Perry was quiet for a few moments before he spoke again. When he did, he sounded almost afraid of what JD's answer might be. "What do you know?"

"I don't know anything. I've probably jumped to a lot of conclusions."

Perry looked away. "You know." he stated.

JD didn't know what to say. He'd never felt so out of his depth before. But there was one thing he'd wanted to know this whole time. Something that he couldn't ask anyone but Dr. Cox and he guessed that if he were to ever get the answer, now was the time to ask. "Look, I never wanted to talk about this... but, I just need to know one thing. Did you go to the police?"

Perry rolled his eyes. "Of course I did. What do you think, I'm a moron?"

"No, just..."

"It wasn't easy and it took me a while to actually get in there, but I did what I had to do."

"Good." It was all JD could say.

"Okay, now you need to do something for me. Never talk to me about this. Ever." Perry's eyes had resumed the normal intense look.

"I won't." JD said.

Perry took a deep breath and exhaled before he continued. His words were gentler.

"I don't need you to hang around me every minute of the day. I'm not fragile, I won't break." JD nodded in understanding. "But sometimes, maybe if it gets too much to be stuck in here all the time, you could come and watch a game with me. And that doesn't mean I want to talk about it, I never want to do that, it's just that I think you understand what I need. And you don't ask questions, and I need that."

JD just nodded again, realsing that Dr Cox had told him that he was needed.

"You know, you can always lean on me." JD said, sincerely.

"What am I, a girl?" Perry answered. "That would be you Sophie."

And JD smiled at that. Not because there was anything funny about it, but because it was classic Dr Cox. It was normal.

Before any more words could be spoken, the door to the room was opened and Carla walked in. She was a little surprised to see Dr Cox and JD in the room.

"Sorry." Carla said. "Did you want me to go?"

"No, it's just work talk." Dr Cox said.

"Bambi, Turk's looking for you. He's got your scrubs." Carla said.

"Oh, cool." Getting off the bed, JD walked towards the door. He looked back round as though he might say something. But no words came to him. He walked away, leaving Carla and Perry in the room alone.

Perry looked back round to the window. The world outside seemed to be buzzing.

Carla walked up next to him and looked out as well.

"What are we looking at?" She asked.

"Nothing." Perry replied. He reached over and pulled on the blinds cord, cutting out the light from outside and stopping their view of what was going on outside.

"Is everything okay? You've seemed a little weird lately."

Perry turned round, looking across the room. It was dark now, just like it had been the last time he'd been in here. But the door was open, and out there it was bright and he watched the people walking past. He didn't feel trapped. It was just a room.

"Yeah, I'm fine now."

"You enjoy yourself last night?" Carla asked.

"Not really." Perry held up his still bandaged hand as to remind her of his injury.

"You had it looked at?"

"Newbie took care of it last night."

"Well, no offense to Bambi, but he's no nurse."

Carla took hold of Perry's uninjured hand and led him towards the door.

"Where are we going?" Perry asked.

"Leave it to me. I'm a nurse." Carla said. "I'm taking care of you."

Perry thought back to JD's words earlier, about being there for him. He realised that although he still had a long way to go, he knew that he would get through this.

"You get to experience my expert care and you'll realise why so many of my patients love Nurse Espinosa so much."

Perry smiled at her. "Show me what you got, baby."

JD stood at the nurses station, talking to Turk, his scrubs tucked under his arm. His eyes wandered over to the room he'd just left as Carla emerged with Dr Cox next to her. She was looking at his bandaged hand. And then JD noticed something. They were both smiling.

JD found himself smiling too.

He knew Perry would be okay. And if he did stumble along the way, he knew he had people who cared enough catch him before he fell.

"You okay?" Turk asked, noticing JD was distracted.

"Yeah. Let's get to work."


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