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Hi, I'm Lloyd Irving. You're probably wondering what I'm doing here and how I have any relevance to this story. But first, let's start out with the history of the world you are about to experience.

This world's name is Aselia.

It's a world very much like the one you live in, the one you call Earth. But it is filled with magic, monsters, and all sorts of things. Man, I wish Raine were here, she would be able to explain things much better than I.

Anyway, there is a life force around our planet of Aselia known as mana. Mana is an important part of Aselia's being; it's even more important than water! Without mana, crops would wither and die, magic couldn't be used, and we wouldn't have the magitechnology we have today for daily convenience.

Ah, I guess you're wondering what magitechnology is too. Well, put simply, magitechnology is a supposedly infallible, proven untrue by Genis and me, type of machinery that harvests mana from the world for energy. Well, they're machines that help I guess. Magitechnology was given to Aselia by the angels.

Yeah, that's right, you heard me, angels. Well, specifically, they're more like aliens with supernatural powers and wings. Apparently, they came to Aselia many millennia ago, riding their planet known as Derris Kharlan, and helped the world along. The angels were worshipped as gods and the angels bestowed much of their technology upon Aselia in exchange. Like Exspheres, for instance, which are equippable stones that enhance the user's power by several times. I have one right here, see? It's on my left hand and is guarded by a Key crest. Gah! You probably want to know about Key Crests too, don't you? Fine, fine, I'll tell.

First let me start off by saying that Exspheres are only useful only if you equip them directly onto the skin or onto a weapon. However, there are dangerous side effects if you equip them onto the skin, so that's why we have Key Crests. Key Crests are special accessories made out of inhibitor ore that neutralize the harmful effects of the Exsphere, but still allow you the power boost you naturally gain from the stone.

The angels also gave Aselia a stable supply of mana by planting a tree upon the place they first landed, this was named The Giant Kharlan Tree.

Also, as a means of communication, the angels sent down the Tower of Salvation, a structure that reaches up high into the heavens, probably to Derris Kharlan, and that is where our story starts.

Ahem, okay, well I've introduced myself, but I'll do it again. My name is Lloyd Irving, and I am the leader of the Teen Chosens.

Chapter 1: Teen Chosens, GO!

The Tower of Salvation, inside lies a myriad of magitechnology devices, some new, some old. It's very tall and consists of about 1000 or so floors. On the 500th floor, there stands a young human boy of about 17 years old with spiky brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, wearing a red drummer-boy like outfit with twin swords in sheaths at his sides, who has a bright blue stone on his left hand, an Exsphere. If you haven't guessed already, this is Lloyd Irving.

Not too far away, there is a small silver haired boy of about 13 with blue shorts, blue eyes, and a blue vest. He also has an Exsphere. This guy's name is Genis Sage, a half-elf with an IQ of 190. He is working diligently on improving a piece of magitechnology in the corner of the room where Lloyd stands, reading the newspaper.

Next to Genis is a young human girl about his age, with pink hair tied in pigtails, and cold, monotonous blue eyes, wearing an outfit that seems fit for an axeman. She has an exsphere attached to her chest. Her name is Presea Combatir. Presea is robotically carrying heavy pieces of magitechnology to Genis, seemingly without any strain or effort. If she speaks, her words are few. There is also a dark-looking key that hangs around her neck; its presence seems to send chills down the spines of most.

There is a sofa in the middle of the room where two people are conversing, bickering rather. One is a Japanese-looking teenage girl of about 18. She has jet-black hair tied up in a bun, amber eyes, and wears a purple robe which is rather revealing ...

Sheena: WHACK!

Me: OW!

Anyway, she has a pink ribbon that holds it up. She looks very much like a ninja. This violent demonic banshee's name is...

Sheena: WHACK!


Ahem, as I was saying, her name is Sheena Fujibayashi.

Next to her is a teenage boy of about the same age, if not older. He has long red hair, blue eyes, and wears a pink wardrobe and has a sword in a sheath of the left side of his body. His name is Zelos Wilder.

Now, you're probably wondering what they're all doing, well I probably said what they are doing, but now you're wondering, Where's the plot? Which starts now.

"Hey guys!" Lloyd shouted, looking up from his newspaper.

"YOU STUPID PERVERT!" Sheena yelled, directly at Zelos, obviously offended by something. Zelos cringed as Sheena took out a bunch of cards and started beating Zelos to death her weapons. The rest of the group sweatdropped as they saw the violence. Genis and Presea quietly walked over to Lloyd while this was happening.

"So, what's up Lloyd?" Genis asked, curious as to what Lloyd had to say.

"Oh, you said something?" Sheena asked the young swordsman with a surprised look on her face, stopping her mauling of the red-head.

"Ahhhh… Sheena-chan, you're so cruel." Zelos weeped as his massaged his face from the beating he received as he stood up.

"Zelos… deserved it," Presea commented robotically. This statement promptly sent Zelos weeping in a corner of the room while the rest looked on for five minutes with sweatdrops coming down their faces.

"Okay then, now that everybody is done bashing Zelos, I have an important announcement to make." Lloyd announced with such a direct and commanding voice, it was little wonder he was the leader of this group.

"So apparently, there is an event that's taking place in Meltokio city square," Lloyd said. The group sweatdropped as he looked at them without elaborating further.

"So Lloyd, what's this event about?" Genis asked sarcastically, prompting his leader to go on.

"I'm glad you asked Genis. Apparently, this specific event involves the angels sending down one of their own to Aselia from their home world of Derris Kharlan to help keep the peace," Lloyd explained.

"So what does this have to do with us? We don't have to attend right?" Zelos said, directing his questions at the twin swordsman.

"Well, actually," Lloyd started before taking a deep breath and letting it out. "This angel is going to join the Teen Chosens." The rest of the group talked excitedly amongst themselves until Lloyd produced a firm "Ahem!" to stop them.

"So we're going, NOW." Lloyd stated with such great determination that it seemed impossible to resist the order.

So, the Teen Chosens took the elevator to the 600th floor, the hangar level, where their Rheiards, a transport magitechnology which looked like different colored metallic birds, sat like fat lazy pigeons waiting for something to startle them. Lloyd jumped onto his red one, Genis climbed onto his blue, Presea and Sheena got on their purple ones, and Zelos sat on his custom-designed pink one. The hangar door opened and the five took off into the air, propelled by the rocket engine in the back of the Rheiards. The Teen Chosens flew towards Meltokio, the capital city of the continent of Tethe'alla.

To be continued…


Don't worry, I'll get the next chapter up pretty soon.