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We Make One Awesome Team!

"Okay, here's the portal!" Ash said, leading them to it.

"You guys ready?" Alex asked, looking through it.

"As I'll ever be, on three," Kaiser said.

"Three," Alex said, kicking the warrior through the portal. "Okay Ash, you're next!"

"Huh? Hey wait! AHHH!"


Ash fell on top of Kaiser as Alex walked though, Twilly on top of his head.

"Okay my red Moglin friend, now where to?" the Rouge asked.

"Thata way!" Twilly yelled, pointing down a path, and our heroes walked off.

As they walked they saw a small red tent, with a Mage reading a book in front of him.

"That him?" Alex asked.



"I can't tell from here," the Moglin replied.

The group walked forward and the Mage had a large black hood over his face, his greens eyes the only thing seen. He had a long black robe, with grey stripes, his age seemingly around fourteen. He looked at our heroes as they walked over.

"Hey, are you Warlic?" Alex asked, walking over.

The man looked at him, and shook his head. "No, but I'm a friend of him. My name's Shadow Tamer."

"I'm Alex, Alex the Rouge."

"Kaiser the Warrior."

"Ash, the Knight-in-training."


"Hey Shadow Tamer! Who is it?" a voice asked.

Out from the tent came a young girl, around the age of seventeen. The girl had short purple wavy hair, dark black cloak, and a blue dress with orange trimming under it. She carried a staff in her hand, a magical ring on her right hand, and oddly enough, she was levitating.

"Hello!" Alex said, jumping forward and gave the girl a polite bow. "Hello Miss, what is your name?"

"Is he going to do this to all girls we meet?" Kaiser asked.

"I think so," Ash groaned.

"Um hi, I'm Olapen Jintas."

Alex smiled and quickly looked at Twilly, who was sitting on the Rouge's head.

"Twilly, quickly! Get me a rose!"

Twilly hopped of the Rouge's head and ran off. He soon came back holding a beautiful red rose, with thorns off.

"Thanks buddy. To you fair beauty," Alex said, kissing her hand and giving her the rose.

"Ooo thanks," Olapen said, taking a beautiful flower.

"Does he act like that around ALL girls?" Shadow Tamer asked.

"Pretty much," Twilly answered.

"Who are you?"

Everyone turned to see a man with white silvery hair, a large dark blue cloak, in his hand a large staff and an orb in the other hand.

"Warlic?" Olapen and Shadow Tamer said.

"Hello and you are?"

"Alex the Rouge."

"Kaiser the Warrior."

"Ash, Knight-in-training."

"They were looking for you," Shadow Tamer said.

"Why might I ask?"

Alex took off his backpack and opened it. The light shined down as the heroes saw him pull out an egg.

"That looks…" Shadow Tamer was at a lost of words. "Like a Dragon Egg."

"It is… I think," Kaiser said.

"You think?" Olapen repeated.

Alex then reached into his backpack and pulled out four other eggs. Exactly like the first one.

"So you can't tell which the REAL Dragon Egg is?" Warlic asked.

"….Uh….No." Ash nervously said.

"Come all of you, step into my tent."


"WOW! This place is bigger than it looks!" Alex said.

"Wowzers!" Twilly agreed

"This is actually Warlic's tower. The tent is a portal to his home," Olapen explained.

"Wow! Cute and smart!" Alex complimented, putting his hand over her shoulder.

"AHEM!" Warlic interrupted. "Yes this is where I live with my two apprentices Olapen and Shadow Tamer. Also I live here with my roommate, Cysero."

"Who?" Alex asked.

"A very talented Blacksmith, he's usually off working on new ideas somewhere," Ash explained.

"So you've had quite an adventure," Warlic commented after hearing our heroes' story.

"Wow, an Ultra-Vultragon? That's impressive," Olapen commented.

"Yep! All in a heroes work!" Alex said.

"I have been studying the Ancient White and Black Dragon Box Prophecy lately," Shadow Tamer explained. "The text is old and difficult to translate, but it looks bad. The Text said the Black Dragon Box holds the Great Dragon that will kill everyone and destroy Lore!"

Everyone except Warlic gasped and Twilly even fainted on to Alex's lap.

