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Title: Even in Death

Pairing: Light/Mikami (main), Light/Misa also implied
Author: Shadow/Phantomness

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: AU Future, shonen-ai, religious fanaticism

Mikami walked.

He paid no attention to the desolate wasteland surrounding him as he faithfully walked forwards, seeking.

Mikami did not know where he was, but his purpose was clear. He had to find him. His God. Kira. Yagami Light – no, that was disrespectful.

No matter what, he had to find Kira. Kira would tell him what to do now. Kira would save him.

When Mikami could walk no further, he flew. He trained himself not to look at his skeletal wings, promising that they were only his means to an end.

He would find Lord Kira, and that would be enough.

How much time passed Mikami did not know. There was no way of judging time in this barren realm. He was vaguely aware of things changing, but he paid it little heed. He would find Kira. He would find his God. He would confess his sin…

His sin of doubt had killed his God once…

He could not falter again.

Mikami flew over scattered bones, passing chuckling skulls grinning as they tossed bones for amusement. Worthless trash, so much like humanity it sickened him.

But his searching paid off. Finally.

He found Kira.

Brown eyes slitted crimson red, his wings black death, wrapped in slick leather, he sat proudly upon the ribcage of some long-extinct animal. As Mikami approached, descending, Kira watched, motionless.

But Kira was not alone. By Kira's side was another, small, skin deathly white, face covered in gold and eyes studded ruby.

It was touching his God.

It was touching his God!

Mikami bared his teeth in a snarl, and lunged forwards, knocking her off. She flapped her wings angrily, but she was no match for him, oh no.

How dare she commit this sacrilege! How dare she presume herself equal to Kira! He would not permit this blasphemy!

Light watched, amused, as the Shinigami that remotely resembled Mikami fought with the Shinigami that had once been Misa. He had little doubt as to the victor.

Misa fought, but she was smaller, and Mikami was stronger, and he knocked her to the ground, wings arcing proudly behind his back as he squeezed his skeletal fingers around her throat.

It was right and proper of her not to see his God, but daring to touch…

That could not be forgiven.

Misa choked, whimpered, and tried to fight, but Misa had no eyes now and Misa hurt, and Light didn't help. Why wasn't Light helping?

Didn't Light like Misa any more?

Misa hurt.

Mikami finally released her, giving her a contemptuous glance. "Leave." He hissed. The other Shinigami slowly stood, wobbling, and her wings were weak.

She was incapable of serving Lord Kira now.

He kept his eyes lowered as he approached his God, and prostrated himself.

Kira's eyes were cold, but he beckoned, and Mikami settled himself at Kira's feet, folding his wings behind his back with a smile of happy complicity.

Then he flipped his new Death Note open, and under the watchful eyes of his God, began to write.

End Fic

Completed 2/7/07

I don't actually remember Mikami ever meeting Misa in the manga, so… smirk I think he'd be jealous. That's all. And yeah, I made Misa and Mikami Shinigami too, since they both used the Death Note. Didn't count Takada because I don't like her and I don't think she had the actual notebook, just pages of it but I might be wrong….

Isn't Misa being a jeweled skeleton ironic? She's still pretty, but look at what she lost!