All characters are referred to by their FIRST names while this story is told in the thrid person.

All The Sweet Things


Atsushi clicked away on his computer as Heikichi leaned back on the side of his bed and flipped through some swimsuit magazine. Atsushi really wasn't too sure what he was looking for on his computer but it didn't take the shorty very much time before he accidently clicked on some sort of link which lead him to one of the stupidest things he would ever read in his life.

"All the things the right guy would do?" He questioned the screen like that really wasn't what it said at all.

"What?" Heikichi asked, throwing the magazine to the side and looking over the smaller boy's shoulder.

"This is the corniest thing I think I've EVER seen." Atsushi laughed as he scanned the numbers of qualities the perfect man should have. No one man was like this…it was IMPOSSIBLE.

"Read it." Heikichi told him, as he was just as curious but Atsushi's big head was getting in his view so he could barely see the screen to read it himself.

"Okay, so…1, Know how to make her smile when she is down. 2, Stare at her. 3, Sing to her even if you can't. 4, Try to secretly smell her hair BUT on the sly make sure she notices. 5, Play with her hair. 6, Be patient if she takes forever to get ready. 7, Be cute when you really want something. 8, React so cutely when she hits you ever if it actually hurts. 9, Offer her plenty of massages. 10, Be funny, but know when to be serious. 11, Have a creative sense of humor. 12, Help others out. 13, Stick up for her but still be respectful of her independence. 14, Hold her hand and be proud of it. 15, Always be thankful you have her. 16, Give her your best real smile. 17, Always give her a peck on the cheek when you depart from each other's company- even when friends are watching. 18, Plan a romantic date full of cheesy things you wouldn't normally do just because you know it means a lot to her. 19, Dance with her even if you feel like a dork. 20, Come up behind her, put your arms around her, squeeze her tightly against your chest, and whisper softly into her ear and finally 21, Never run out of love." He laughed loudly. "This is so retarded."

He moved the mouse and was ready to click the X to exit out of the screen but Heikichi stopped him.

"No, no…wait." He said, his rather feeble mind coming up with a scheme. Atsushi scratched his head in wonder as to why he told him to stop. This bullshit was nothing…wasn't it?

"Why don't we try it out?" He asked him. Atsushi scrunched up his face in confusion.

"Eh? What are you talking about?" He stared back at the screen and reread it quickly. Heikichi liked to bring up random things when he was pleased to do so.

"Show Koizumi how sweet you can be." Heikichi told him, straightforwardly so with every word his dense friend would completely understand.

"Why does it have to be me?" He asked him, standing up with utter shock.

"Because I already am so sweet to Nobu-chan." He told Atsushi with a wistful, far-off voice. He then quickly fell into a daydream of his current girlfriend and couldn't be bothered to continue from the point in the conversation otherwise.

"I'm not sweet to Koizumi?" He asked Heikichi, dropping to the floor with a lack of confidence in his boyfriend abilities. He started to question how good of a boyfriend he was, going over how he spoke to Koizumi and how he treated her…WAS HE SERIOUSLY BAD?

"AM I BAD?" He shouted to himself but it made it seem like the question was directed to Heikichi.

Heikichi shook his head, "Not bad…I just don't think you're giving it your all. You really are very self-conscious of your relationship Otani."

Atsushi's body shook. He didn't have a relationship complex too, did he!? "What do you mean self-conscious?" He needed a good, clear clarification or else he would just be ten times more confused then he already was and Atsushi was starting to feel a MAJOR headache coming on.

"Well, how come I barely ever see you act like a couple in front of us? That, and you don't even call her by her first name…" He placed his finger on his chin a tapped it lightly. Atsushi watched him do this for a moment before he was brought back by the long, awkward silence.

"I don't know, maybe I have class," he started sarcastically under his breath but went on with serious tone. "Because I think it will make people laugh if they see me just friggin' making out with her in public." He stopped to rectify himself. "We only did that once though." Heikichi looked at him oddly as to ask when. "Christmas." Atsushi replied. He took a second to gather his thoughts. "And she's so emotional, you know?"

"See, you think people will laugh. S-E-L-F C-O-N-S-C-I-O-U-S!" Heikichi boasted. He smirked at his long-time friend's depressed face. "So show her!"

"Show her what?" Atsushi asked, forgetting the stupid list completely. He had fallen deep into a pit of his own lack of confidence.

"Show her that you are the right man for her!" Heikichi said, trying to rekindle the flame of conceit in his friend.

"I'm the ONLY man for her, incase you didn't know." Atsushi told him flatly, thinking it impossible that anybody could come in between Risa and himself. NO he knew that he would let anyone do that, he smirked as he remembered how that Kohori person tried and FAILED to have Risa for himself...he didn't even want to start thinking about MAITY!

"Right, so prove it to her…do every single thing on that list that you find so stupid." Heikichi pushed Atsushi out of the way and printed out the list from the computer.

"I can't..." Atsushi said as he pulled the paper from the printer and reread it again. He wasn't really sure why he couldn't act this way...was it for morals or because he knew he'd fall flat on his ass if he tried?

"Why not?" His friend wondered with a twinge of annoyance.

"I can't even do number 20 properly!" He told him dejectedly.

"Be creative. Show her what a real man you are." Heikichi picked up the magazine he tossed to the side earlier and reopened to the page he was staring at.

"You're right Nakao!" Atsushi said with a new confidence that he randomly pulled from no where in a true Otani fashion! "I can do it!"

"Of course you can." He told him half-heartedly, his attention now on the pretty swimsuit model named Reiko. "So you care to make it interesting?" He asked, his eyes never leaving her bikini.

"Inter-esting?" Atsushi asked, his eyes wide with fear, shock, and wonder. He dared to edge closer to Heikichi.

"Do everything on that list, every single number in that order and THEN..." Heikichi stopped, filling terror into Atsushi's entire being.