"This can be avoided, but first we must find the Real Dragon Egg," Warlic explained. "I have feeling about this one, but we must achieve a powerful spell to reveal the illusion," Warlic said, putting his hand on an egg on the table.

"What illusion, I don't see anything," Kaiser commented.

"Of course not! It's an illusion!" Shadow Tamer said. "All eggs have spells witch give them an illusion."

"I will go look for a spell that can counter Dragon Magic, until then make yourself at home," Warlic said, walking off.


"I have great news!" Warlic said, walking back in. "I believe we actually have the Egg that will save Lore all of L…" Warlic stopped as he smelled the smell of eggs.

"Don't worry buddy! We got it! And it good!" Alex yelled in joy eating his slice of the egg.

Everyone was happily eating eggs as Warlic stared at them wide eyed.

"He is a very good chef," Olapen commented eating her eggs.

"She's right," Kaiser said. "Want some?"


Everyone's eyes widened and everyone quickly spit out the egg piece they had in their mouths.


"Quickly, did the egg taste like Honey and Mackerel?" Warlic asked.

"No it was more like a normal egg," Ash commented.

"Okay, then it isn't the egg," Warlic whispered in relief.

Everyone let out a sigh, happy to know they hadn't just eaten their savior. They then looked at Warlic.

"So how do we find the egg, WITHOUT eating it?" Shadow Tamer asked.

"We need to summon a creature that can see through the spell, Warlic said. "I need your help heroes."

"Is it in somekind of Magical Barrier?" Ash asked.

"No. Just in Cysero's half of the tower. You see to keep his dirty laundry and crazy experiments away from me; we drew a line separating the tower.

"Isn't that little childish?" Alex asked.

"Well let's see if you act that way when you fight your way in his half! I need a spell book, and Cysero borrowed it from me awhile ago. Good luck, Shadow Tamer Olapen, go with them."


"WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PLACE!?!" Kaiser yelled as he looked down to see Alex, Ash, and Shadow Tamer on the ground and him and Olapen standing on the ceiling. "I. HATE. THIS. PLACE!" Kaiser yelled, stabbing a weird living shirt.

"Stop complaining!" Shadow Tamer yelled shooting a night magic blast at a giant sock.

Alec then saw a door that that had sign on top of it.

Dreams in Here

Alex opened the door to see dozens of barely dressed girls. Some had long flowing hair, other with cute short hair.

"Come in big boy," one said.

Before Alex could run in Ash grabbed his collar and pulled him in. He then kicked the door shut.

"Sigh… Why me?"

"Guys!" Olapen yelled, grabbing a glowing book with the letter C on it. "I've found it!"

"Yeah, great. CAN WE PLEASE LEAVE NOW!?!" Kaiser cried out as a sock choked him.


"Twilly please tell me that was your stomach," Ash begged.

"Nu uh," Twilly answered, holding on Alex's hair in fear.

Everyone turned to see a large green bear with yellow spines coming out of it's back. The Bear roared as it towered above our heroes.

"EVERYMAN FOR HIMSELF!" Alex cried out.

Everyone ran in various directions as the Bear ran and roared. Olapen stood her ground as her magical staff glowed. Alex looked out the window to see black clouds above them.

Suddenly a powerful lighting bolt broke through the ceiling and hit the bear, turning it to ash.

"I…I did it! WOOHOO! YATTA!" Olapen yelled, levitating in the air.

"…DAMN!" Alex yelled.

Later at Warlic's Tent

"Now what?" Kaiser asked, as Olapen gave the Blue Mage the book.

"Now I need several mighty items. You will have to split up in teams. The items are a Bag of Fire Yarn, The Stone Head's Rubble, A Bag of Salmon, and some Wing-Nip," Warlic explained.

"Alright, then let's split up gang!" Alex yelled.

Fire Cave

Kaiser and Shadow Tamer fought through the army of Fire Elements as they were surrounded, with room running out.

"I have an idea!" Kaiser said, cutting a Fire Element in half.

"I'm desperate enough to listen," Shadow Tamer said, firing a black magic blast at another Fire Element.

Suddenly Kaiser grabbed Shadow Tamer and began spinning.

