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Gabriella's POV

Why? Why did this have to happen to me…what did I do, or was it something I didn't do?

I sat there looking at my photo album of the good times he and I shared.

It was love at first sight.

There was a photo of him holding my hands with an amused expression on his face.

A teardrop fell from my Cheek and on to that gorgeous face.

Troy Bolton's face.

You took my hand

You showed me how

You promised me

You'd be around uhuh

That's right.


'Gabriella, I've been looking for you everywhere, where did you go?' troy said with a concerned in his crystal blue eyes.

'God Troy, your like my mother, I went to the bathroom, that's all' I said

'Oh good, look Gabi I know we have only been dating for the last few weeks, but I-I want you to have th-this' he stuttered.

Then he pulled out a locket heart shaped necklace, he handed it to me, I opened it up, it had a picture of Troy and me. I closed it and saw that on the front it read

'Always and forever' then underneath it said 'TxG'.

I was stunned; of course Troy being the sweetest gentlemen he was, put it on for me.

'Troy …wow this is beautiful, thank you so much, I love you!'

Troy leaned in and whispered ' I will always love you Gabriella Montez, always and forever'

Then he leaned in further and kissed me passionately on the lips meaning every word he just said.

From then on I finally knew, that no matter what we would always be together. Always and forever.

End of flashback.

I took your words

And I believed in

Everything you

Said to me

Ya-uh that right.

Everything was perfect, my family were perfect, and my friends were perfect,

The musical was perfect,

Troy was of course perfect, and my first kiss with Troy was perfect, my life was perfect.

But one day I don't know what happened, it was all a blur,

Just one normal day I was getting the box out of my locker,

When this random kid comes up to me.


'Oi, your that girl, in the that musical, the one with Troy, but plu-heez, you and Troy, the math geek and the hot jock', yeah like that's gonna last' he said to me he was with his mates and they all sniggered

I was furious! So I went up to the guy and said


While waving a finger at him

' If you dare say anything like that again then I will …I will'

I stuttered lost for words

'Or you what, go and get the science teacher to tell me off, ahhh, i'm so scared, what next your gonna run home and cry and cuddle up with your whittle pilltle teddy be-'

But before he could say anything else, I punched him, yeah I know, shocker, me Gabriella Montez punched a kid I didn't even know!

'Whoa ' I said and with that the boy looked petrified and ran off.

Yeah I thought, I'd show you!

End of flashback.

If someone said

Said three years From now

You'd be Long gone

I'd stand up and

Punch them out

Coz there all wrong

Yeah I know Better Because

You said forever And ever

Who knew?

But oh, boy, hell was I wrong! What happened? I turned the page of 'East High yearbook'

On the page it said 'hottest and coolest couple' and yeah you guessed it, Troy and me.

We were East highs very own best couple, I look at the photo Troy had his arm on my

Head and is other one around my neck in a weird position where I was, holding his waist.

We thought we were so cool.

I laughed softly as I could taste the sweet salty taste of my tears flow down ever so swiftly

But you see here's the Thing,

Since what happened I could never keep in contact with him. Never will I.

Ever again.

Remember when we were such fools

And so convinced and just too cool

Yeah uh that's right

I wish I could touch you again

I wish I could still call you friend

What happened?

Yeah so, god it was so hard. One minute Troy and me are making out on by bed in hardly any clothing, then the next hes comforting me while im crying about my dad and oh god next it just..it justs…

It all fades to black.

It feels someone has stuck a cold sharp knife straight through my broken heart and left it

They're bleeding for eternity. I feel I cant go on he was the one that saved me, throughout

Everything I worried about. But now. My hero has left. For good. He was the missing part

To my life, the missing part to my soul. Without him i'm nothing-just Gabriella Montez the 'freaky math girl'.He completed me, i know corny right but its the way i felt and i still do..

But like I said before…why me!?…To all people it HAD to happen to me. I knew something

Was wrong, I could feel the essence of his warm glow form around him. But then.

But now. Still. It turned cold. Sour even.

They said it would happen. They knew better. Well at least better than what I thought.

