In this poem

I is referred to as Raito (aka: Light/Kira)

You is referred to as Lawliet (aka: Ryuuzaki/L)


I never planned it'd end this way

With me in pain through every day

And with you dead and far from me

I never thought I'd want to see

Your loving face again to touch

These things I wish and want so much

I want to hold you in my grasp

To kiss your lips and hear you gasp

To push you down upon my bed

To pin your arms above your head

I want to kiss you tenderly

And then for it to grow fiercely

I want to kiss on down your chest

There is no time for you to rest

My lips then move onto your abs

Your pleasure spots are up for grabs

I want to hear you moan my name

I want to know you'll play my game

I want to know that you're with me

Alive and well as well can be

You can't be dead, these things I want

To know this fact, a horrid taunt

That I'm the one, that caused your death

The one who stole, your one last breath

I watched you fall that day you died

Into my arms, your gaze so wide

A look that held such disbelief

It held your eyes, though it was brief

A look that stuck within my mind

A look that could make me go blind

The look so full of broken trust

The look I sought the one I lust

You knew your name was written in

The book of death, the book of sin

And as I watched your eyes fade black

Your heart beat slowed, your muscled slack

I came to think, that I had won

That killing you, had been so fun

But I was wrong, cause in the end

I was alone without a friend

No one to love, and be loved by

No one to hold at times you cry

I came to think, my big mistake

The thing that I did want to take

I thought your life to take as mine

To make me sure that I'm divine

But all instead, that was not true

It's not your life - it's merely you

I wanted you, and you alone

To feel your love, to hear you moan

But now it's late, my thought of mind

I can't take back, I can't unbind

What's done is done, it can't be fixed

It can't be changed at all or nixed

You are as dead, as dead can be

So far away, away from me

And when I think, my eyes do swell

I know my love - It's all for 'L'


- Raito