"What are you doing?!" Shadow Tamer yelled, as he was spun.

Kaiser said nothing and continued to spin; he then threw the Mage with all his might. Shadow Tamer flew through the air and as he closed in on a Fire Element, he created a Black Magic Shield.

Suddenly he became like a magical bullet, plowing through Fire Elements. He plowed through them until he came to the biggest one. He flew into it, and there was a huge explosion blowing the remaining Fire Elements away, and nearly sending Kaiser with them.

"SHADOW TAMER!?!" Kaiser yelled, running to where the Giant Fire Element once stood.

"I got the yarn!" a dizzy voiced yelled.

There stood Shadow Tamer, his clothes burned, but he was alive.

The Water Caves


Alex and Olapen ran as a huge tidal wave chased after them. They turned a corner as the wave followed.

Suddenly Olapen disappeared, leaving Alex along. Olapen realized she in the arms of a young warrior, around only twelve. He had a lot of wild black hair on his head as well. He also realized there was a rope around her, and they were standing on a cliff.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, but who are you?"

"I'm Baron the Warrior," he answered.

"HEY! HELLO! New friend named Alex! IN DANGER HERE!"

Baron jumped down and charged at the wave. With a single slice the wave was gone.

Alex took a deep breath and sighed in relief as Olapen came over.

"Thanks Baron! Come on Alex, we better find those fish for the Dragon Egg," Olapen said, she then realized what she aid and covered her mouth. "Oops."

"Dragon Egg?!" Baron repeated.

"NO! It's not a Dragon Egg!"

"Hmmm… You know I came across a Bag of Mackerel not too long ago…" Baron began.

Alex sighed and looked at the warrior. "What do you want for it?"

"Let me see this Dragon Egg!"



"Alex we really don't have a choice," Olapen said.

"Fine, but let's see it," Alex said.

Boron reached into his backpack and took out a bag. Alex took it and opened it to reveal a HORRIBLE smell. Alex looked dizzy for a sec and soon blacked out on the ground.

"…. I'm not giving him mouth-to-mouth," both mage and warrior said.

Rock Cave

Ash fell to the ground, Twilly was thrown at the wall, both badly injured. The Stone Head's rock arms floating in the air. The arm moved above Ash, as hi eyes widened. The fist came down and…nothing happened.

Ash opened his eyes to see a figure above him. There stood a man in a strange black mask and in a black sleeveless outfit. His eyes widened as he realized the warrior was a NINJA.

"You're a…"

"Hold that thought," the ninja said, and gave the rock fist a punch, blowing it to pieces.

Stone Head's eyes widened and it tried to hit the Ninja with hi other fist. The man jumped over the punch, soaring in the air.

"Come on! Sneevils have better aim than you!"

The Ninja came down and sliced Stone Head in two with a dagger. The dagger was black with strange curves and a skull on the hilt which glowed red.

The two Stone Head parts burst into pieces, which Ash quickly grabbed and put into his pocket.

"Who are you?" Ash asked.

"Me…? Jack."

"The Samurai?"

"AHH!" the Ninja lost his cool and fell to the ground. "NO! HE'S MY COUSIN!"

Later at Warlic's Tent

Later our heroes assembled with two new members.

"I was able to acquire the Wind-nip," Warlic said. "How did you fare?"

"WE got the Mackerel!" Olapen yelled, running over.

"Plus another warrior," Alex added as Baron and he came over.

"Baron, Baron the Warrior."

"Me two!" Ash yelled, walking over with some rocks ad a Ninja with spiked brown hair like Kaiser.

"I'm Jack the-"

"Pirate?" Kaiser asked as he and Shadow Tamer walked over.


Everyone looked at him, and Jack took a deep breathe.


"Okay we have everything we need for the Summoning! Let us BEGIN!" Warlic yelled.

"Summoning?" Jack and Baron asked.

Later, one explanation later

"Get ready heroes, the creature will be very dangerous."

A black mass appeared in the summoning circle. Lighting ran from the heavens. Large yellow eyes appeared. The air seemed to turn cold as though all the life had just left the room. There was a dark flash and there before them stood….

A small kitty cat.

"AWWW!" a chorus of voices said.

