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Black & White

Chapter 5

Walking down a busy street in Konoha, Sakura sighed loudly. School was out for the day, and she was heading to her part time job, one that she desperately wished she could quit, but she knew she needed to stick it out if she wanted a chance at getting a free ride to med school.

Barely anyone knew of Sakura's ambition to be a doctor, most thought that she would become an artist, seeing as a few of her pictures had won awards. Even though she loved painting, she didn't want to do it forever, she wanted something more solid.

So she began working at a free medical clinic, technically it wasn't a job, seeing as she didn't get paid for it, but she did it everyday for about four hours. But today was just one of those days when she would easily prefer to go home, curl into a little ball, and possibly cry.

The day had been emotionally taxing, after having another fight with Gaara. Gaara… Sakura pondered on her red-headed friend for a moment. They had been fighting more often lately, and they would apologize to each other very fast… but still, something had changed within their relationship.

Shaking it off, Sakura looked up at the steadily darkening clouds. Realizing that it would probably start raining any second, Sakura set off at a sprint towards the clinic two blocks away.

As soon as the automatic doors closed behind her, the rain began to fall, hard. Turning to watch the rain, a boy wearing a blue shirt with spiky black hair caught her eyes. His hands were shoved into his pockets, and his shoulders were slumped over slightly, but he didn't move any quicker out of the downpour.

Sakura's heart started pounding against her chest. She was briefly aware of the fact that she had stopped breathing. It couldn't be. Sakura placed a hand to her mouth, as tears fell from her eyes. "No," she whispered aloud, "he left."

Watching as the boy slunk away, Sakura blinked away tears, she had a job to do. It wasn't Sasuke, and she wouldn't chase after some random boy, only to be heartbroken again when it wasn't him.

She began to breathe again while assuring herself that it wasn't him. But there was a little lingering doubt in her heart. Turning back to the rain, Sakura looked to the sky, Sasuke…


Sasuke walked quietly down the main drag in Konoha. The street was becoming rapidly deserted as the rain fell down around him harder. He had purposely chosen this street because he knew that Sakura would be at the clinic about now.

As he walked past the clinic on the other side of the street, he didn't dare lift his head to see if she was there. If she saw him, she would follow. But… she didn't. No one ran after him. For once in his life, Sasuke felt completely empty.

It was the same emptiness that he had felt every day when he was away from Konoha, it was the same emptiness that had been filled by the prospect of seeing her again.

Lifting his head to the sky Sasuke relished the feeling of rain hitting his face. "Sakura…"


Gaara sat on his windowsill, watching the rain through the open window. It was absolutely peaceful, there were no other sounds surrounding him but the rain. To him, times like these were perfect.

Though it wasn't as perfect as it could be, the only thing missing was a girl with bright pink hair… Sakura…

He couldn't believe how attached to her he had gotten in such a short time. He had only been in Konoha for about three months, but already he couldn't imagine being anywhere else. If it wasn't for the fact that he couldn't love, he would love Konoha. It was more a home to him than any other place.

Becoming quickly bored with simply watching the rain, Gaara simply dropped himself out of his window, only wincing slightly at the hard contact with the ground. His room was on the second floor after all.

Stepping out from the slight overhang Gaara was immediately immersed in wet and cold. He could get used to this. There were certain perks to living in the middle of a forest, it rained all the time. While in a place like Suna, which was in the middle of the desert, there was barely any rain ever.

Walking up his street, Gaara shoved his hands into his pockets, slouching forward slightly, head looking down at the ground. Heading in the general direction of the main drag, Gaara pondered a bit on his new position in life.

It was strange, only 6 months ago he was feared and friendless, now he wasn't completely feared, and he had more friends/acquaintances then he could count. Life was a very strange thing.

Also strange that one downpour of rain could almost completely desert the normally crowded main street of Konoha. There was only one other person walking down the strip on the opposite side.

Gaara didn't even look at the person, but when they passed he couldn't help but stiffen a bit. That person had raw power, much like his own. It was almost… too similar.

Turning his head a fraction of an inch, Gaara saw a black headed boy wearing a royal blue shirt.

Shaking it off, Gaara suddenly realized that he was right in front of the free medical clinic. Temari had gotten a cold the other day. It couldn't hurt to get her some antibiotics.

It was strange, Gaara realized as he pushed open the door. 6 months ago, he wouldn't have bothered. Something was changing him…

"Welcome!" A familiar pink head was bowed in front of him.

"Sakura?" He couldn't help but keep that shock out of his voice. It was incredibly strange to see her here, of all places.

Her head shot up, shock evident in her shining green eyes. "Gaara?" Suddenly she reached out and hugged him for a brief second, before realizing what she was doing and stepped away embarrassed.

"Gomen." She turned her head away, cheeks flushed red.

"You got wet." It was a simple statement, but it worked.

"Ah!" Sakura exclaimed forgetting her embarrassment for the moment. Seeing as she was indeed wet, she looked at him, and noticed the small puddle of water on the linoleum floor that was growing larger. "You walked here in the rain?" He voice was incredulous.

"Never mind that!" Shaking her head, she turned away, "wait just a moment, let me get you a towel."

"N-" Gaara started, but she was already gone. Standing in the empty entrance room of the clinic, Gaara stared about him as questions ran through his head.

Why was Sakura here?

Why was she getting him a towel?

Who was that kid on the street?

Where was Sakura with that towel anyway?

Why is it always so cold in hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, etcetera?

Why was his body shaking so much?

Why was the room beginning to spin?

Why was his vision going dark?

Why was he falling?

Why was the floor so hard?

Why was Sakura kneeling over him with a worried look in her eyes?

Was she mouthing his name?

Everything went dark.

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