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Hinata sat on her usual training field, reminiscing. No matter how hard she trained, no matter how hard she worked, no matter how many missions she completed successfully, she was considered a failure to her clan. She looked up at the setting sun and sighed. She wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to move her to a branch house, or worse, be disowned completely.

She hated the Hyuuga clan.

"You know, I use to come here often too," a voice said from behind her. Hinata spun around wide-eyed. Why hadn't she detected his presence? "It's a nice place isn't it?" She took in his appearance. He had black spiky hair, not unlike Naruto's, orange goggles, a black and orange jacket with standard ninja pants. What confused her the most was the Konoha forehead protector that was proudly wrapped around his forehead. He didn't look any older then she was, and she knew just about every ninja her age. She could already tell that there was no genjutsu on it too.

"W-who ar-are y-you?" she asked timidly. Hinata grabbed a shuriken from her pouch. He ignored the threat and grinned.

"I'm Obito!" Hinata didn't relax. "Hey, I'm not gonna bite. I just came here for old time's sake." The Hyuuga sighed and very slowly let her weapon down. She kept it within reach. He smiled anyway. "So do you train here often? Me and my team used to."

Hinata blinked. "Y-yes."

"So where's your team now?" Obito asked.

"T-the-they're pr-probably at h-home."

"So why aren't you at your home?" She looked down at the ground and Obito frowned.

"I-I fa-failed a m-misson t-today. I-I'm af-afraid of w-what my f-father will t-think," she admitted reluctantly. Obito looked at her.

"That sounds a lot like my old man and how he used to be. According to them, I'm some sort of failure." He laughed and Hinata gazed at him wide-eyed. "But by my standards, I'm doing my best and that's all that counts!" He gave her an encouraging thumbs up. Hinata couldn't help but blush, he acted a lot like Naruto-kun...

Obito glanced up at the sky and noted that the sun was rapidly approaching the horizon. "Damn, don't have much time left," he muttered quietly.

"W-what d-do you me-mean O-Obito-kun?" He didn't explain, instead he turned his back towards her. Hinata gasped. "Y-you're an U-Uchiha? B-but they-they're a-all dead!" He nodded solemnly.

"So am I." She blinked at the new information and jumped back.

"Aw, don't look at me like that! It's not like I'm gonna haunt you or anything. I'm just here for the day." He pouted and Hinata just gaped at him. Obito looked up at the sun and frowned, it was uncomfortably close to the horizon.

"Hinata, remember what I say. No matter how anyone looks at you, it's how you look at yourself that counts. Don't ever look down at your reflection. Smile and laugh at yourself and at anyone that criticizes you." The sun was now halfway over the horizon. "Live the life that I lost."

"T-thank you, O-Obito-kun." The boy had begun to fade.

"Oh, and tell Kakashi that I said hi." Hinata bowed to him and when she straightened up again, he was gone.

She took his words to heart.