"Do not be fooled by the Doomkitten's appearance, it take this form to-"

"But it looks so cute!" Olapen commented.

"Just… just let it pick an egg."

The kitten moved from egg to another as our heroes watched. The first egg it left. The second it left. The third… it didn't leave!


"ATTACK!" Alex yelled and our heroes charged at the Doomkitten.

The kitten looked at them; suddenly a cage appeared out of nowhere and hit Ash, slamming the boy into the ground.

"ASH!" Alex yelled.

"ALEX!" Kaiser yelled and pushed him out o the way as three black spears appeared out of nowhere. The spears hit his chest, sending him flying back into Warlic, knocking both out.

"We're getting beat by something as big as Twilly!" Baron yelled in disbelief.

Suddenly the Doomkitten jumped and tackled Baron. The tackle was so powerful Baron flew into the stone wall. Olapen ran to go help him, but Doomkitten fired another cage, hitting her into the wall.

Soon only Shadow Tamer, jack, and Alex were left. Shadow Tamer assembled a huge blast of magic and fired the black magic. The blast flew right at the Doomkitten.

The kitten's eyes widened firing a much bigger black magic blast. The two blasts hit and Shadow Tamer's was consumed by the Doomkitten's, sending him flying.

"Ideas?" Alex asked.

"No- AHH!" Jack suddenly charged forward hands first.

"What are you doing?!"

"My Doom Weapons are controlling my hands!" Jack yelled.

The Doomkitten fired three more spears out of nowhere hitting Jack in the shoulder and chest.

"AHH!" Jack yelled, falling to the ground.

The Doomkitten advanced at Alex who took a fighting stance. Beads of sweat went down Alex's forehead as he stared at the beast. Alex suddenly felt a burning in his throat and heart.

The burning continued until Alex's very eyes turned red. And to his disbelief Alex fell to his knees as fire came out of his mouth.

The Doomkitten fired a large black magic blast at Alex, as fire erupted from his chest. "FIRE DRAGON SPIRIT!"

A burning fire blew out of Alex and took the form of a Dragon head. Everyone awoke from the heat as the fire Dragon head flew at Doomkitten, destroying the monster.

"How did he…?" Kaiser was in a lost of words.

"So he is the next Dragonlord," Warlic whispered.


Alex held his Dragon Egg in his arms; Warlic said goodbye and the group walked off.

"Back to Falconreach!" Ash yelled.

"With a few more people then last time thought," Kaiser commented looking at the Olapen, Shadow Tamer, Jack, and Baron.

"So how did you do that fire attack?" Baron asked.

"Dude, I don't even remember fire!" Alex yelled, rubbing his head.

"That's too bad, it was really cool," Olapen said.

"Thanks, maybe you and can make a bit more fire if you know I mean."

"What do you mean?" Olapen asked.

Jack chuckled a bit as he looked at his new band of friends. "So I guess we're a team now, huh?"

"As it would seem, yes," Shadow Tamer answered.

"COME ON!" Twilly yelled atop of Alex's head. "I know a cave where we can hide the Egg!"


"Just place the Egg there, and we can see what it really look like," Twilly explained.

Alex held the Egg in his hand and looked at the Dragon Statue. He then looked at the law which he was suppose to place the Egg.

Alex slowly placed the Dragon Egg in the claw. All of a sudden a bright light was seen and there, the pink egg with green spots was gone. Now making a black egg with gray strips going down it.

"Wow…" Alex whispered.


But while good won a battle, evil was preparing to win the war.

"So what do you say?"

"Hahahaha! So you have a problem with the heroes of Falconreach, Drakath?"

"Yes, especially that Rouge, Alex!" the young man yelled. "What do you say?"

"Very well. I owe your father, so let my debt be done with."

"Good. How many of my soldiers do you want?"


"What?! Are you mad?!"

"Yes! HAHAHAHAHA! My own army and I can easily deal with this Rouge. And with my new powers from the Pyronomicon, they shall taste… THE WRATH OF XAN! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Xan screamed, his laughter echoing for miles.

A/N So Good wins one, but Evil is getting pumped up! What's next for our heroes?! That's for me to know and for you to fid out. R n R!