I haven't actually written in the Death Note fandom before, though I have writing a pokemon fic based on Death Note. Shrugs Anyway, the Light/Mikami pairing needs more love, so who am I to deny my pretty bunnies? And I think Mikami suits Light better than L does.

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Title: Eyes

Author: Shadow/Phantomness

Pairing: Light (Kira)/Mikami

Rating: PG

Genre: Darkfic

Warnings: Shonen-ai, religious fanaticism

When the Shinigami had mentioned the eye trade, Mikami hadn't even hesitated, his expression feverish and his eyes bright, setting down his pen, lines of inky death half-completed.

If this were the way he would better serve his God, Lord Kira…

"Do it." He had hissed, and those yellow eyes had bored into his own, crimson pupils eerily close. There had been no pain. He had expected pain, willing to suffer a thousand agonies for the glory of his savior, but there had been no pain.

"It's done." The Shinigami had stated, almost offhandedly.

Mikami had turned away slowly, and caught sight of his reflection in the dim glow of his monitor. His face, and…

There, floating above his head, the stark kanji spelling out his name, brilliant red, with no lifespan beneath.

And he laughed, triumphantly, knowing that he had made the right choice.

End Fic

Completed 2/7/07

Yes, it's a drabble, or just a bit more. Do I care? Not particularly. It's still promoting my Death Note OTP!

Well, I suppose you could pass off Mikami's erm, actions as religious fanaticism, but come on; we're all yaoi fangirls!