Title: Lean On Me Now
Summary: Dr. Cox has to deal with his toughest challenge when he's at his most vulnerable. Will he allow the people who care about him help him through?
Warnings: Non-con sex (rape), not graphic. Maybe some violence, blood and language.
Notes: I've noticed a large amount of Elliot rape stories around and decided I'd best do my bit to help equal things out a little.
Set sometime during season one, so Dr. Cox and Jordan aren't together. This is at the stage where they hate each other but still have sex occasionally, and Carla still calls JD 'Bambi'.
The title and chapter titles come from the beautiful song 'Closer' by Travis.
Reviews and constructive criticism welcomed.

This Parade

The moment he saw him, he knew something was wrong. And not in a trivial way, something was really wrong.

The room was dark, only the dim street light outside illuminating his frame as he sat on the unoccupied bed. His arms were crossed in front of him, normal body language for him, but somehow it seemed different, more protective, desperate.

His eyes were vacant, staring ahead but shining in a way that told you that tears had or were going to be shed. That thought itself sent a shiver through JD.
Walking at a steady pace, JD moved closer, treating Dr. Cox like a cornered animal and trying not to make any sudden movements for fear he'd frighten him and he'd attack. The closer he got to him, the harder it was to pretend that he was just imagining Dr. Cox shaking slightly.
Feeling apprehensive about what he should do now, JD stood still and just watched Dr. Cox, wishing he'd knocked on the door or turned the light on before he walked so far into the room. He couldn't turn back now, but an unyielding fear was stopping him from saying anything, doing anything. He was literally frozen where he was.

Before he could bring himself to speak, JD's beeper sounded, making both JD and Dr. Cox look to where the sound was coming from. JD looked at it quickly before turning his attention to Dr. Cox, who was now looking at him. "I'm sorry." JD said automatically, apologising for what looked like spying on his mentor. It was after those words left his mouth that JD noticed the dark patch around Dr. Cox's mouth. He wasn't certain, but it looked like blood. He wanted to go over to him, see if he was okay and even as hard as it was to ignore his doctor's instincts, he had to do just that because knowing the older man he knew that would be the wrong move. "Are- are you okay?"

"Get out." came the almost whispered but equally fierce response.

Even knowing something was wrong, JD left quickly knowing that pursuing this now wouldn't help matters.

Dr. Cox turned away as JD left, returning to stare into oblivion. He knew he couldn't stay in this dark, deserted room forever. Now that JD had found him he was bound to mention it to someone and all he needed was for Carla to burst in here and demand to know what he was doing and that would be it. Although he swore to himself that he'd never disclose what exactly had happened, he knew that someone as smart as Carla would work hard on trying to find out what was wrong and he wasn't sure that right now, he was strong enough to fend her off that well. The thought of anyone knowing the truth scared the hell out of him. This was something he wanted to take to the grave with him. That he was determined he would take to the grave with him.

The problem was he felt weak. Since it had happened, he had spent a good amount of time just sat on the floor. He'd eventually got himself together enough to drag himself up off the floor and managed to sit on the bed, where he still sat. But now more than any pain he was in he had something else drive him to do get himself together; fear.
But he felt conflicted. He wanted to get back to normal, make sure no one noticed anything was wrong, but another part of him just felt so out of place and desperate to get away from here, out of this room, out of the tainted clothes and just scrub himself clean until he felt human again. Carefully sliding himself off the bed, he lowered his feet until they touched the floor. His legs still felt unsteady, but he gripped onto the bed until he felt like he could finally walk. He made his way to the door, but stopped short, noticing the bathroom that was in the room. He knew it made good sense to go in there, clean himself up first. That, of course, meant actually dealing with what had happened. He wasn't sure he was ready to do that, but he wasn't prepared to go outside without checking himself over. In a no win situation, he made his way into the small room. He switched the light on and then closed the door behind him.


A/N: These chapters will probably be quite short. I'm not sure what I'm hoping to achieve here. And for anyone who wants to know, I've not abandoned my other fics.