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A New Life


Garret opened his eyes to the sterile environment of his hospital room and the engaging eyes of the Candy Striper or whatever the hospital volunteers are called these days. Her nametag read 'Amanda' and she looked to be in her early 30's, with shoulder length auburn hair.

"So. . .Who's Jordan?" she asked

He rubbed his face noting a few days of beard growth and sighed, wincing at the pain in his ribs. Jordan. "Wha. . .how did. . .?

"I'm sorry," she replied "I didn't mean to pry. You've been talking in your sleep. . .I'll just. . ." Amanda turned to leave.

"No. . .Don't leave yet." He rubbed his face. It was dark outside. "How long was I out?"

Amanda shrugged, "I really don't know. Wednesday was my last day in this wing, and you weren't here then."

"Jordan's my colleague. . .we, my crew. . . were stranded in the mountains."

"I just read about that in the Herald! You were brought here yesterday. Oh my God! Is it true? About the terrorist plot?"

"I really can't-"

Just then, a nurse entered the room. "Ah, Dr Macy. . .I see you're awake now. Two hours ago you had a room full of friends checking on you, not to mention umpteen reporters milling in reception." She rolled her eyes at the last and kept on, "You've had surgery for the internal bleeding, and you had some minor frostbite on your feet, but it appears that you'll make a full recovery. You're a lucky man, you know."

"Right." He tried to keep the bitterness out.

The nurse continued, "You need your rest. I don't want to see you dancing down the halls, O.K.?" She gave him a wink and left him to his thoughts.

The thing was, he didn't want to think, and Amanda was nowhere to be seen. He was hoping that he would wake with amnesia, but that would have been too easy.


He was going to tell her. This time he really was! He'd been holding back for too long. When he thought he wouldn't make it off that mountain, he tried to tell her, but she stopped him. And again when she came in with news of the rescue, he'd made up his mind. He was on the verge of telling her, but Woody came in and he picked her up as if she weighed nothing kissing her the entire time. And Jordan. . .she was radiant despite the cold. And seeing them in the helicopter nestled together with eyes for no one else. . .

He squeezed his eyes shut to the memory. He sighed again renewing the pain now radiating through his midsection. Why did I have to survive?