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Black & White

Chapter 1

They were like black and white. The two of them were completely different in every single way. She was kind, he was cruel. She was warm, he was cold. She was cheerful, he was sorrowful. She was loving, he was hateful. She was the maiden, he was the monster. Yet they balanced each other out, betwixt them both there could be a happy medium, there could be a shade of gray.


Sabaku no Gaara was extremely annoyed. You couldn't tell by the look on his face though, it had no emotions showing on it. He was like a blank canvas waiting to be painted with emotions.

But back to the main point, Gaara was extremely annoyed and was edging in on becoming extremely angry. Why you ask? He was annoyed because, Gaara hated mornings. Not that he had any real reason to hate mornings, seeing as he never slept, so he never really needed to dread waking up in the morning. Maybe he just didn't like the sun.

Or it might have something to do with his extremely cheerful elder siblings. Who were currently dancing around the kitchen, excited to be going off to a new high school.

After Temari and Kankuro were finished their tango, Gaara stood from the chair he was sitting on and headed for the door. He couldn't help but smirk as he heard his sibling's efforts to be ready to leave in a few seconds. He waited by the door silently counting to ten. In 6 seconds Temari was standing next to him, ready to leave, Kankuro a couple seconds behind at 8.5.

"Let's go." Gaara commanded his voice cold. It was a voice that used to strike fear into his siblings, but now, not so much, seeing as they knew that he wasn't going to try to kill them anymore.

When they were little, Temari 7, Kankuro 6, and Gaara 5, they used to be the greatest of siblings, always doing everything together. But that summer their mother died. And their father started drinking.

He sent both Temari and Kankuro away to boarding schools, but he kept Gaara at home. At first he never touched Gaara when he was young. But after about 2 years he started hitting Gaara. And Gaara hardened himself. He never talked to anyone, never let anything phase him, he didn't let any emotions show. In all truths he seemed dead inside, and maybe he was.

When Gaara was 13, their father died and his siblings came back. Temari and Kankuro immediately bonded again, but when they tried to reach out to Gaara he pulled away.

"You have no idea," he hissed at them venomously, "all the shit I've been through." And he left it at that. They didn't try so hard after that, but they kept trying a little bit. They would make sure he had eaten, that he had clean clothes, things like that, but with anything else, they couldn't get through to him.

When they found out that he suffered from severe insomnia they tried to convince him that he needed to see a doctor. "Gaara, you need to see someone, you need help!" Kankuro tried to convince him, but that was when they learned just how much Gaara had truly changed.

Gaara shoved Kankuro against a wall and closed his hand around his throat. "Don't ever try to tell me what to do ever again." With that he let Kankuro go and stalked towards his room.

Kankuro slowly slid down the wall, his hand clutching his throat, his face white. "Temari," he whispered to his sister who was frozen with fear, "He's gone." He stared at the door Gaara walked through, "Completely gone." They mostly let him alone after that.

He barely ever spoke to them, and when he did it was normally a command to leave him alone, or to be quieter, or to stop what they were doing. And they always heeded him, they frightened of him.

One day when they were walking to their old school, Gaara suddenly collapsed. Temari and Kankuro panicked and took him to the hospital. It turned out he had just fainted from a lack of sleep. Apparently he only slept about once a month, and we he did sleep it was normally for a couple of days.

When Gaara woke up he saw that Temari and Kankuro were sitting on either side of his hospital bed. "What? Why are you two here?"

"Because," Temari began."

"You're our little brother," Kankuro said.

"And we love you!" They finished together.

"Hn." Was the only thing Gaara said, before closing his eyes once more, and unless you looked extremely hard you couldn't see the hair of a smile that rested on his lips as he fell back to sleep.

The elder two sand siblings gave each other a smile, life was going to better. And it was. The siblings all got along. Though Gaara still barely talked, and on the even rarer occasions when he would smirk, or maybe even a smile a little, life was good.

Not long after they began to get along, they moved to a new city where it would be easier for Temari and Kankuro to get jobs to support the three of them. The city was named, Konoha. And now the three of them were walking to Konoha High, a place that would soon be known as Hell.

When they entered the school Gaara anticipated getting stares, but he was met with mostly uninterested passing glances. No lingering, no glaring, it was as if no one cared he was there. And for once in his life, Gaara felt thankful that no one cared, or even knew that he existed.

Making their way to the main office of the school, the three siblings took in their surroundings. It seemed like a fairly decent school, there weren't any missing ceiling tiles nor were there any suspicious molds growing.

Deeming it acceptable, Gaara resigned to his fate of having to be educated at this school, seeing as so far there were no reasons not to be.

When they reached the office a woman with short black hair greeted them, "You must be the Sabaku siblings." When answered with an affirmative nodding of heads she continued, "I'm Shizune, school nurse, vice principal, and… head administrator I guess." She laughed a little. "Oh, right your schedules." She handed each of them a piece of paper, "I'm going to page some students to show you around for a couple of days while you get the hang of things."

While she called three students over the com Gaara blocked her out, still taking in his surroundings. Shizune quickly brought him back to attention though. "You can go sit in those chairs over there; the students showing you about should be here momentarily."

The three of them sat down, Temari and Kankuro chatting about the school, Gaara silent as always.

Soon three students appeared, though Gaara ignored them, he really didn't need anyone to show him around the school, in fact he would prefer to find his own way about, on his own.

The three talked to Shizune for a moment before turning towards the sand siblings. One: a boy with a head shaped remarkably like a pineapple stood in front on Temari, "Temari I presume," he sighed, "I'm Shikamaru, I'm going to be showing you around for the next couple of days." He sighed again, "Troublesome."

Temari stood, and smirked at him, "That's fine." She turned towards her brothers, "Kankuro, Gaara." Then they turned and left.

The next: wearing a shaggy coat stood in front of Kankuro, "Yo, I'm Kiba. Let's get going."

"Right," Kankuro agreed, "later Gaara." Gaara didn't reply. Then they too left.

The third stood in front of Gaara and opened their mouth; Gaara couldn't help but mentally cringe at the sound that came out.

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