal strike with one of his daggers, but Atrix blocked it and kicked him on to another table.

"What's your name?" Atrix asked as he jumped on the ground and kicked the table over, causing the rouge to fall on the ground.

Suddenly the rouge got a smoke pellet and threw it to the ground causing smoke to appear.

Atrix coughed as the rouge kicked him into the wall.

"Alex," he answered.

Atrix quickly kicked him with both of his feet sending him right into the door right when three large thugs opened it, and Alex fell right into them, knocking them all down.

"Hey! I know you! You owe me money!" one of them shouted.

"Oh boy, well bye everyone!" Alex yelled and ran off.

"Hey!" Atrix yelled and ran after him, running over the thugs.

"Come on boys!" the thug yelled and the three of them ran after them.

Alex turned and ran right into a dead end, Atrix soon ran over and he was trapped.

As the three thugs soon came, Alex had an idea.

"You guys better watch it! Or my friend here will be you up, bad!" Alex said and he walked to Atrix's side.

Before Atrix could say anything Alex whispered to him, "If you help me I'll give twice as much gold coins I stole," Alex whispered.

The Thug leader just snapped his fingers and five more thugs walked over.

Okay, it's eight against two, how many can you take?" Alex asked as the thugs surrounded them.

"More then you can," Atrix said as the fight began.

One thug tried hitting Atrix with his axe, but he blocked it, and Alex kicked him in the head sending him right into a wall.

Two thugs both tried to attack Atrix and Alex, with swords, but they both grabbed the thug's blades.

The thugs pushed forward, but Alex and Atrix held there ground.

All of a sudden they both let go and tripped the thugs, causing them both to fall right into a wall.

Another thug grabbed Atrix from behind and another holding a sword, was about to strike when Alex grabbed a barrel and threw it right on to his head trapping him.

Atrix quickly broke out of the thug's grip and gave him a kick in the stomach.

They then both jumped and kicked two more thugs and with a strong throw they threw them right into each other.

Finally there was only the leader, the Thug Leader, he got a sword out and charged forward.

Alex grabbed a smoke pellet and threw it to the ground and smoke appeared everywhere.

Next thing the Thug Leader saw was a metal covered fist hitting him square in the head.

Alex let out a sigh of relief, and turned to Atrix.

"Thanks," he said as was about to leave.

"Ahem," Atrix said.

"Oh right, here," Alex said and threw two pouches of gold.

"Thanks, again" he said as he ran off.

"Hey! Atrix!" Robina yelled as she appeared.

"Uh, what happened?" she asked, looking at the unconscious thugs.

Atrix let out a sigh, "Well you see…"

Alex was running and soon stopped at a small house.

He opened the door, and walked in, "Dad? Hey dad, I'm home!" Alex yelled.

"Oh hey! Son!" the man from earlier said walking over.

"How are you?" he asked as Alex sat in a chair.

"I'm fine, dad," Alex answered.

"Oh, I have a surprise for you," Alex's Dad said and walked off.

Alex waited as his Dad came back holding a cupcake with a candle in it.

"Happy Fourteenth Birthday!" he said giving him the cupcake.

"Dad! You remembered! Thanks!" Alex said and took the cupcake and started eating, but his father's face seemed to change, from happy to sad.

"Dad, are you okay?" he asked as he finished his cupcake.

His father let out a sigh, "Come with me," he asked.

Alex followed his father to his Dad's room; his father pulled out a key and opened a locked drawer, and took out a note and something from a cloth.

His father then showed him a small, bright, red orb, with a small dragon statue around it with a gold chain making it into a necklace.

"Dad, what is that?" Alex asked, amazed.

"A Dragon Amulet, from your real father," He answered.

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