When someone said count your blessings now

For the long gone

I guess I just didn't know how

I was all wrong yeah

Coz they knew better

Still you said forever and ever

Who knew?

I will always remember you Troy Bolton. Always and forever. Just like before.

I clutched on to the silver necklace that wrapped round my neck. I held on to it tightly.

You will never come back. Will you?. Never. We won't meet again until the time has come.

I still remember those days as I flicked through the memorable book.

I keep you locked i'm m head

Until we meet again

Until we, until we meet again.

I wont forget you my friend

What happened?

I closed the book; it was damp from my tears. The painful tears. Never.

Never before in my life had I ever felt this way. This feeling was like no other.

To him then.

To him now.

You see he left me. Troy Bolton left me here to shatter. Fall to pieces. He didn't know the effect he had on me.

No one before made me feel like this.


'Oh Troy' I screamed, I had come back from vacation in the summer and hadn't seen troy in ages.

'I missed you babe so much' he said

'Same. I love you' I said

'I love you too' he said in delight as he leaned in forward and kissed me fiercely on the lips, a bolt of electricity ran through me, my knees were weak, he was supporting me, so I wouldn't fall. I've been kissed before, hec I've made out before but no one made it feel like this. As we pulled apart and looked into his deep ocean gorgeous blue eyes I felt butterflies, but in a nice way. Nothing could stop us.

End of flashback.

But it did.

Something did stop us.

That day when that kid said troy would be long gone.

I thought he meant in a relationship way.

He did. But no.

That's not the way it turned out. No one expected this. Not even him.


If someone said three years from now

You'd be long gone

I'd stand up and punch them out…

Coz there all wrong

I stood up. It was time. It was that day. The day I would get to be in his prescience again.

I remember. That last kiss. My last words. His last words. I will never forget. Never.


'No but troy…you cant…you promised!' I cried tears everywhere, I felt like screaming. I wanted to die. Right there. On the spot.

' I know Gabriella. But just remember I will always love you no matter what! Gabi…Gabriella look at me, like kindergarten' Troy helplessly said

' Troy …I love you too, but don't go...Please…'

'I cant help it gabi, when the time comes I will see you again now my princess I have to go, I love you…always and forever Gabriella, don't you ever forget that, stay strong for me, succeed, move on, become who are meant to be…Gabriella.'

'But-but troy…' I cried

'Bye gabi, promise me, what I said'

'Tr-Troy I-I don't leave me…'

'Please gabi for me' he said. She nodded tears cascading down.

'For you, oh baby… I love you too Troy Bolton, always and forever.' I kissed him softly on his cold lips.

' Me to Gabriella…I love you too…he closed his eyes…always and forever' he whispered.

'Nnnoooooooooooooooooo' I screamed. As someone grabbed me and pulled me away. The next thing I knew I could here sirens in the background, flashes of light filled in my head. He was gone. Forever.

End of flashback.

So here I am today. With the guy I will always love. I walked over to it. The soft grass swaying beneath my feet. I looked in front. It there said the worst nightmare.

I put the daises next to it. Hmmm. Daises, his favourite.

So I guess this is it?

I wiped my tears and joined my friends. I looked up to the sky.

Who would ever thought that.

'Always and forever' Troy no matter what.

I walked away, walking past the horror story of my life. The gravestone…

I whispered softly….

That last kiss I'll cherish. Until we meet again

And time makes it harder, I wish I could remember.

But I keep your memory; you visit me in my sleep

My darling…who knew…my darling

I miss you …who knew…

I guess me and other people thought wrong.

Troy Bolton died yesterday after having a painful car crash from a drunk driver.


Gabriella sighed. 'Always and forever'. She held on to that necklace and fell asleep, fantasizing of her and Troy Bolton…the guy she would ever only love... one day she thought, one day she will be with him again…always and forever….

'Who knew'


Ha, you might of thought Troy broke up with her, I was heading that way with a sequel but then I thought…hmmm why not twist this a bit, I know the song is about a couple but I made it slightly different…heheh me and my evil ways…maybe some of u might of gathered that he was dying, I gave out clues…anyways its like midnight so I gotta go as I am extremely busy atm..…


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